The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2443 Skykissing wolf

After he spoke, everyone around them was furious.

“This person is so despicable. He will be a threat as long as he is around.”

“That’s right. I never imagined he was Master Rama’s disciple.”

“That’s no surprise. Master Rama took him in as his disciple; naturally, he wanted him to repent. However, this man couldn’t change his behavior and killed Master Rama. On top of that, he even harmed Sect Master Darby.”

Everyone was deep in discussion and Darryl heard every word as he became angry.

‘Donoghue is hideous, despicable and evil. What I didn’t expect was that he’d trick me to get the dragon ball. That was the most important item from all of Emperor Xuan Yuan’s treasures,’ he thought as his heart ached.

Suddenly, Eira stood up and said, “When we were at sea, Donoghue took away the treasure chest from the Sea Mackie Clan. However, when he left earlier, the treasure chest was nowhere to be seen. I think he hid it somewhere.”

Ambrose and Heather nodded their heads together.

When he heard that, Darryl blinked as he quickly gave the order, “Hurry, search the surroundings of the camp. Do not miss any corner at all. Search thoroughly!”

When he said that, a smile appeared on Darryl’s face as he looked at Eira. He was proud of how intelligent his daughter was. He did not even think about that at all.

Chester was the first to return.

“Darryl, do you see what this is?! Ha-ha! Donoghue is so despicable, he hid the item in a cave around the forest in the north,” he shouted excitedly.

A few soldiers brought in an ancient stone chest that Donoghue hid.

Darryl was extremely excited as he walked closer and saw there was a gap on top of the chest. The size of the gap matched the size of the dragon ball perfectly.

“Keep this properly and send some people to guard the cave. Donoghue will definitely return to get it,” Darryl ordered immediately as his eyes shone with anger.

‘If Donoghue hadn’t stolen the dragon ball, I would be able to open the treasure chest now and obtain the treasure Emperor Xuan Yuan left behind,’ he thought.

Meanwhile, Donoghue had arrived at the Raksasa Tribe camp and ordered a few soldiers to go to the cave to retrieve the chest. After they arranged that, Donoghue chatted at the camp with Amastan for a while.

Amastan and Donoghue were both cruel people. They shared similar views and values, and the both of them chatted happily.

At that moment, a smile appeared on Amastan’s face as he said to Donoghue, “Ha-ha! You just joined the Raksasa Tribe. But, I don’t have a gift for you. I have two beautiful ladies in the camp. I shall send them to your camp. Don’t be shy. Ha-ha!”

That was right, Amastan was referring to Debra and Shentel.

Although the ladies were beautiful, they were not worth mentioning when compared to his vision to conquer the world. As long as he defeated the Nine Continents’ grand army, he could get all kinds of Nine Continents women.

‘Two ladies?’ Donoghue furrowed his brows, but nodded with a smile. “Thank you, Honorable Son.”

A few minutes later, Donoghue returned to his camp and was stunned to see what was in front of him.

‘It was them?’ he thought

He saw two attractive figures tied up in the camp, looking extremely attractive. They were Debra and Shentel.

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