The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2424 Skykissing wolf

“Darryl, what’s going on?” Chester asked. He could not help but look at Donoghue, who looked devastated.


Darryl took a deep breath as he said in great sorrow, “The Raksasa Tribe killed Master Rama.”

The entire army camp erupted in anger when they heard that.

“What! Master Rama…”

“Sh*t, the stupid Raksasa Tribe.”

“Master Rama was such a kind person; how could the Raksasa Tribe be so cruel.”

At that moment, everyone in the army camp was furious, except for Zhang Jue who was standing at the corner. He looked calm but did not show any emotion.

As everyone was mumbling, Darryl stood there and looked horrible.

‘That’s not right. I released Natalie, and she promised me before she left that she would advise her two brothers to come to an agreement with the nine continents. Why did the Raksasa Tribe still do that?’ he thought.

Feeling doubtful, Darryl could not help but grumble, “Could it be that Natalie still hasn’t returned to the Raksasa camp and has yet to bring the news back?”

Darryl’s voice was so soft, but everyone could hear him. At that moment, everyone’s gaze landed on Darryl.

“Darryl, what did you say? You released Natalie?” Quincy was the first to regain her thoughts as she asked, furrowing her brows.

Darryl nodded.

At that moment, the entire army camp was chaotic.

“Darryl, you must be crazy. Why did you release that woman? She’s the daughter of the Raksasa King!”

“The Raksasa Tribe are cruel and love to kill, and you released her. Isn’t that going to cause more harm?”

“Sect Master, you made a mistake!”

Everyone spoke one after another, blaming Darryl.

Yvette was intelligent and intelligent, so she guessed something was going on. She looked at Darryl and asked, “Darryl, did you have an agreement with Natalie?”

Darryl sighed in relief discreetly and nodded as he said, “That’s right. She promised me she would help convince her brothers to have peace talks with the nine continents.”

‘Yvette knows me best,’ he thought.

When she heard that, Yvette nodded silently, her beautiful brows locked tightly. “The Raksasa Tribe are powerful people. Since she agreed, she wouldn’t lie to you. If that is the case, maybe Natalie had not reached back when Master Rama was killed, or maybe….”

As she said that, Yvette subconsciously looked at Donoghue. She paused, although she wanted to speak.

Yvette wanted to say that maybe Rama’s disciple was lying. However, if she said that, it would cause a lot of conflicts. Besides, she did not have any proof, so she just kept it to herself.

She had been suspicious of Donoghue when he returned alone. However, she did not have any proof yet.

Darryl squeezed his brows when he noticed Yvette was focused on Donoghue.

‘What does Yvette mean? Is she feeling suspicious of Young Master Vikara?’ he wondered.


At that moment, a loud bang came from outside. Then, the sound of incredible roars shocked the sky and earth.

Everyone was stunned!

At that moment, a soldier ran in and shouted, “Sect Master Darby, this is bad. The Raksasa Tribe are attacking us; they are here!”
When they heard that, everyone was incredibly surprised and furious. They were just thinking of seeking revenge for Master, and the Raksasa Tribe were already charging towards them.

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