The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2478 Skykissing wolf

Lillian and the others immediately turned around upon noticing the change of expression on Darryl’s face, and were all shaken by what they saw. Another team of adventurists consisting of approximately fifth-teen men approached at a steady pace. Each man was powerful with the weakest amongst them ranking at level five Martial Saint and the strongest ranking at level two Martial King. The men were equipped with full-bodied armour and gas helmets that were far more advanced than the ones Lillian and her men had.

“Tut-tut.” Once the two groups were right before one another, the bald-headed leader of the other group scanned past Otis and the other men before eventually focusing on Lillian. His subordinates were just as enticed as their leader by Lillian’s appearance. Lillian’s forehead was still damp from the earlier fight, her alluring features were made even more sophisticating as sweat dripped down her face. Her body was outlined by the red leather jacket she wore, emphasizing every curve of her perfect figure.

“What a pleasant surprise to come across such beauty in this sh*thole,” said the bald-headed man with a loathsome grin, with his eyes practically glued onto Lillian. The men who stood behind him followed and began smiling evilly as well. The bald-headed leader was called Earle Warren. He was in charge of the Snow Wolf Adventurists, which was at best a glorified name for a group of bandits. Countless groups had been sent into the Wild Deserted Secret Region by different forces across the Nine Continents recently, Earle decided to bring his men with him and try his luck as well. But before encountering any beasts on their way, they managed to come across Lillian and her subordinates instead.

Though Lillian was deeply disturbed by the eager eyes that were focused on her, she knew that she was in no position to do anything about it. She was the leader and naturally, the strongest of the Blood Thorn Mercenary Team, ranking at level one Martial King. Even so she was powerless before the men in front of her. Many of these men ranked at various levels of Martial King, and with the bald-headed man ranking as high as level three Martial King, Lillian and her men wouldn’t stand a chance against them.

“Brother!” Otis forced a smile and fawned over Earle trying to be on his good side. “We are all here for the same purpose of hunting the beasts, we should look after one another…” Otis’s expression at this time was filled with modesty and adulation without a trace of his previous disdain towards Darryl. Before he could finish, one of the subordinates of Earle interrupted.

“Who do you think you’re calling your brother?” A muscular man strode over fiercely before slapping Otis in the face without any warning. “Stop acting like we know you or something.”

Snap! Otis was sent spinning in the air before he landed on the ground with a pained cry. He covered his face helplessly. ‘What did I do wrong? All I did was speak,’ he thought.

Earle stared down at Lillian and the others as he scanned them over once again and sneered. “From the looks of you, it seems like you were in battle not too long ago. Which beasts have you killed?”

“If you’ve managed to get your hands on inner cores, you better hand them over before things get nasty,” the man next to Earle shouted.

Lillian and her men shared looks of reluctance and anger. ‘A bunch of bandits. We worked so hard to finish off those Black Sand Pythons, why should we hand the inner cores over to them?’ they thought to themselves. One of the Blood Thorn members replied carefully, “Brothers, we couldn’t possibly be capable of killing any beasts. We were just here out of curiosity. We did come across some Black Sand Pythons earlier, but we ran after failing to fight them off and we ended up here.”

Lillian and the others nodded frantically in agreement. Earle scowled in response, not trusting them.

“Brothers.” It was then when Otis abruptly pointed at Darryl and said, “This guy right here is familiar with the area, he knows where to find those Black Sand Pythons.” Otis’s eyes flashed cunningly. He knew that Earle and his men wouldn’t let them go easily without getting something out of them first, so he might as well try to divert their attention elsewhere so that he and the others could escape.

Darryl was dumbfounded for a moment. He couldn’t help but to cast an irritated glance at Otis. ‘Sh*t, how did I get dragged into this conversation? Quite a cunning fellow, he is. Is he trying to use me as a decoy?’

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