The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2366 Skykissing wolf

Until Watson died, he probably had not realized that Donoghue was a cruel and arrogant man. How could he possibly be willing to take Watson with him?

“What’s going on?”

Ambrose and Eira, who were alarmed by the noise, quickly rushed out of the cabin.

Ambrose frowned, and his face darkened when he noticed the chaos.

“Chief, Watson made a secret deal with Donoghue to steal the treasure,” the pirate next to Ambrose said hurriedly.


Ambrose was shocked to hear that, and he blew his top. He quickly looked at the sea in front of him and was stunned.

Watson had been shot to death on a boat by random arrows, and somewhere even further was a giant shark with a figure headed into the far distance.


Donoghue laid on the back of the giant shark with a huge stone chest in his hands.

“How did that happen?”

Eira was so angry that she stomped her feet. “That Watson is too awful. We spared his life on Coral Island, yet he was not grateful. He went forth with his ill intention and colluded with Donoghue…”

Ambrose had an ugly expression on his face. He glanced at Watson’s corpse and said coldly, “Such a despicable villain deserves to die under a rain of arrows. Sister, you and the Blood Sherlock Four Sisters can look after the fleet while I chase after Donoghue.”

Ambrose summoned the Tyrant Hammer and gripped it tightly in his hand as his internal energy propelled him into the air and after Donoghue.


Eira shouted at Ambrose with a piece of advice. “Brother, don’t be impulsive! Donoghue is very cunning. Don’t put yourself at risk by going after him on your own.”

Donoghue was vicious and merciless. Even though Ambrose was also a powerful man, he was no match for Donoghue. How could Eira watch him take that risk?

“But that treasure is something that the Sea Mackie Clan has guarded for thousands of years. To lose it—” Halfway through his sentence, Ambrose thought of something. He looked at Eira in horror as his expression changed.

Heather was supposed to guard the treasure, and if Donoghue had stolen the treasure…


Ambrose did not hesitate. He turned and rushed toward Heather’s cabin. “Heather! Heather, are you okay?”

Ambrose had been attracted to Heather after their first meeting. He was distraught by the mere thought that she was in danger.

‘Heather, please be okay.’

Eira bit her lips. She was also very worried about the other girl; she followed Ambrose closely.

When they rushed into the cabin, the siblings were relieved to see the scene in front of them.

They realized that Heather’s acupoints had been sealed; she was unable to move. However, her clothes were neatly in place; nothing indicated that she had been violated. However, she looked pale and angry.

Heather’s eyes flashed joyfully when she spotted the siblings.


Ambrose walked forward quickly and raised his hand to release Heather’s acupoints. Then, he said softly, “It’s okay, Heather. Nothing will happen to you.”

“Brother Ambrose!”

Heather was emotionally overwhelmed; she threw herself into Ambrose’s arms and said softly, “I was so scared just now. Watson broke into my cabin and said that he wanted to guard the treasure chest for me, but he attacked me and took the treasure chest away.”

Ambrose comforted Heather gently. “Don’t be afraid. That evil man has been shot to death by arrows.”


Heather breathed a sigh of relief and patted her chest. “That’s good.”

Heather looked at Ambrose closely; she was very anxious. “Did you manage to get back the treasure?”

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