The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2292 Skykissing wolf

Darryl nodded his head seriously.

“Alright!” Tanya had a thought and said softly, “I have an urgent matter to attend to now, we shall chat in detail when I return. Where will you be staying?”

At that moment, Tanya wanted to help Darryl very much, but she could not afford to delay her family business.

Darryl scratched his head and felt a little awkward. He had just arrived at Mid Sky City, so he still did not have a place to live.

The next second, Darryl looked around and saw there was an inn across the street. “I’m staying at that inn. You can come look for me after you’re done with your business.”

When he said that, Darryl felt frustrated.

Jonas had ordered the Dokko family to be aware of him. It would be really difficult for him to meet Sir Dokko. Under such circumstances, his only choice was to get Tanya’s help.

“Alright!” Tanya nodded in agreement. She then boarded the horse carriage and left with Jonas.

When he saw both of them had left, Darryl turned his head and looked at Gonggong as he smiled bitterly, “Let’s go. We can rest at the inn.”

After he spoke, he walked towards the inn. Gonggong did not reply, but she did not object.

She followed behind slowly and as they were about to arrive at the inn, she asked, “Darryl, you’re the Elysium Gate Sect Master and the Emperor of Westrington. Why didn’t you just kill that Jonas guy for humiliating and teasing you? You’re here to invite the Dokko family to go to the Chaotic Mountain Range, so, why don’t you just show your real power and break into the Dokko family? Why go through such trouble?”

When she said that, Gonggong looked like she was in disbelief. She felt that given Darryl’s incredible power, he didn’t need to be so kind to such a small family.

Darryl smiled and shook his head as he said, “To guard the Chaotic Mountain Range requires all the powers of the nine continents to be united and work together. If I were to break into the Dokko family home and force them into an agreement because of my power, they would want revenge against me. How would we then be able to work together to fight against the Raksasa Tribe?”

Darryl took a deep breath and continued to speak, “I will need to show my sincerity and at the same time make the Dokko family understand that the situation at the Chaotic Mountain Range is not fake. So, I cannot act recklessly.”

When she heard that, Gonggong nodded silently. She appeared calm, but she felt incredibly touched in her heart. She did not expect Darryl, who was always cheeky, would be so diligent and thorough in serious matters and had such deep consideration.

Even though he received a lot of help from people at crucial moments, it seemed like him becoming the Westrington Emperor, and the Elysium Gate Sect Master was not from pure luck.

As she thought, Gonggong looked at Darryl with her gaze filled with exceptional colors. At that moment, her impression of Darryl started to change slightly.

When they arrived at the main lobby of the inn, the inn owner greeted them gently, “Dear Sirs, are you staying here? How many rooms do you need?”

Darryl laughed and said, “How many rooms do you think we need?”

He looked at Gonggong cheekily, his eyes shining with evil.

That was right; Darryl was teasing Gonggong intentionally.

The inn owner had been in business for a long time, so he understood what Darryl meant immediately. He smiled and said, “Sure, sure. Both of you are so beautiful, and look like a couple made from heaven. Naturally, you would only need one room.”

As he spoke, the inn owner was about to leave to prepare the room.

At that moment, Gonggong’s face blushed as she stomped her feet in anger. “Who is a couple from heaven with him. Two rooms please!”

When she said that, she glared at Darryl fiercely.

‘Darryl is so cheeky. He intentionally asked the owner to prepare only one room. I am a goddess; how can I sleep in the same room as him!’
Feeling Gonggong’s anger, Darryl was not worried at all.

‘Who would disrespect the Water Goddess, Gonggong? I tricked her but she can’t get mad. This is just so much fun!’

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