The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2447 Skykissing wolf

Debra was stunned for over ten seconds before she cried out, “Shentel!”

Tears streamed down her face in the blink of an eye.

For the past two years, Debra and Shentel were like sisters. They helped and supported each other. They had been through a lot of challenges together, especially during the time they were with the Raksasa Tribe. Their lives depended on each other. When she saw Donoghue kill Shentel cruelly, Debra was furious and devastated. Her heart had shattered to pieces.

Debra shouted as she cried, “Donoghue, you bastard. You animal, devil…You are an animal in human skin. Shentel loved you so much and wanted to be together with you again, but you killed her. Are you still a man?”

An intense rage was burning in Debra’s heart. She wanted to slice Donoghue a thousand times and chop him 10,000 times. If you could kill people with a look, Donoghue would have died 100,000 times already.


Donoghue looked fierce and evil as he lifted his hand and slapped Debra. “Shut up, you b*tch! If you continue to scold me, I shall call a few Raksasa soldiers to give you a treat.”

When she heard that, Debra’s body trembled. She stopped scolding him immediately. However, she still stared at Donoghue with hate-filled eyes.

Donoghue was too lazy to speak anymore and turned to leave.

It had been a while since he sent the Raksasa Tribe warriors to look for the chest. They should have returned with the treasure chest.

A few minutes later, Donoghue stood in the main camp, looking enraged. His entire body was releasing a murderous aura.

The Raksasa Tribe warriors felt wronged, but were frightened at the same time.

Donoghue grabbed the leader of the warriors by his collar and said coldly, “What do you mean the stone chest in the cave is no longer there?”

The warrior leader nodded his head. “Yes, there was nothing inside when we arrived. The Nine Continents’ soldiers had come and sealed the entire cave–”

Donoghue pushed him away without letting him finish speaking and slammed the table. From the looks of it, the treasure chest of the Sea Mackie Clan had landed in Darryl’s hands.

‘I’m not happy about this. I thought I could get Emperor Xuan Yuan’s treasure. I didn’t expect my stone chest and Darry’s dragon ball to be in someone else’s hands. That is still good. Darryl lost the dragon ball, so he won’t be able to open the stone chest, and he won’t be able to defeat the Raksasa Army,’ he thought.

Suddenly, a loud laugh came from outside and Amastan walked in next. He smiled and spoke immediately to Donoghue, “Deputy Command-in-chief, why did you leave so soon? I just awarded two beautiful women from the Nine Continents to you. How did that go?”


Donoghue was no longer a complete man, and he felt horrible when he heard what Amastan said. However, he still squeezed a smile. “Thank you, Honorable Son, for your concern. It was fine.”

Amastan nodded and thought of something as he said seriously, “Deputy Commander-in-chief, in your opinion, how can we destroy the Nine Continents’ grand army? Honestly, the Raksasa Tribe’s wild beast grand army is already on their way here. However, as the Honorable Son, I still do not have full confidence in my heart.”

Donoghue remained silent for a while and said softly, “Although the Raksasa Tribe is really powerful, Nine Continents’ territory is huge, and they have many strong warriors. It will be difficult to win the battle if we were to go head-to-head. If you want to win this battle with the least casualties, there is one person who is the key.”

“Who?” Amastan turned serious as he asked.

Donoghue took a deep breath and said each and every word clearly, “The Military Adviser of the North Moana army, Zhang Jue. This person is ambitious and he wants revenge against Darryl. However, a few days ago, Darryl recruited Zhang Jue with Chang Er’s help. But I know that Zhang Jue still has not surrendered to Darryl yet.”

When he spoke, Donoghue looked at Amastan seriously. “Zhang Jue is still waiting for Yang Jian’s reappearance to regain military power over the North Moana army. However, Zhang Jue still does not know that Yang Jian is dead. My plan is to find a way to inform Zhang Jue about Yang’s Jian’s death. Then, you will give him an invitation to join us. Zhang Jue will definitely come to our assistance. Then, even if Darryl was as powerful as a god, he would never defeat the Raksasa Tribe grand army.”

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