The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2363 Skykissing wolf

Donoghue’s eyes lit up; the news caught his interest, and at the same time, he was even more annoyed.

He recalled running into Ambrose and Heather at the bottom of the sea and how they got into a fight where he suffered a significant loss.

It turned out that kid was there to get the treasure that Sea Mackie Clan had guarded for ages.

‘How can I miss the chance to snatch that treasure now that I know about its existence?’

Donoghue thought about it, and soon he had an idea. He looked at Watson with a strange smile. “Do you think that this secret is enough to keep your life? Watson, you must think you have got a nice plan. I’ll definitely kill Ambrose. I will defeat the pirate fleet and get that treasure.”

Donoghue studied Watson’s expression closely. “So, the secret you told is of little use to me. There’s not much value in it.”


Watson panicked; his body was dripping in a cold sweat. Then, he changed his mind quickly and said, “What if I help you get that treasure chest? I can be your follower and work for you.”

Donoghue sneered.

Watson felt anxious; he searched frantically for something to say. “I know you are powerful, but Ambrose has too many people with him. It is not the best strategy to attack him by force. Let me help you. Please believe me… I’ve always admired you, Sir. I hope you’d give me a chance to do something for you.”

Watson studied Donoghue’s expression in trepidation.

He was reluctant to offer his allegiance to Donoghue, but he had no choice. The man was a strong opponent. Watson was afraid he could kill him and throw him into the ocean if he did not express his loyalty.


Donoghue thought about it and nodded. Then, he waved his hand. “Very well, you may go.”

“Thank you for your trust in me, Sir. I’ll live up to your expectations.” Watson bowed his head repeatedly to thank Donoghue. He finally was relieved.

Then, Watson and Donoghue came up with a plan before they rowed the boat back to the fleet via the same route.

The mist on the sea had gotten thicker.

The pirates thought that something must have happened to Watson; he had not returned for a long time. They quickly woke Ambrose and reported the situation to him.

At the same time, Eira was also alerted.

Ambrose and Eira stood on the deck as they looked at the dense mist on the sea in front of them; they frowned in silence.

“Brother…” Eira finally reacted and called out softly. “Do you think Watson made up an excuse to escape?”

Eira thought about the possibilities carefully. She knew that Watson was a fickle-minded and despicable person who had no mind of his own.

Ambrose sighed and frowned. “It is possible. He’s a person who fears death, and running away is something he would do. He’s probably afraid that we’d hand him to Father after we’re back on the mainland, so he took the opportunity to escape…”

Ambrose clenched his fists in annoyance. “If I had known this when I was on Coral Island, I’d have killed him.”

Watson was a troublemaker; he was useless alive.

“I am back!”

As Ambrose spoke, he heard a voice from the sea. Then, he saw Watson row his way back to the fleet in the small boat.


Ambrose and Eira were taken aback; they were surprised.

‘Watson didn’t run? This is weird, isn’t it?’

A few seconds later, Eira smiled and whispered to Ambrose, “It seems that we are overthinking. He probably doesn’t have the guts to run.”


Ambrose nodded silently.

Watson got on the deck and saw that Ambrose and Eira were present. He felt a little uneasy, but he acted as if nothing had happened. Then, he tried to get into Ambrose and Eira’s book. “Pleasure to see you, Young Master Darby and Young Miss Darby.”


Ambrose looked at him quietly. “I heard that there is a giant shark behind our fleet. Did you go check it out by yourself? What’s going on?”


Watson scratched his head and said, “I saw it, but it was only a shark. There is no threat, and it has already swam far away.”

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