The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2327 Skykissing wolf

Darryl was without his internal energy; he barely made it there from the Middle Terra.

“Darryl!” Chester, Dax Sanders, Yvette, and the crowd were overwhelmed with joy with Darryl’s appearance. They hurried toward him. Yvette, Yvonne, and the others were incredibly excited as they crashed into Darryl’s waiting arms.

Yang Jian shivered at the scene; his head was dazed with surprise and anger. How was Darryl still alive? Zhang Jue also widened his eyes in disbelief. That should not have happened! They gave him the Bone Breaker Pill, and Gonggong had pushed him off the cliff; he could not have survived. Gonggong trembled, but it was because she was happy. She stared blankly at Darryl; she was unable to say a single word.


Chester sensed that Darryl was weak, and he did not have any internal energy. “What happened? Where is your internal energy?” he asked in shock.

The people around Darryl slowly realized that he had lost his internal energy; he was as vulnerable as a mere mortal. Then, Dax Sanders drew his axes abruptly and yelled, “Darryl, tell me right now! Did someone attack you? I am going to make that b*stard pay!” Most of the men felt the same.

“Ya, let us avenge your loss!”

“Who did that?!”

Darryl did not respond to them; he stared at Yang Jian, Zhang Jue, and Gonggong. Darryl could hardly contain his hatred, especially with Yang Jian, who stood right in front of him. That hypocrite dared to speak of defeating the Raksasa Tribe together, then turned around and ordered for his assassination. As a result, Darryl had lost his internal energy.

Yang Jian and Zhang Jue also glared at Darryl. Yang Jian tightened his grip on his Tri-point Double-edged Saber; he prepared his internal energy ready for an attack at any moment. He decided to kill Darryl immediately if the man pointed his finger at him. He did not need to hold back if the truth was out anyway.

A few seconds passed before Darryl sighed as the crowd questioned him. Finally, he smiled bitterly and said, “Calm down. I was close to a break through but accidentally failed and ended up like this.” Darryl cast a glance at Yang Jian as he spoke; he had wanted to tell everyone the truth. Instead, however, he had witnessed the abnormalities in the Chaotic Mountain Range. The Raksasa Tribe could be there at any second with their army. If he told the truth about what Yang Jian did, it would wreak all kinds of havoc. Chester, Dax Sanders, and everyone else would want to avenge him. How could they go against the Raksasa Tribe then? How could they protect everyone else on Nine Mainland?

Darryl cared more about the Nine Mainland and the safety of the people than he did for himself. If he had to remain silent about the assassination attempt, then it was a cheap price to pay for that. His friends were sympathetic when they heard his explanation. After all, they knew that it would be difficult to break through once one reached the level of Martial King.

“Darryl, let me take you to get some rest,” Yvette suggested as she took Darryl’s shoulders. She could not bear to look at his state any longer; she said, “You are in bad shape.”

The camps they set up were not far away, and all Yvette could think of was to nurse Darryl back to the healthy and strong man that he had always been. Yvonne, Irene, and the rest came closer to help carry Darryl; they were all worried sick.

Darryl nodded and complied. He did use the very last strand of strength he had to rush there. Before he left, he made sure to remind Chester and the rest, “If the Raksasa Tribe attacks while I am resting, remember, you must stay calm and work together as one.”

“Oh, don’t worry.” Chester smiled. “You focus on that rest; we’ll wait for your command.

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