The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2438 Skykissing wolf

When he realized the Raksasa King was not breathing, Donghue braced himself and walked over to check out the situation.

‘TheRaksasa Tribe are really like a group of wild people. Apart from the animal skin on his body, there was nothing else,’ he thought.

At that moment, Donoghue still did not know that the person in front of his eyes was the Raksasa King. However, he saw there was a winding path in the cave, so he slowly walked inside.

Donoghue had used most of his internal energy when he fought everyone earlier. He suffered injuries too. He continued to find a place to cultivate and recoup. Most importantly, the cave entrance was just a few meters away from the lava beneath it, and it was too hot. Donoghue would not be able to stand the heat even if he was not injured.


As he walked deeper, the heat of the lava subsided. However, he still felt extremely nervous. There was a dead person from the Raksasa Tribe at the cave entrance; he was unsure if any other dangers were awaiting him inside.

He was unsure how long he had been walking before he finally arrived at a large space. Donoghue was shocked and could not help but take a deep cold breath.

He could see there was a molten cave. It was not too big and was of the size of a basketball court. The place was much cooler as compared to the scorching hot environment outside. He could see there were blood stains on the stone walls of the cave and it extended deep inside the cave.

Finally, in a deep dark corner, he saw someone sitting there completely still. Due to the dark lighting, he could not see if that person was still alive. However, he could clearly see that the armor on that person’s body was completely different from the one on the Raksasa Tribe that he saw just now. It was obvious that person was from the Nine Continents.

From the looks of it, he must be a warrior from the Nine Continents, who ended up injured when he battled with the Raksasa Tribe.

Although he could not clearly see the person’s face, Donoghue could feel the person’s strong aura. His heart started to race involuntarily; he was extremely nervous.

After feeling stunned for a few seconds, Donoghue could not control his curiosity. He bravely walked over slowly.

When he was less than a few meters away from the body, he could finally see the person clearly. The man was wearing golden armor, but it was fully covered in blood. His hair was so long it reached his shoulders, and he was holding a special weapon. Donoghue was not sure if the man was dead or still alive.

He saw that the man’s abdomen had two huge wounds as wide as his arm. His blood had dried up but still looked terrifying.

‘Golden armor, strong aura; Could he be….’ Donoghue wondered.

He almost figured out who this man was when, suddenly, the man lifted his head, and his intimidating eyes locked onto Donoghue.

“Who are you?” Yang Jian questioned while looking firmly at Donoghue.

That was right. The man was Yang Jian. Earlier, when he was battling the Raksasa King, they caused the Chaotic Mountain Range to collapse. In the end, both of them fell down to the ruins, where they continued to fight. Finally, they both dropped under the cliff one after another.

The Raksasa King’s legs were broken, and Yang Jian had nowhere to go either. The Raksasa King had pierced his abdomen; then Yang Jian hid deep in the cave. He was cultivating with his eyes shut earlier; suddenly, he heard some movement, and instantly his eyes locked on Donoghue!

‘He wasn’t dead?’ Donoghue was surprised when he saw the man speak.

He could feel goosebumps appear all over his body, and he subconsciously took a step backward. “I’m Donoghue; who are you?”

“Donoghue?!” Yang Jian furrowed his brows as he remembered something and smiled. “Oh, the previous Westrington Emperor. I am Grandmaster Erlang; have you heard about me?”

‘H-he is Yang Jian?’ Donoghue was shocked as he stared blankly at Yang Jian, speechless.

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