The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2404 Skykissing wolf

At that moment, Donoghue’s mood was instantly lifted. Although he still had to wait for a few more days, he didn’t have to worry about anything since Darryl had decided it himself.

Seeing Donoghue nod his head, Darryl did not say anything else and told everyone to rest.

Donoghue followed Rama back to his resting tent.

“Life Transformation!”

At this moment, Rama sat cross-legged and asked Donoghue, “Tell me, did those disciples with you really encounter a storm and died in the sea?”

There was a meaningful look in Rama’s eyes when he asked this.

This disciple of his was cruel and easy to kill. Rama understood him the best. Although he had converted to Buddhism, the viciousness in his heart had yet to be completely restrained. Therefore, Rama did not believe what Donoghue had told everyone. He felt that there was something fishy about it. However, it was not appropriate to ask in front of so many people especially when Darryl was present, so he had waited until now.

“Master!” Donoghue said with a serious expression. “Ever since I converted to Buddhism, I know what I have done in the past. I have committed grave sins and have already repented. I have decided to turn over a new leaf. Why would I lie?”

As he spoke, Donoghue thought of something and continued, “Furthermore, Master often teaches me that monks do not lie.”

Hearing this, Rama nodded slowly. “Alright, I believe in you. I am very glad that you can truly repent.”

Donoghue smiled. “Thank you for your trust, Master.”

Following that, Donoghue walked over with a look of sincerity. “That’s right, Master. I have been your disciple for so long, but you have yet to teach me any Buddhist cultivation techniques. Today, I sincerely request that you teach me everything.”

As he spoke, Donoghue’s expression was sincere, but his heart was full of loathing.

A month ago, he had been severely injured by Rama. His life was destroyed, and he was even forced to acknowledge Rama as his master. Donoghue would never forget this humiliation for the rest of his life. However, Rama’s Buddhist techniques were profound, and Donoghue knew that he was no match for her.

Therefore, Donoghue had thought it through. He would ask Rama to teach him Buddhist techniques so that he could figure out Rama’s flaws. When that happened, he would be able to vent his anger.

Rama had no idea of what Donoghue was thinking. Seeing his sincere expression, he said in a gratified manner, “As the saying goes, the Buddhist Dharma is boundless. The cultivation technique of my Temple of Enchanted Retreat was passed down by Patriarch Bodhidharma. Not only does it require extremely high talent, it also requires one to have a Zen heart. Previously, when you fought to your death, your Zen heart was lacking. However, your perception is quite good.”

As he spoke, Rama pondered for a moment before continuing, “But seeing that you’re so humble as to seek guidance, I’ll impart it to you.”

“Thank you, Master!”

Donoghue was overjoyed and quickly knelt on the ground.

At that instant, Donoghue’s eyes shone with a cold glint as he sneered secretly. Rama, when I find the flaw in your technique, you are doomed.

Meanwhile, on the other side…

After Darryl and the others left the Central Army Camp, they were not in a hurry to return to the tent to rest. Instead, they went to the cell.

He had captured Raksasa King’s daughter, Natalie. This woman was so unyielding. She wouldn’t commit suicide in prison, would she?

With that in mind, Darryl walked to the cell door.

“Let me go, or none of you will live.”

Just as she reached the door, she heard a series of delicate shouts from inside the cell. It was Natalie’s voice.

Darryl couldn’t help but to smile. Natalie had a really strong temper.

Darryl walked in and was stunned when he saw the scene in front of him. Natalie’s hands and feet were chained but she did not look afraid at all. Her beautiful face was filled with anger.

Outside the iron bars, the two guards looked bitter.

“Alright, you may leave.” Darryl walked over and said lightly.

“Yes!” The two guards obeyed and left.

At once, only Darryl and Natalie were left in the cell.

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