The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2451 Skykissing wolf

Donoghue had already cultivated Yang Jian’s Ultimate Saint Heaven Earth Technique. He was more powerful than before, and he was as fast as lightning. He was just too fast! At that speed, there was no way to avoid him!

Although Debra had almost achieved the Heaven Ascension level, she was still not a match for Donoghue. She knew she would not be able to avoid his attack when she saw Donoghue ignite his energy and charge at her. She bit her lips and activated her internal energy as she matched her palm against his.


When both their palms met, Debra moaned in pain as her entire body staggered a few steps back. Her face looked extremely pale and, at the same time, a mouthful of blood flowed from the corner of her mouth.

“Tsk, tsk, Senior Sister. You still want to fight back!” Donoghue checked her out, his gaze ridiculing her. Just give up; you aren’t a match for me. I have only used 40 percent of my energy. If I had used more, you would be dead!”

Donoghue was telling the truth. He did not use all of his energy in his attack earlier. Otherwise, Debra would be dead.

Honestly, he wanted very much to kill Debra, but when he remembered she was Darryl’s woman, he thought of keeping her alive to use her. He had to hold back his urge to kill her.


Debra did not respond. She bit her lips, pointed at the ground with the tip of her foot as she pulled out her long sword and charged at Donoghue.

‘Since there is nowhere for me to run, I would rather die than be captured alive and humiliated,’ she thought.

Donoghue squeezed his brows when he saw Debra would rather die than surrender. He then smiled coldly as he charged forward too. At that instant, the both of them were battling intensely in the air.

However, Debra was not a match to Donoghue at all, and she became more worried as she fought him.

At that moment, the mist around the area started to disperse and it revealed the edge of the cliff.

The valleys beneath the cliff were filled with boiling lava. Debra leaped into the mid-air and spun around as she charged towards the cliff. Once she reached the edge of the cliff, Debra did not hesitate to jump down the cliff.

‘I can’t beat him, nor can I die. Let me see what Donoghue will do now that I jumped down the cliff,’ she wondered.

Donoghue’s brows locked tightly when he saw that. His eyes looked incredibly demonic. ‘Sh*t, Debra is so stubborn. She can’t beat me and so she decided to commit suicide by jumping down off the cliff? You want to die? I won’t allow it!’

Donoghue took a deep breath and jumped down as well, following after her.

Woosh. Woosh.

Debra could hear the wind howling in her ears as she had a determined expression on her face. She was slowly landing when she could feel the warmth of the lava underneath her. It was getting hotter and hotter.

At that moment, Debra’s body trembled. What was happening in front of her eyes was like something she experienced before.

At that moment, Debra’s memory started to come back, and her memory poured out like an icy mountain that was being melted.

Ten years ago, she jumped into the bottom of the volcanic crater for the man she loved. It was at the Incredible Sky Mountain, and it was where the Sky Breaking Axe appeared.

The man that she loved was Darryl.

She was originally the Sect Master of Artemis Sect at Great East. She did not grow up in the Forgotten Valley.

Everything from her past was flashing through her mind like an old movie.

She remembered them!

She remembered all of them.

‘Darryl…I remember now. I am your woman….’ Debra’s tears streamed down her face endlessly.

She was getting closer and closer to the lava. She felt incredibly conflicted and hopeless. ‘I remember everything now, but I am about to die.’

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