The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2460 Skykissing wolf

Amastan’s anger was burning when he saw that. ‘Darryl is really powerful; he killed so many of my warriors in the blink of an eye.’

Donoghue had a grin on his face. He stood to the side, watching the battle. He was not fully dedicated to joining the Raksasa Tribe and he intended to use the Raksasa Tribe to deplete Darryl’s energy. When he saw both parties start to battle, naturally he was delighted and felt free.

Amastan was furious as he waved his bone blade. “Kill him and break him into pieces!”

‘No matter what, Darryl must be killed today. I must not let him leave here alive!’ he thought.

Bang! Bang!

When they heard Amastan’s angry roar, 12 huge figures among the crowd charged straight for Darryl. They were the Twelve Gods of the Raksasa Tribe.

The Twelve Gods had natural godly power and were talented in cultivation. They were the Raksasa King’s personal guard and responsible for protecting Raksasa King’s security. They were also Amastan’s secret weapon.

However, on that day, when he saw Darryl sneaking into the camp at night and was surrounded, Amastan did not hesitate to call for the Twelve Gods.

Darryl cursed discreetly when he felt the aura of the Twelve Gods. He clenched his teeth and activated his internal energy immediately.


Then, the Twelve Gods crashed into him! A loud bang was heard and a strong vibration from internal energy shocked the entire camp!


Darryl fell a few steps backward as his face paled and he vomited a mouth full of blood.

The Twelve Gods were not doing better either as they fell a few dozen steps backward!

“Darryl!” Debra shouted in fear as she was really worried. She could not stop the tears falling down her face.

‘If anything happens to Darryl today, there is no reason for me to stay alive,’ she thought.

At that moment, Darryl was shocked. He thought, apart from the wild beasts, the Raksasa Tribe did not have another special weapon. He never expected the existence of the Twelve Gods. The power of all 12 of them was really terrifying. All of them seemed to be around the Heaven Ascension level.

‘I won’t be able to handle these 12 people. With the Raksasa Tribe grand army surrounding us, I’m afraid we will really need to die here!’ he thought.

Darry clenched his fist as he controlled the blood boiling in his body. He glared at Leonardo Ross, feeling incredibly amazed.

Just at that moment, Amastan’s face looked hideous. “Darryl, you are the famous person of the Nine Continents. I shall spare your life if you surrender to me.”

‘Surrender?!’ Darryl could not help but laugh at the sky with his eyes blood-red.

“You think a wild, cruel and unusual tribe deserves my surrender? Kill me if you wish,” he said, turning his fist as a white ball of flames appeared and danced in the air.

Finally, it transformed into a lily flower! At an instant, the temperature surrounding them rose significantly and the night was lit up like the day!

It was the White Lily Cold Flame!

Debra could not help but cry as she shouted. She was full of tears at that moment. “No…Darryl, you must go. Just leave me. Go now!”

Although Darryl was powerful, Debra knew it was impossible for him to be able to rescue her successfully. No matter what, they were at the Raksasa Camp.

When they felt the scorching hot temperature, the Twelve Gods’ facial emotion changed and they were all stunned. Amastan almost died from the White Lily Cold Flame earlier. That caused Natalie to come to his assistance and, in the end, got captured by Darryl. “White Lily Cold Flame?!”

Darryl did not waste any effort. He waved his hand and the White Lily Cold Flame charged directly towards the Twelve Gods!

‘That’s it!’ he thought.

The White Lily Cold Flame was so fast; it covered all the Twelve Gods in the blink of an eye.

“Darryl, stop acting savage here!” Donoghue shouted as he observed the battle.

He swung the Sky Breaking Axe and a bright gold ray exploded, charging straight for Darryl.

Donoghue had only been observing the battle between both parties earlier. When he saw Darryl had exhausted much of his internal energy, he knew his opportunity had arrived.


A golden ray formed a huge golden curtain as a protective shield between the sky and earth, separating the White Lily Cold Flame from the Twelve Gods.

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