The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2383 Skykissing wolf

“Stupid Amastan.” Alaric watched anxiously as Alaric’s reckless attempt at defeating Darryl began to fail miserably.

“Brother, I have your back,” a sweet voice shouted as a valiant woman leaped into the air toward Darryl. The woman, Natalie Celtic, wore crimson armor that hugged the curves of her athletic figure, which oozed fierceness as she approached them. Darryl brandished the Heavenly Halberd calmly to counter his new opponent as she closed into him. The moment he saw her face, he paused in shock for a split second. ‘Her?’

Then, Darryl realized that the Raksasa woman he had encountered was the Raksasa King’s daughter and Alaric and Amastan’s sister.

“So, you are Darryl Darby. You liar! You told me that your name was Darren Derby,” she accused through gritted teeth. Once she was near him, she shifted her hands into a slashing motion with a pair of bone-forged scimitars toward Darryl. The man had subdued her in her own bed, and she had been in awe of his strength; she had fallen in love with him. She felt deceived and insulted when she learned that he was the famous Darryl Darby from the Nine Mainland.

Raksasa women were fierce and straightforward by nature. Natalie did not show him any mercy once she realized that he had lied to her. Even though her ferocious attack did not threaten Darryl, he was slightly confused. All he did was lay on her bed to escape the guards. He did not even do anything to her; why was she so frustrated that she wanted to kill him?

With Natalie’s help, Amastan finally caught a chance to retreat and rest to restore his strength. “Sister, he is really powerful, so be careful.”

Natalie did not respond to him; she focused on her opponent with consistent offensive moves. For a split second, Darryl did want to strike her down, but in the end, he could do it.

Suddenly, something rumbled. A few Raksasa soldiers on Gigantic Monsters joined the battle. Darryl’s army had a huge gap to fill compared to the Raksasa troops in terms of strength. They might lose the Nine Mainland with the Gigantic Monsters’ participation.

Countless disciples from different sects were stomped to death as they wailed. Alarmed by the constant screams and deaths beneath him, Darryl turned to look at Natalie and said,”Sorry, but I don’t have time to deal with you right now.”

Darryl raised his right arm, and a ball of white flame formed on his palm, which quickly shifted into the shape of a lotus flower that brightened the entire sky. It was the White Lily Cold Flame.

‘What is that?’ Natalie thought as she scowled. She had never heard of the White Lily Cold Flame, but the terrifying heat of the flame had her instinctively on alert.

Shentel and Debra, who were nearby, jerked forward when they saw the flame. Next to them, Alaric’s expression changed as he asked hurriedly, “My dear teachers, what did Darryl Darby summon?”

“The White Lily Cold Flame.”

“The most powerful strange fire in the world,” Debra and Shentel answered simultaneously.

Alaric immediately paled at the name he heard. Then, he shouted across the field, “Sister, watch out! That’s the most powerful strange fire in the world!” He did not know the White Lily Cold Flame’s power, but he knew that it was terribly dangerous from the expression on Shentel and Debra’s faces.

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