The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2312 Skykissing wolf

When she reached the foot of the bed, Gonggong raised her dagger and proceeded to stab Darryl, but then hesitated.

At this moment, Gonggong was biting on her lips tightly. She looked at Darryl, conflicted. If she were to kill him, the West Blue Continent, the Earth Yuanyuan Continent, and even the Southern Cloud Continent would definitely fall into chaos…

After interacting with Darryl for the past few days, Gonggong gradually understood his character. Although he was usually cheeky and mischievous, he was not muddled at all during crucial moments or when the situation required him to be serious. Especially if the matter was to do with the nine cities in the Mainland, it could be said that he was extremely righteous.

For the sake of the safety of the nine cities in the Mainland and for the unity of the various powers, he had traveled thousands of miles to the Zhongyuan Continent alone to convince the Dokko Family. Throughout these two days, he had been mocked by so many people. Even so, he had endured it all.

If such a person was killed, it would be a great loss to the Nine Mainland.

But…if she did not kill him, how was she going to explain it to Yang Jian?

Just as Gonggong was hesitating with the dagger in her hand, Darryl, who was lying on the ground, heaved a huge sigh.

Darryl had been through a lot in the past few years, and he was very cautious with his actions. Furthermore, Pang Tong had reminded him when he left Earth Yuan Continent, hence he had been on guard against Gonggong these past few days. When Gonggong had entered the room earlier, Darryl had woken up.

The reason why he did not move was because Darryl wanted to use the silence to make a counterattack.

However, when he saw Gonggong standing there in a daze for a long time without moving, Darryl could not take it anymore.


Darryl sighed softly and slowly sat up. He looked at Gonggong with a smile. “Your Excellency Gonggong, you came to my room in the middle of the night without even greeting me. What are you trying to do? You’re still holding a knife? Did you plan to kill me?”

Gonggong was shocked. She never thought that Darryl would wake up so suddenly. She had already concealed her aura and it was impossible for him to detect it.

Gonggong did not know that Darryl was already showing signs of breaking through to the Heaven Ascension and so he could sense any movement.

“That’s right, I’m here to kill you.” Gonggong reacted quickly and shouted. She raised the dagger in her hand and plunged it down at Darryl’s heart.

Initially, Gonggong was a little hesitant, but now that Darryl had discovered it, she no longer hesitated.


The dagger drew a cold light and was about to pierce Darryl’s heart.

At this critical moment, Darryl smiled. With a flash, he swiftly avoided the attack.


At that moment, Gonggong’s body trembled. She was extremely shocked. She was able to sense that Darryl’s strength was much stronger than before.

Could it be that Darryl was about to break through to the Heaven Ascension?

“Tsk tsk… Your Excellency Gonggong, we’ve been following each other for the past few days. Soon, we’ll be resisting the Raksasa Tribe together. In my heart, being with you is even more intimate than seeing my woman. You actually want to kill me now?” Darryl looked at Gonggong with a faint smile as he teased.

Upon hearing this, Gonggong’s beautiful face turned red in embarrassment. Darryl was really immoral. He dared mock her? He deserved to die.

Triggered, Gonggong’s inner force burst out gracefully. She reached out to Darryl and slapped him!


Darryl laughed and did not panic at all. Gonggong was too fast and he wasn’t able to dodge. At that time, Darryl was only able to use his internal energy to block the attack.


When their hands collided, there was a dull vibration. At that instant, Gonggong took a few steps back, her expression furious.

Gonggong’s guess was right. Darryl was about to break through to the Heaven Ascension. His Yang internal energy was extremely pure. Gonggong was no match for him with that palm strike!


Gonggong only felt a tightness in her chest as she tried to stabilize herself. She looked at Darryl in shock and anger, her beautiful face filled with disbelief.

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