The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2388 Skykissing wolf

“Honorable Son!” One of the generals seemed to have remembered something, so he asked courteously, “Since the late Honorable Son is dead, what should we do with those two women from the Nine Mainland?”

When Alaric was still alive and well, no one dared to harm Debra and Shentel. However, they would not need to respect those two women since he was already dead.

Amastan considered that question as his eyes flashed with interest at the mention of those women.

“Take both of them to my tent,” he said with a sneer.

Amastan had wanted to decapitate those women in front of the entire army. Then, he remembered that they were beautiful women, and it would be a shame to kill them before he could enjoy himself with them first.

“Yes, Honorable Son.” The general strode off without delay upon receiving the order.

Meanwhile, at the Nine Mainland camp.

Darryl led his remaining troops back to camp. Everyone was exhausted and frustrated with Zhang Jue’s boundless despicability. That man had pretended to raid the Raksasa Army camp to lure Darryl to the battle. Then, he sat back and watched as the forces battled.

Darryl had gathered Chester and the rest in the center tent to discuss strategies, while Natalie, who he had captured, was thrown into a cell.

Baam! Dax punched the chair next to him. The more he thought about it, the angrier he got. “Zhang Jue is too vicious; we can’t look past that,” he said furiously.

Most of the people in the tent nodded in agreement.

“True, that Zhang Jue is far too treacherous!”

“We might as well just go against the North Moana Army, kill Zhang Jue, and take over their troops.”

“Ya, let’s kill Zhang Jue!”

While the others were caught up in the discussion, Darryl thought about it with a dark expression on his face. He also wanted to kill Zhang Jue for what the man had done. He had lost about a hundred thousand soldiers; the damage they took was disastrous. Chester and the others were wounded as well. Not even the most forgiving man on earth could put up with that.

Darryl drew a deep breath after a few seconds of consideration. He was about to announce his decision when Gonggong barged into the tent with worry written all over her delicate features. “Darryl, quickly! You need to get ready; Zhang Jue is leading his army here to wipe all of you out.”

Gonggong had gone to Darryl’s tent to apologize for what she had done. Coincidentally, she witnessed the scene where Zhang Jue led the army to raid the Raksasa camps as she was leaving. Not long after that, she found out that Zhang Jue was launching an attack against Darryl. So she went to warn them.

She had never seen eye to eye with Zhang Jue. She only played along because she respected Yang Jian. Since the latter had gone missing, she did not feel the need to obey Zhang Jue’s order.

Everyone was shocked when they heard that. Darryl stood abruptly. His expression darkened further with seething rage. It looked like that b*stard, Zhang Jue, did not intend to spare anyone. He wanted to attack them when they had been weakened by their previous battle with the Raksasa Army. How ruthless!

Baam! Deafening noise ripped through the camp as everyone was still trapped in the initial shock. The entrance to the camp had been shattered. A soldier rushed into the tent with sweat beaded on his face; he said, “Something terrible has happened. The North Moana Army is here; they have the entire camp surrounded!”

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