The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2306 Skykissing wolf


Bob finally regained his senses. He looked at Darryl from head to toe. “You must be Darryl Darby, the Sect Master of Elysium Gate and the emperor of Westrington.”

His eyes were filled with suspicion as he said that because Darryl was dressed in an extremely common attire. He did not look like a hotshot who was famous in the nine cities at all!

Colt and the Snyder family’s subordinates around them fixed their stares on Darryl with caution all at once.

Many of them were attracted to Gonggong, especially the men. They were staring right at her.


She looked really pretty!

They could not believe that such a perfect woman existed. She looked like an angel sent from above.

Under the crowd’s gaze, Darryl smiled lightly as he gave Bob a handshake. “You must be Mister Snyder, Tanya’s father. You’re right, I am Darryl Darby. Excuse me for coming to your place and intruding.“

Darryl was secretly observing Colt when he said those words.

He could clearly sense that Colt had powerful internal energy. He was a Level five martial king just like him.

Jonas walked towards Darryl in big strides with a mocking expression. “Brat, how dare you bring your bullsh*t to the Snyder Residence? Do you know what kind of place this is? Do you know what are the consequences of trying to scam people here?”

His gaze on Darryl was filled with hatred.

It was because he got beaten up instead last night when he wanted to teach Darryl a lesson. He wouldn’t usually act this overbearingly in front of Darryl because Darryl seemed to be too powerful.

However, he became egotistical and fearless because his father was there.

Darryl let out a light chuckle and ignored him.

Jonas scoffed, thinking that he felt guilty. He turned to the crowd and exclaimed, “This is the brat who has been telling lies. He did not just claim that he is Darryl Darby, he also said that he received an invitation from Rama to request a few men from the Dokko family to guard Chaotic Mountain Range.”

He turned to Colt and continued, “Father, don’t trust him. The Rama who came to our house days ago was peculiar. His talk about the Wild Deserted Secret Region and Raksasa Tribe were all lies! This brat is with him, they’re both bad people.”


Upon hearing his son’s accusation, Colt squinted his eyes slightly and he stared at Darryl from top to toe, his expression hostile.

Rama had visited the Dokko family days ago to talk about the Chaotic Mountain Range’s situation but Colt thought that he was talking nonsense because there was no mention of the Wild Deserted Secret Region on the other side of the Chaotic Mountain Range in the ancient books in their family’s collection. As for the Raksasa Tribe, they had never even heard of it.

Colt had gotten rid of Rama immediately then.

“Your Excellency!”

Bob, who had been quiet, looked at Darryl with a half-smile. “You said that you are Darryl Darby, can you prove it?”

Tanya could not help but to interrupt. “Father, it really is him. I can prove it.”

She then walked to Darryl with adoration and eagerness on her face. “Darryl, show them your golden mask.” He had the one and only golden mask which indicated his status as the Sect Master of Elysium Gate. Everyone would stop doubting him after seeing it.

Darryl hummed in acknowledgment and nodded before taking out the mask.

Everyone present had their gazes fixed on the mask in an instant, their faces filled with disbelief.

The golden mask of Elysium Gate’s Sect Master?

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