The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2482 Skykissing wolf

Irritated by Darryl’s confidence, Lillian snorted in disbelief. ‘Will I regret not having a pervert like you around?’ Just as she thought to herself, she heard buzzing noises from behind her. Lillian turned around instinctively and was petrified with fear once she caught sight of what had caused the noises. A hive of bees emerged from the boundless ocean of flowers, each the size of a human fist. Their bodies shone in a cold light that sent chills down the spines of anyone who saw them. It was hard to imagine just how excruciating it would be if one were stung by one of those bees.

When Darryl heard her frightened shouts, he stopped and turned to look at Lillian with a mischievous grin.

When he saw the bees remained at their distance and flew around without approaching, Lillian shouted hurriedly in fear, “Darren, help me.”

Amused, Darryl laughed and teased, “Ms. Willis, didn’t you say something along the lines of not allowing yourself to accept whatever help I offered and then ask me to leave you alone? And now you’re pleading for my assistance, which is very troubling.” Darryl remained relaxed and composed. The bees were poisonous and fierce, but Darryl had ingested the Red Eye King Scorpion’s inner core, which not only granted him immunity against all poison but also gave him natural deterrence over any species of poisonous insects. Therefore, as long as Darryl was around, the bees would not dare to move, but once he was gone, Lillian would be finished.

“I—” Lillian bit her lips and murmured, “I was wrong. Please help me.” Every woman had a vulnerable side, and Lillian was no exception to that. As the leader of the Blood Thorn, she might be fearless when it came to gigantic beasts, but she was helpless with insects, so much so that she could feel the strength in her feet drained at the sight of those bees around her.

Darryl smiled and shook his head. “Not a chance; you’re not sincere enough.”

Lillian stomped her feet as her face turned red with rage.

“You! What on earth do you want, then?”

Darryl could not hold back his laughter at her helpless state. “It’s not what I want; it’s what you want. You were determined when you asked me to go away earlier, and now you want me to help you. Just how easy-going do you think I am?”

Pushed further into despair by Darryl’s words, Lillian bit her lips harder to the brink of tearing the skin as she tried to suppress her tears.

Darryl was determined to teach her a lesson for her previous stubbornness, but when he noticed she was on the verge of tears, he smiled and said, “Well, I can help you. But first, you need to call me your good brother.”

“Why do you—” Lillian erupted when she heard what Darryl had to say. He is becoming more arrogant by the second. He took advantage of me not so long ago, and now he is trying to get me to call him a good brother. His shamelessness is outrageous. But if I refuse, what do I do with those bees? We are now right in the depths of the Valley of Death. He is the only person who can help me. But I can’t bring myself to call him that,’ she thought.

Darryl sat down in one of the bushes leisurely with his arms crossed over his chest before refocusing his eyes on Lillian with a smile. “What’s it going to be, Ms. Willis? It’s not like you’re going to hurt me by calling me a good brother. If you’re not going to do it, I’m going to leave now.”


Lillian could not have been more enraged at that very moment. Darren Derby—that man was nothing but scum! She had no one else to blame but herself for ending up in such a pathetic situation due to her lack of power and experience. Then, she had come across scum like him and had to endure the humiliation he brought to her. The more she thought about it, the more furious Lillian got. If stares could kill, Darryl would have been skinned alive by her piercing glare.

“How stubborn.” Darryl sighed, shaking his head. “Very well, then.

“See you around.”

He turned around to leave, and it was at that moment when he heard a desperate cry from behind him. “Wait!”

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