The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2374 Skykissing wolf


The other men gasped, and they were dripping with cold sweat when they saw what happened. Two of the scholars sat on the ground in fright and urinated their pants.

‘The vicious monk had killed without giving that man a chance. This is not a monk; he is clearly a devil.’

“Which of you can understand the texts on this chest?” Donoghue glanced around and asked coldly.

The men looked at each other, but none of them dared to stand up. They would die if they said the wrong thing. Who would dare to step out and risk death?

“F*ck! You are all experts in various areas, yet you can’t understand these two texts?” Donoghue clenched his fists; he saw red.

The Sea Mackie Clan had guarded the stone chest for thousands of years. It contained not only some strange power, but it also had signs of life. It must be an important piece of treasure. However, Donoghue was irritated that he could not open it.

Donoghue was upset. When he saw those petrified men in the yard, he waved his hand. “Get out! Get out of here!”

The men ran out of the yard as if they had been given amnesty. One of them was Jack, a tomb raider. He was horrified, and his eyes rolled the moment he walked out of the gate to steal another look at the stone chest.

Jack used to be an elite member of the Mouse Sect; they were good at raiding tombs. He was the most adept at cultural relics and historical sites. No one else could read those texts on the stone chest, but Jack could do that.

Jack was fearful of the monk, so he dared not talk nonsense even if he knew about it.


However, Jack’s micro-expression could not escape Donoghue’s eyes. He raised his hand and said coldly, “Stop right there!”

Jack trembled, and he immediately stopped in place. He said fearfully, “Sir… Sir, please forgive me.”

Donoghue sneered. He strolled toward Jack and asked, “Boy, can you read the texts on it?”

‘This kid was eyeing the chest strangely; he must know some clues.’


Jack panicked. He stood there as he sweated profusely. He mumbled, “How would I know that, Sir? I raided some small tombs, and I don’t know much. The texts on the chest are very archaic at first glance. I wouldn’t know them.”

Jack avoided eye contact with Donoghue when he said that. He tried his best to conceal the panic in his heart.

When Jack first arrived at the scene, he was immediately attracted to the stone chest, and at the same time, he saw the texts on it. Jack was once an elite of the Mouse Sect. He had seen many antiques, and he knew many archaic words.

However, Jack knew that the person in front of him was a cruel man. He would lose his life the moment he told him the truth.

“You don’t know?”

Donoghue frowned; he could see that Jack was flustered. ‘Yeah, this kid must know those words.’


Donoghue lifted his foot and kicked Jack’s stomach. Jack let out a painful groan as he landed a dozen meters away before he hit the wall and slid down onto the ground. His body curled like he was a dried shrimp. He was in pain.

“Who are you trying to fool?” Donoghue’s eyes were cold, and his face was intimidating. “Quickly! Translate it for me. Otherwise, you’ll die!”

Donoghue walked toward Jack and kicked him again. Donoghue thought that it was nothing to kill the tomb raider who dared to fool him. He would not show Jack any mercy.

Jack continued to wail as he rolled on the ground.

Donoghue’s kick was harder than the one before. Finally, Jack could not take it anymore; he coughed out a mouthful of blood and said in horror, “Sir, don’t hit me. Don’t hit me. I’ll try to translate it for you.”

He recognized Donoghue’s ferocity, and Jack knew that he would die if he said nothing about those texts.

‘He needs a beating, indeed.’

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