The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2303 Skykissing wolf

Tanya disagreed with her father’s words but she did not say them out loud.

“Tanya?” Bob stared at his daughter as he thought of something and laughed. “I am glad that you are willing to take over the family business. However, you are a woman and it isn’t appropriate for you to be engaged in business talks out there. You’re not a little girl anymore. I have been thinking about your marriage so I wanted to ask you if there is anyone you are interested in.”

Tanya’s cheeks flushed in embarrassment when she heard that. She shook her head and said, “I…don’t have anyone in mind.”

She walked towards her father to hug his arm and shook it in a playful way. “Father, I don’t want to get married yet. I want to stay by your side and help you out in our family business.”


Relieved to hear that, Bob laughed but he still shook his head. “Silly girl, you should get married when it’s time! A daughter should not be clinging on to her father forever!”

His eyes flickered and he continued with a smile, “I don’t want you to leave, either. So, I was thinking about finding you a husband who would get married into our family.”

Tanya’s petite body shuddered as she blushed. “Father, let’s talk about this some other time.”

She was extremely embarrassed.

‘Father is already thinking about marrying me off although I am not interested in anyone? He even wants to find me a husband who would marry into the family. How embarrassing.’

“Fine, I’ll stop…”

Bob burst into laughter when he noticed his daughter’s embarrassment.

A maid briskly walked in and spoke courteously, “Sir, the Head of the Dokko’s family and his second son, Jonas is here for a visit. They are waiting in the front hall.”

‘Uncle Dokko’s here?’

Tanya’s face lit up with joy and she rushed forward. “Father, hurry up! Let’s go meet them!”

She would be totally uninterested if the Head of the Dokko family and Jonas visited them in the past but she was eager now that she was going to introduce Darryl to them!

To be able to help her idol out was an honor.


Bob was surprised to see Tanya’s excitement.

‘What is up with her? She used to be extremely repulsed whenever she heard Jonas’s name. Why is she so happy this time?’

The front hall.

A middle-aged man sat on a sophisticated rosewood chair in a long silk robe. He appeared tranquil and mighty, exuding an intimidating aura.

He was Colt Dokko, the Head of the Dokko family.

The Dokko family was the most influential family of cultivators in Middle Terra with a distinguished family name. As the Head, Colt had a noble character and valiant powers of a Level five martial king.

Jonas stood behind Colt silently in a neat suit. He looked decent and handsome despite the bruise on his face.

He did not disclose that the bruise was caused by Darryl’s attack the previous night. He said that he fell down by accident instead.


Noticing Tanya and Bob walking over, Jonas walked to them quickly with a fawning expression. “Tanya, did you sleep well last night?”

Tanya nodded and hummed in acknowledgment.

She walked toward Colt with a smile. “Uncle, you’re here!”


A smile spread across Colt’s face. Tanya and his son were both remarkable individuals and they looked like a perfect match standing next to each other.

‘Not bad.’ Colt was very protective of his son and his care extended to Tanya too because he looked up to her. He also knew that Jonas was obsessed with her. Colt had always considered Tanya his daughter-in-law.

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