The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2387 Skykissing wolf

The moment that Alaric’s hand came into contact with Amastan’s shoulder, a brute force erupted from within Amastan with a roar as his palm moved to strike toward Alaric’s chest. Indeed, Amastan did not want to apologize to his older brother because he thought that Alaric should share his ambition in defeating the Nine Mainland by all means.

However, Alaric had turned to those women from the Nine Mainland for advice and allowed himself to become unreliable. The man that he had become was no longer qualified to be the next Raksasa King. Amastan had always looked up to his older brother, but he could not get over the fact that his brother had slapped and lectured him in front of everyone.

Alaric would never imagine that his biological younger brother would attack him; his heart was heavy with shock and anger. He tried to dodge the attack, but Amastan was way too fast for him to get away in time. The strength Alaric gained from cultivation might be formidable. Still, his reflexes were affected by his weakened state from the previous fight with Darryl, whereas Amastan came prepared, fully intending to have him killed.

Baam! Amastan had every last drop of power gathered on his fist as it landed on Alaric’s chest. Alaric was sent flying backward with a tortured cry. His body smashed against the wooden pillar behind him before he landed at the corner of the tent.

Alaric choked on his own blood as he fell onto the ground. He took one final look at his younger brother before he drew his last breath reluctantly.

“Brother, don’t blame me for not showing you mercy.” Amastan took a deep breath as he stared at Alaric’s motionless corpse. His eyes were emotionless with no compassion or pain as he said, “You were completely under the spell of those two women from the Nine Mainland; you want nothing but peace with them. The future of the RaksasaTribe must not fall into your hands.” He turned around to step out of the tent and proceeded to howl toward the sky. That was the signal for an emergency signal.

Not long after that, dozens of Raksasa generals arrived hurriedly when they heard the howl. When they stepped into the tent, their jaws dropped to the ground as their feet froze in place. They saw Alaric on the ground; he was lifeless as his body laid in a pool of blood. His chest was flat; he was no longer breathing.

“Generals,” Amastan looked at the men before he shed fake tears of despair. He said, “My brother is gone. The veins around his heart blasted open during his duel with Darryl Darby. He tried to cultivate and heal, but it worsened the wound and caused severe bleeding. He lost his life because of that.”

Amastan might be barbaric, but he was no fool. The truth about Alaric’s death must not get out; Darryl Darby would have to take the blame for it. The generals snapped out of the initial shock and were tearful for their loss.

“The Honorable Son!”

“Damn the Nine Mainland.”

“That Darryl Darby was the one who got the Honourable Son killed; we can’t let that slide.”

Relieved that no one doubted his words, Amastan hid the smugness in his eyes before he pretended to be utterly grief-stricken as he cried out toward his brother’s corpse, “Eldest Brother, rest in peace! I will kill that b*stard Darryl Darby and avenge your death.”

“Yes, we will avenge you!”

“We must kill Darryl Darby and avenge the Honorable Son!” The generals seconded Amastan’s determined promise. Amid their indignation, one of the generals kneeled before Amastan and said, “My lord, with the King’s absence and the Honorable Son dead, we beg you to take over and lead us to victory in the coming battle.”

“We beg you to take over the position as the General Commander…” Simultaneously, all generals in the tent fell to their knees and shouted in unison.

Amastan nodded in satisfaction and gestured for them to rise. “You may rise. My first command as the General Commander—we march toward the Nine Mainland’s camp tomorrow.”

“Yes, Commander!” the generals shouted.

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