The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2436 Skykissing wolf

“Darryl, you are lucky that I did not kill you today. You won’t be so lucky next time.” Donoghue roared. He took that opportunity to turn and fly far away.

In a blink of an eye, he was a few hundred meters away.

Darryl looked horrible when he saw Donoghue had managed to escape despite being surrounded by everyone.

“Go after him!” Dax did not hesitate to shout as he took the lead to chase after Donoghue.

Chester and the rest followed behind him closely.

The treasure box of the Sea Mackie Clan and Darryl’s dragon ball were both with him. They could not let him escape so easily.

Donoghue was running and looking back. He was incredibly furious when he saw Dax chasing after him restlessly.

‘This group of buggers just don’t give up!’ he thought.

Back at the Raksasa Tribe base camp, Amastan was sitting there with a dark look on his face. Natalie and the other Raksasa warriors looked upset too.

‘Sh*t!’ Amastan slammed the table, enraged. He thought that he would taunt the Nine Continents using Rama’s skull to make them lose their minds and feel defeated. He did not expect Darryl to have a weird ball that could transform into a dragon.

Not only did they not win the battle, but Darryl killed two of the Gigantic Monsters. Even the highly aggressive Wild Wolves Clan were injured or killed miserably.

Natalie walked over and bit her lips. “Second Brother, I think we really need to talk to the Nine Continents. You saw that Darryl has the ability to conjure a huge dragon, so that proves that he wasn’t lying. During the battle today, Darryl was just trying to scare us. He was only showing the fake image of the dragon. If we continue to fight, I’m afraid he might call a real dragon.”

Natalie’s face was filled with worries. She was not afraid to die, but she had witnessed so many people in the tribe die during the battle. If they continued to fight, maybe the Raksasa Tribe might win, but there would be a terrible price to pay.

That was not the outcome that Natalie wanted to see.

Most importantly, her father had been missing, and she could not allow her second brother to continue to behave so recklessly.

When he heard that, Amastan was incredibly furious.

“Little Sister, I think Darryl has fooled you. Big Brother believed in the words of the two nine continents’ women and ended up dying a horrible death. Do you want to end up like him?” he shouted.

Amastan’s facial expression was horrifying. Natalie trembled, and she said immediately, “Second Brother, it isn’t like what you think it is. I–”

Before waiting for her to finish, Amastan interrupted her coldly, “Don’t speak anymore. I must seek revenge for my big brother’s death. Also, the Nine Continents caused our father’s disappearance. So I must make them pay with their blood.”

When she heard that, Natalie stomped her feet in anger, then turned and ran out of the tent.

‘Second Brother is being unreasonable!’ she thought.


A Raksasa warrior walked in quickly after she left and said to Amastan respectfully, “Honorable Son, there was a battle earlier at the Nine Continents’ camp. We saw a group of people chasing after a monk, and they were headed towards the ruins.”

When he heard that, Amastan was stunned, and a cold grin then appeared on his face.

‘Ha-ha! There’s a commotion in the Nine Continents’ camp. This is great news!’ he thought.

He raised his hand and waved. “Hurry, gather the Fierce Tiger Clan and head to the ruins with me to find out what’s going on!”

“Yes, Honorable Son!”

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