The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2406 Skykissing wolf

Seeing that Darryl was unwilling to make a move after so long, Natalie thought he was terrified, and she laughed with disdain. “What? I heard you’re a figure that’s renowned throughout the Nine Continents, yet you don’t even dare to kill a single captive. Now, you even dream of defeating our Raksasa Tribe? Truly laughable.”


Looking at Natalie laughing, Darryl gritted his teeth and lost his temper.

This woman was really hard to deal with.

“Kill me. If you are not going to kill me, then hurry up and release me.” Natalie snapped coldly, her eyes filled with provocation.

Darryl heaved a sigh of relief and revealed a smile. “I won’t kill you. I’ll make you wish you were dead.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Darryl walked over and pried her lips open. He took out a pill from his pocket and quickly stuffed it inside her mouth.

Natalie was forced to swallow the pill before she could react.

“You…What did you give me?” Natalie looked at him, her beautiful face was filled with shock and fury.

Darryl smiled and said, “Why are you panicking? Aren’t you unafraid of death? I gave you the ‘Cold Fire Pill’!”

The Cold Fire Pill was one of the more special pills in the Everlasting Pellet Technique. It had two attributes of heat and cold. After consuming it, one would feel the attack of ice and fire at the same time.One’s body would also feel extremely itchy.

Putting aside ordinary people, even cultivators at the Tribulation Transcendence realm would not be able to withstand such a pill.

“Cold Fire Pill?”

At this moment, Natalie’s body trembled, and she felt a little flustered.

“You’ll feel the effects later!” Darryl smiled. Then, he took a few steps back and leaned against the wall with his arms crossed, waiting for something.

“You…” Natalie wanted to speak, but she’d only spoken a single word before she suddenly stopped talking. Her delicate body trembled violently.


At that moment, Natalie felt cold and hot. At the same time, an extremely itchy feeling came from her body. It was very uncomfortable!

“Darryl, you better kill me!” Natalie cried out in a delicate voice while biting her lips tightly at the same time, and she wanted to forcefully restrain herself.

However, that cold, hot, and strange itch became stronger and stronger.

Darryl smiled at her. “Why would I kill you? As the daughter of the Raksasa Tribe, you’re so brave that you’re not even afraid of death. Aren’t you very strong? The effects of this Cold Fire Pill will last for two hours. If you can endure it, I’ll let you go.”

“However, that feeling is not something that an ordinary person can endure. Princess Natalie, you can do it!”


When she heard Darryl’s words, Natalie started to feel nervous. But she still stubbornly refused to admit defeat, only saying, “Stop scaring me. I don’t believe that a tiny medicinal pill could do anything to me.”

As the daughter of the Raksasa tribe, she had grown up in the Devastating Desolate Territory. What sort of hardship had she not suffered? What was a mere pill?

Darryl smiled and looked at her. He did not speak and waited quietly.

At this moment, Natalie only felt that it was getting hotter and hotter. Her entire body was drenched in sweat, but her meridians seemed to be frozen. It was bone-chilling cold, and that was not all. She felt a strange itch all over her body again!

She felt as if she were on the top of a snow-capped mountain, being held against a fire while countless others kept tickling her. She couldn’t hold back the feeling any longer. She giggled as her teeth chattered.

“So cold, so hot, so itchy, Darryl you bastard! Hurry up and kill me!” This itchy, hot, and cold feeling was unbearable for Natalie, and she could not help but scream!

Darryl smiled without saying a word.

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