The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2461 Skykissing wolf

’Tsk tsk tsk…’

White Lily Cold Flame was blocked instantly when it touched the Golden Light Screen!


Darryl was shocked when he saw that.

‘Wasn’t White Lily Cold Flame supposed to combust everything? How did it get blocked?’

He was surprised that Donoghue’s strength improved again and he was able to block even the White Lily Cold Flame.

Darryl was unaware that Donoghue’s internal energy became a lot stronger after cultivating Yang Jian’s Ultimate Saint Heaven Earth Technique and he could now activate the Sky Breaking Axe to its full strength.


Donoghue laughed sardonically at Darryl’s change of expression with a hint of ridicule on his face. “You can still surrender now. Here’s a thing, your White Lily Cold Flame might be terrifying to others but it isn’t a threat for me at all.”

“But of course, I don’t want you to do that, that’d be lame. I want to kill you with my own hands and take your woman. That would be fun! Hahaha!”

His words were extremely arrogant.

Totally infuriated, Darryl’s eyes became crimson. He let out a maniacal yell before striking Heavenly Halberd across the sky, knocking straight onto Donoghue’s axe!

He was fuming with endless hate that instant.

Donoghue had murdered his biological mother ten years ago, and his godfather in the New World. His hands were also tainted with the blood of countless Elysium Gate’s disciples and he had murdered Master Rama in cold blood. He was also going to defile his beloved woman.

Darryl swore to get revenge from this blood feud no matter the cost.


The Heavenly Halberd smashed onto the Sky Breaking Axe with a loud boom. Darryl and Donoghue took dozens steps backwards from the impact.

Darryl did not go idle after stabilizing his body. He raised his right arm instantly and struck Donoghue with a loud cry.

“Thousand Calamities!”

The air surrounding them twisted swiftly with Darryl’s roar. The clear night skies became dark and cloudy in an instant as a deterring force coagulated.

Thousand Calamities was the terrifyingly powerful ultimate technique that Darryl mastered a decade ago and he could only erupt it if there was major stimulation.


Donoghue sneered with disdain before waving his arm suddenly to shoot a sky-tearing golden ray out of the Sky Breaking Axe to meet Darryl’s attack head-on!


A rampant aura quaked as Darryl became engulfed by the golden ray. His extremely powerful strike was annihilated by the rays in an instant. He fell from mid-air and spat some blood.

Debra became struck with panic and almost fainted when she saw that.


Amastan, Twelve Gods and Raksasa Army who were witnessing the scene were in extreme awe. They were indescribably exhilarated.

They acknowledged their Deputy Commander‘s valiant power.

‘Darryl Darby, an individual renowned in the Nine Continent, has terrifying explosive strength but he had been defeated by Sky Breaking Axe!’


Darryl fell to the ground with the Heavenly Halberd in his hand. Glaring at Donoghue, Darryl’s mind was overwhelmed with extreme fury and indescribable shock!

‘No way, he was running everywhere when he got beaten up by Brother Chester and Dax just a few days ago. How can he be this powerful within just a few days?’

‘Is this the strongest power of a Grand Weapon?’

He was overpowered.

“Darryl, we’re here!”

“Darryl, hold on!”

In that split second, the Nine Continents Army rushed over in a swarm led by Dax, Chester, and Quincy.

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