The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2316 Skykissing wolf

The next morning, Darryl woke up early. After Gonggong left last night, Darryl had slept for a while before he began to cultivate. To his pleasant surprise, he had discovered that his internal energy field was showing signs of approaching a breakthrough. The thought of reaching the level of Heaven Ascension had Darryl’s heart leaping in joy.

Darryl and Gonggong left shortly after having their breakfast. Tanya Snyder wanted them to stay for another day or two, but she knew that what was happening in the Chaotic Mountain Range urgently needed their attention. Hence, she reluctantly walked them to the outside of the city before seeing them off and returning to the Sanders.

On the boulevard of the outskirts, Darryl looked at Gonggong with a cheeky grin and asked, “So do you really plan on heading back to the North Moana Continent?”

“Yeah.” Gonggong responded, her eyes reflecting the struggle in her heart. Darryl let out a small sigh and wondered what it was about Yang Jian that had Gonggong head over heels for him.

“Well then, that means we are going our separate ways after crossing this mountain ahead of us.” Darryl said, sounding slightly disappointed.

“Ouch, ouch…” As they spoke, a pained wailing came from the woods ahead. The voice sounded like a man in pain. Darryl did not hesitate and ran towards the direction from where the voice was heard. Gonggong, on the other hand, froze for a moment before following him hesitantly.

Upon finding the source of the wailing cry, Darryl stopped dead, looking at what he found with a sympathetic look on his face. A man was sitting beneath a tree. His face shone with sweat as he held on to his right leg, which was completely broken and bleeding continuously. The man cried out in excruciating pain, “Kind travellers!”. Seeing as Darryl and Gonggong were approaching, the man clung onto the chance like it was his last shot and begged, “Please, please help me. I was logging on these hills and accidentally broke my leg. I will be forever grateful if you could take me home.”

Darryl took a deep breath and nodded right away. He walked over to the man. “Okay, where do you live?”

“Darryl, don’t…” Gonggong couldn’t help but yelp, uncertainty in her eyes. Indeed, that man with the broken leg was a trap set up by Zhang Jue. Knowing what awaited ahead, Gonggong couldn’t bear to watch as Darryl stepped right into it and tried to help.

“What’s wrong?” Darryl paused and turned to look at Gonggong in confusion.

Gonggong cowered at his probing stare and replied softly, “I thought you were hurrying towards the Chaotic Mountain Range? This man might have his leg broken and bled out for a bit, but his life is in no danger for now. I’m sure his family will come looking for him soon.”

Huh…? Darryl was shocked at Gonggong’s comment on the matter and proceeded to debate with her comment, “Sure, what goes on in the Chaotic Mountain Range is important. But as cultivators, we have the responsibility to extend a helping hand to those who need it, otherwise what would be the meaning for us to cultivate to begin with?”

Darryl spoke with such determination and righteousness. It had rendered Gonggong speechless, her face flushing red in embarrassment. Not arguing any further, Darryl approached the man and tended to his wound with the limited tools they had. Once he was done, he carried the man on his back and asked, “Sir, where do you live?”

“Just up the hills,” the man replied gratefully. “My name is Joe Miller. My family and I make a small business selling logs, so we moved and settled in the mountains. You are truly a kind man.”

Darryl nodded emphatically, thinking to himself, ‘Life is hard for everyone, I guess. Joe has to be the breadwinner of the family and now that his leg is screwed, harder days are ahead for this family.’

“Come on, let’s go. Time for some charity work!” Darryl turned around and shouted at Gonggong. Gonggong wanted to refuse, but decided against it and complied with a sigh.

With Joe on his back, Darryl trekked along the mountain tracks and the two chatted as they slowly climbed the slopes. Throughout their conversation, Darryl noticed that Joe was holding onto some herbs tightly in his hands. Surprisingly, those herbs included two types of mid-level herbs that commoners shouldn’t know of, which seemed a little out of place.

“Joe!” Darryl asked. “I thought you were a logging worker. Where did you learn about herbs as well?”

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