The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2364 Skykissing wolf

Watson continued to talk while he pretended to be terrified by the situation. “That giant shark is huge. I was very nervous when I first saw it, but I mustered my courage after thinking about the safety of our fleet and the grace of Young Master Darby for not killing me. I didn’t feel scared at all, but now, my heart is pounding.” He chuckled.


Ambrose responded faintly. It seemed like the story did not convince him. “Always be vigilant and tell me as soon as there is news.”

“Yes…” Watson nodded repeatedly with a big smile on his face; he tried to please Ambrose. However, there was a crafty glint in his eyes; he was secretly relieved.

‘Ambrose is young, after all. How easy it is to deceive him!’

Ambrose did not waste time with the man; he beckoned Eira to return to their separate cabins to rest.

Watson sneered as he watched the siblings go back to their cabins.

‘Boy, you can only dream of returning to the mainland with the treasures!’

Time passed by slowly.

The heavy mist that hovered over the sea had dissipated gradually in the middle of the night. Nothing extraordinary happened for a while, and the pirates let their guards down. Some sat down and took a nap.

The restless Watson had snuck into Heather’s cabin.

Ambrose asked Heather to guard the treasure. Therefore, the stone chest was in her cabin.

At that moment, in the cabin.

Heather laid there, but she did not fall asleep. She anticipated the moment she landed on the mainland.

The Sea Mackie Clan had guarded the Ruins Sea for thousands of years; they had never been on the nine continents for ages. Heather was the same. Since birth, she had only roamed around the Ruins Sea, so she had never seen the nine continents. However, Heather had read about it from her ancestors’ records.

According to the records, the Nine Mainland was huge with mountains and rivers, vast plains, and picturesque scenery.

Heather had imagined those pictures in her heart and dreamed about them countless times, and she also dreamed that one day she would be able to go there and see it with her own eyes.

Heather was excited that her wish was about to come true, so she could not sleep.

There was a rustling noise…

Heather heard faint footsteps as they drew near, and then someone entered the cabin.

Heather sat up instantly and saw Watson tiptoed into her cabin. Suddenly, she panicked.

“You! What are you doing?”

“Ah? Princess Heather, you’re not asleep yet?” Watson thought that Heather was asleep, so he panicked when he saw that she was still wide awake.

However, Watson was a cunning man. He thought of something quickly and said with a smile, “We found some other pirates just now. I was worried about the treasure chest, so I came here to have a look.”

Heather replied, “If that’s the case, then you may go out. I have been watching the treasure chest. There is no problem.”

Heather remained vigilant while she spoke to Watson.

She was wary as she did not have a good impression of Watson, who was evil in front of her father. The man had framed Ambrose, and Heather’s father gave an order that stirred a fight between the Sea Mackie Clan’s elites and Ambrose.


Watson responded, but he did not leave. Suddenly, he pointed at something behind Heather and exclaimed, “Be careful, Princess! Someone has broken in…”

Watson had lied to Heather; there was no one.


Heather was a simple-minded woman and had no experience in the world of cultivators. She was startled, and she quickly looked behind her.


Watson took advantage of the opportunity; he sneered and dashed forward quickly and raised his hand to seal Heather’s acupoints.

Heather had powerful cultivation skills underwater, but she was like any other ordinary cultivator if she were on land. She lacked a defensive response when she faced the cunning Watson.

The sudden tap on her acupoints jolted Heather, and after that, she became immobilized.


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