The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2343 Skykissing wolf

Watson was indescribably shocked.

He thought he would never meet Ambrose again after their conflict at the Donghai City seaside. However, they had run into each other unexpectedly at the Sea Mackie Clan’s abode.

Watson noticed that Ambrose’s internal energy had utterly recovered, and he was no longer weak. Besides that, Ambrose’s strength seemed to have improved too.

Watson was even more shocked when he saw the thousands of sailboats out on the sea just next to Coral Island.

Ambrose met Watson’s gaze; his expression was gloomy.

‘So, this scum really is here.’

“Clan Head!”

Finally, Watson snapped back his senses. Then, he said to Hacken, “The princess might have been deceived. These siblings are very dangerous people. Their father is Darryl, a well-known demon on all nine continents. They have done all sorts of evil deeds. How could they possibly have saved the princess? There must be something strange about this.”

Watson looked sincere and serious when he said that to Hacken; his eyes shone slyly.

Half a month ago, Watson and some people from several other sects had snatched the civilians’ sailboats. They had planned to settle down at the Island of Peach Blossom, but they were perplexed to see the island in ruins when they arrived there. Island of Peach Blossom was the first territory to be wiped out by the New World Army when they first invaded the World Universe continent before they shifted their target to Donghai City.

Watson and everyone else had to continue sailing to seek their next destination.

During that period, many of the Sect Masters wanted to give up and return to the continent, but Watson insisted on their journey. Watson had read the Bottomless Valley Sea Map, and he remembered the content vividly even though the map was lost.

Watson knew that there was an ancient secret in the Bottomless Valley Sea Map. If he could find the secret, then he could revive Tucker Cult’s eminence and rise to fame as the supreme figure across nine continents.

Watson led everyone to the Ruins Sea with nothing but his memory, and as a result, the maelstrom hit them hard.

In the end, only Watson and a few men survived the ordeal before the Sea Mackie Clan finally rescued them.

When he arrived at the Sea Mackie Clan abode, Watson was pleasantly surprised to learn that the Coral Island was the location of the ancient secret, so he decided to stay and find out about it.

However, he did not expect the siblings to turn up so suddenly.

Watson knew that Ambrose would never let him go. Instead of passively waiting for his fate, Watson decided to act first by tricking the Head of Sea Mackie Clan to eliminate Ambrose.

Ambrose was furious to hear that. He pointed at Watson and cursed, “You despicable and shameless bastard! How could you lie? You should go to hell!”

Eira, next to Ambrose, also trembled in a rage. She shrieked, “Watson, do you have a conscience? The World Universe is in grave danger of being occupied by our enemies, yet you fled and slandered us?”

Eira was infuriated. Watson was a despicable man. How could he make up stories and slandered Darryl and called him the demon of nine continents?

Heather said anxiously to Watson, “Don’t talk nonsense! They are good people.”

Heather tugged Hacken’s sleeve and defended Eira and Ambrose anxiously. “Father, Ambrose, and his sister are good people. Don’t listen to this person.”

Heather threw Watson a watchful glance. She could see through Watson’s sneaky attitude. She knew that Watson was a menace, and she would not let him slander her benefactors.

Hacken stood there quietly as he stared at the siblings. He was expressionless and speechless as he did that.

Watson was eloquent, so he managed to win Hacken’s trust in just a few days. Therefore, Hacken believed in Watson, but he hesitated when he saw his daughter defending the siblings.

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