The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2472 Skykissing wolf

The other side of the slope was filled with caves of different sizes. Poisonous fog lingered around them, making it extremely difficult to estimate the depths of the caves. Naturally, Darryl had no intention of actually looking around inside those caves. With his internal energy depleting, the only thing he should be doing was to meditate for recovery. Darryl sat with his leg crossed and was preparing to cultivate when he seemed to have remembered something. He looked around and realized that Donoghue was nowhere to be found.

“Maybe he is still alive?” He wondered. He was about to order Rocky to stay alert of the surrounding, when he heard unpleasant noises unlike anything else. It was coming from the cave behind him. Hiss…Darryl’s heart sank instantaneously as he came to realize what it was. Sh*t. It was a sound that Darryl could never forget. Because not too long ago, he had come across a gigantic python on top of the cliff that had made the exact same noises.


Rocky seemed to have sensed something dangerous approaching as well. It let out a fierce roar as it focused its attention to the direction of the cave. Darryl stood up hastily and tightened his grip on the Heavenly Halberd. It took no less than a second before he caught a clear sight of the situation.

He felt his heart stopped for a split moment as he cured inwardly. This many? Dozens of gigantic pythons were slithering swiftly out of the cave. Their sizes were comparable to the one that Darryl had seen earlier with even the smallest one as thick as the diameter of a bowl. They were all covered in pitch black scales and were apparently of the same species as the previous one.

As soon as the pythons caught sight of Darryl, the fearsome hissing intensified as they rushed towards him, not even slightly intimidated by Rocky’s presence.

Rocky emitted a deafening roar and attacked without hesitation. Instantly, it was caught between the intensive fight with the gigantic pythons. Darryl watched in awe and frustration as he thought, ‘F*ck, if only I hadn’t used up most of my internal energy, I could have handled these things as easy as it would be to smash a few bugs. Thank god I still have Rocky the enchanted beast with me.’

Just as Darryl was relieved by the thought of having a reliable partner, a strong presence invaded his space from behind out of the blue. Darryl had thought that it might be yet another python but was stunned breathlessly when he turned around to find a black tiger. The black tiger was over three meters in length. Not only was it extremely swift but its power ranked up to level five Martial Saint.

“Son of a b*tch! Seriously? First gigantic pythons and now a tiger?” Completely agitated by the situation, Darryl cursed as he sprinted towards the tiger with a tight grip on the Heavenly Halberd. It took a few minutes before he finally managed to catch a winning chance. He directed the Heavenly Halberd towards the tiger’s stomach and pierced through. Even as it was dying with blood gushing out of its wound, the tiger remained vicious and struck with its claws right before it drew its last breath, landing three deep claw marks on Darryl’s right cheek.

On the other side, Rocky had concluded the fight with dozens of gigantic pythons, no one was spared from its’ sharp claws and fangs. Rocky was visibly weakened by the wounds it got from the fight and the thick poisonous fog around them. It could barely support its enormous body any longer.

Darryl petted Rocky’s enormous head sympathetically and had it return into the enchanted beast pouch. The enchanted beast pouch was connected to an isolated dimension where Rocky could rest without continuously inhaling the poisonous fog. Once Rocky was safe in the enchanted beast pouch, Darryl took a deep breath and roughly tended to the wounds on his cheek. He then moved forward with his grip tight on the Heavenly Halberd.

“Damn it! What kind of a place is this?” After wandering around for an unknown period of time, Darryl found himself utterly clueless. The valley was simply too vast with dense woods as far as the eyes can see, countless beasts lurked in the shadow waiting to pounce.

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