The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2429 Skykissing wolf

As Darryl’s woman, Stella wanted to help him and do something for the Nine Continents.

Before Darryl could reply, Donoghue stood up quickly and smiled. “That’s not necessary, Miss Scope. I have been to Carol Island, so I know the way. Besides, Sect Master Darby is powerful; we will be fine.”

Darryl nodded in agreement when he heard what Donoghue said.

Darryl turned to Stella and said, “Young Master Vikara is right. We will be fine. It’s better if you stay to fight the Raksasa Tribe.”

“Alright then.” Stella was a little disappointed as she nodded her head.

At that moment, everyone else did not notice anything unusual. However, Yvette stared closely at Donoghue with her beautiful brows locked tightly.

‘Why didn’t he allow Stella to follow them? He must know that Stella is the Ice Fire Island Eldest Young Miss and is familiar with the sea. With her around, she will be of great help if there is an emergency. Although Vikara looked upset, you can tell he isn’t devastated about Rama’s death.’

Yvette became more and more suspicious of Donoghue.

After Darryl and the others finished their discussions, they left the military camp. At the same time, Darryl and Donoghue started to prepare for their journey.

Once he returned to the tent, Darryl saw Yvette was following him with a conflicted expression on her face.

Darryl smiled and said, “What’s wrong? Why are you looking for me out of the blue?”

When he said that, Darryl looked cheeky, but he felt ashamed in his heart.

All those years, he felt he owed Yvette too much. Not only to her but Yvonne, Irene, and the others as well.

“I can’t see you if there’s nothing wrong?” Yvette said impatiently, glaring at Darryl.

“Of course you can. Why can’t you?” Darryl smiled, putting down the curtain and hugging Yvette. “Are you going to miss me? Don’t worry; I’ll return quickly once I retrieve the treasures that Emperor Xuan Yuan left at Coral Island.”

Darryl’s intimate action made Yvette feel shy. Her incredibly beautiful face blushed immediately, looking incredibly attractive.

Yvette wanted to break free at that moment, but when she felt Darryl’s manly aura, she did not move.

“I will miss you.” Yvette leaned into Darryl’s arms. “Do you know, since Yang Jian started his attack on the continents until now, we have not had a proper conversation for a very long time. Although we see each other every day now, we have to fight against the Raksasa Tribe, and now, you’re leaving for Coral Island.”

When he heard that, a smile appeared on Darryl’s face as he consoled her softly, “Don’t worry. Everything will be over soon. Then, we can find a serene place and live-in seclusion there; have a bunch of children and let them manage a place on their own.”

Seeing Darryl getting cheekier when he spoke, Yvette blushed further as she mumbled, “You’re shameless! Who is having children with you?”

Although she said that, her eyes were shining with happiness, and she was looking forward to the future. Then, she remembered something and freed herself from Darryl’s arms as she said seriously, “I have something I need to talk to you about.”

“Tell me,” Darryl replied with a smile.

Yvette turned her head to think and opened her mouth to speak, “Did you notice something wasn’t right with Vikara?”

Darryl was stunned for a while and immediately replied with a smile, “What about him?”

Yvette sighed and told him all about her observations and the doubts in her heart.

When he heard that, Darryl squeezed his brows and thought. He then smiled as he said, “Are you overthinking? Young Master Vikara is Master Rama’s disciple. So how can there be any problem?”

As they were talking, a courteous voice came from outside, “Sect Master Darby, are you there?”

It was Donoghue.

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