The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2432 Skykissing wolf

Donoghue had just taken the dragon ball from Darryl when he suddenly heard the shouting from outside. He had the shock of his life.

‘That young man Ambrose and Eira arrived so fast? But I have the dragon ball now, so what do I have to worry about?’ he thought.

Darryl and Yvette heard the shouting outside too, and their facial expressions changed instantly.

‘Young Master Vikara is Donoghue? How can that be possible?’ Darryl heard it clearly. The voice from outside was Eira.

Eira was his own daughter; she was intelligent and kind, so she would not make up such a thing.

Then, his expression changed as he looked directly at Donoghue, “You….”

Donoghue saw Darryl was beginning to doubt him. He rolled his eyes and decided not to hide anymore.

“Go to hell!” he roared as he shot out a strong aura and punched Darryl on the chest.

Donoghue knew that with Ambrose and Eira’s arrival, he would not be able to hide his identity anymore. However, there was no point in him to keep hiding it as he already had the dragon ball in his hands.

‘Darryl isn’t weak. Instead of being controlled by him, I might as well take the offensive and attack first. When I’ve injured Darryl, the Nine Continents’ camp will be in chaos. This will give me the opportunity to flee,’ he thought, feeling confident.

Although Darryl was powerful, he believed Darryl would still not be able to avoid his punch.

Darryl was incredibly furious and did not expect Donoghue would ambush him out of desperation. However, it was obvious that he was indeed Donoghue; there was no doubt about that.

“Darryl, watch out!” Yvette shouted when she saw Donoghue try to punch him. She wanted to rush over to help him, but it was too late.

Darryl tried to avoid Donoghue’s punch, but Donoghue was too close to him. Darryl tried to act fast, but there was no way to hide. In desperation, he quickly activated his internal energy to shield himself from the attack.


That punch carried Donoghue’s entire energy, and the air in the entire camp became twisted. It was terrifying. Following the howling of the strong winds, the punch landed fiercely on Darryl’s body.

At that instant, Darryl’s shield form from his internal energy broke. Darryl moaned as he was sent crashing out of the tent and into the ground, forming a big hole. He had landed on the ground tens of meters away.

Once he landed, Darryl vomited a mouthful of blood. He was incredibly weak as he glared at Donoghue and said fiercely, “Donoghue, it’s really you!”

Donoghue looked up into the sky and laughed loudly. He was not hiding his identity anymore as he floated in midair. He looked coldly at Darryl and taunted, “Darryl, you did not expect that, right?”

Donoghue’s eyes were shining with incredible anger and hatred. “I am indeed Master Rama’s disciple. Vikara is my Buddhist name. However, I never recognized myself as a Buddhist. You bunch of idiots did not notice anything wrong at all. Ha-ha! How stupid you all are. I was kind not to kill you instantly with my punch. However, the end of your life is not far.”

When he said that last sentence, Donoghue was incredibly delighted when he looked at the dragon ball in his hand. Very soon, he would be able to obtain the treasure Emperor Xuan Yuan left behind. Then, it would be easy for him to return and kill Darryl.

Darryl struggled to stand up when he heard that; his eyes were incredibly blood red as he glared at Donoghue.

‘Young Master Vikara is Donoghue. How did I not notice?’ he thought.

Yvette was stricken with fear as she dashed in front of Darryl. She helped him stand up and was almost in tears. “Darryl, are you ok? Are you alright?”

Darryl looked at Yvette, trying to console her with his eyes.

Then, he turned his gaze to Donoghue once again when he thought of something.

“How did Master Rama die?” he said, emphasizing each word clearly.

As the Commander-in-chief of the Nine Continents, Darryl was really alert. At that point, when Donoghue identified himself, he could easily guess that Master Rama’s death was not so simple.

Donoghue laughed coldly. “You don’t have to guess—no harm in telling you. The stinky monk, Rama, was killed from an attack by the Raksasa Tribe and me. That old, bald man forced me to adopt Buddhism; he deserved to die.”

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