The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2423 Skykissing wolf

“Alright, it’s alright!” Amastan consoled her patiently. “Little Sister, how did you get released? Also, what important matter did you have to discuss?”

Natalie wiped away the tears in the corner of her eyes. Her eyes were still red when she looked around and said, “Second Brother, let’s talk inside the tent.”

She led the way to the main tent. Darryl having the support of a dragon, could not be heard by the Raksasa Tribe to avoid unnecessary fear.

Amanstan furrowed his brows and followed behind her. Once inside the tent, Natalie took a deep breath and looked serious. “Second Brother, do you know there are dragons in the nine continents?”

When he heard that, Amastan was stunned instantly.

Natalie shared her conversation with Darryl with him in detail.

At that moment, Amastan regained his thoughts. He could not help but laugh as he said, “Ha-ha! Little Sister, you are too innocent. Darryl was just scaring you. If dragons were on the nine continents, they would have released them long ago when we crossed over the Chaotic Mountain Range. So why would they wait until now?”

His face turned devilish. “The nine continents caused Father’s disappearance and Big Brother’s death. We must get our revenge. Get ready; I’m going to prepare for battle. I just chopped off the head of a high-level monk from the Temple of Enchanted Retreat. Now is the best time to use this to demoralize the Nine Continents grand army.”

Natalie’s face changed immediately, and she said, worried, “Second Brother, isn’t this a little reckless? Darryl did not seem like he was lying. Besides, Big Brother had–”

Amastan had already walked away quickly to gather the army before she could finish speaking.

When she saw that, Natalie was so nervous that she stomped her feet.

Meanwhile, Darryl was sitting in the middle of an army tent on the nine continents, looking at a map. He was studying the terrain around the Chaotic Mountain Range.

Both parties were in a standoff, and that was not good for the nine continents. Darryl wanted very much to initiate the attack, but he did not understand the terrain of that area well, so he needed to study it carefully.

There was no progress despite researching for some time. Darryl was really frustrated. He did not know the situation of Rama and his disciple, who had left early in the morning to the Raksasa Tribe territory to check out the area.

“Sect Master Darby!” a voice shouted suddenly from outside.

Then, a figure was seen running in a hurry. His entire body was covered in blood, and his face looked weak. It was Donoghue.

Darryl was surprised to see Donoghue in this condition. “Young Master Vikara? What happened?”

“Sect Master Darby!” Donoghue kneeled on the ground, crying uncontrollably. “When Master and I were surveying the condition of the Raksasa Tribe’s territory, they found us by accident. They attacked us. They killed Master. Sect Master Darby, you must seek revenge for my Master.”

Donoghue looked angry and sad, but he was grinning in his heart.

After Donoghue killed Rama, he should have run as far away as possible. However, in order to obtain the dragon ball from Darryl, he took the risk and returned.

On the journey back, Donoghue came up with a plan. He would lie that the Raksasa Tribe killed Rama. No one on the nine continents would know the truth since Rama was dead.

When he heard that news, Darryl felt as if he was struck by lightning. He was in shock as he took a few steps backward. He was furious yet devastated.

‘Master Rama, the infamous Buddhist Monk, is dead?’ he thought.

At that moment, when they heard of the commotion at the army camp, Chester, Yvette, Quincy, and Dax rushed to gather around them.

Everyone was shocked when they saw what happened in front of them.

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