The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2483 Skykissing wolf

As she bit her lips, Lillian panicked and said, “Fine, I’ll say it, okay? Big Brother, Good Big Brother, Good Big Brother…” Her face flushed as red as a ripe apple when she said that.

“Good girl.” Darryl laughed and snickered before he casually plucked a flower nearby and tossed it at the bees.

The bees were instantly driven away and flew off into the distance, accompanied by panicked buzzing noises.

The flower had no effect on the bees.

What truly scared them away was Darryl’s very presence, but he had to create a decoy to keep his identity hidden.

Lillian was shocked at how casual Darryl seemed to be. How many secrets were there for a man who knew the place like the back of his hand? Lillian was overwhelmed with questions, but a moment later, her attention was shifted back to what had happened earlier. Her delicate features turned crimson once again, both from embarrassment and anger. She was the Blood Thorn leader and a fearless woman in the eyes of others, so she did not imagine she would admit defeat to a man.

Just as she was deep in thoughts, her helmet and clothing had begun to crumble. Her clothes went faster than anything else and were mostly gone in the blink of an eye, revealing the smooth skin beneath them. Darryl had mentioned that the deeper they went into the Valley of Death, the more powerful the poisonous fog would be. Lillian had overstayed her welcome, and her clothes were finally beginning to give in.

“You! Don’t look!” When she noticed Darryl’s unblinking stare, Lillian chewed on her lips anxiously before she shouted, “Another look, and I will gouge your eyes out.”

‘Wow, still as fierce as ever, huh?’ Darryl thought as he ignored her warning and stared even more attentively. One simply must admit that Lillian’s curves were far too tempting for one to look away.

“Why, you!” Lillian’s reddened further as she regretted not accepting his help earlier.

Darryl continued to stare with a grin on his face for almost half a minute before he said, “There’s no one else here but us. Why are you so nervous? Besides, I’m just looking. It’s not like I’m going to do something to you.”

“You! I wouldn’t have ended up like this if you weren’t here,” Lillian stomped her feet in frustration.

‘What a jerk, talking like this has nothing to do with him when I am in such a pathetic state,’ she thought. Lillian appeared to have realized something when she refocused her gaze on Darryl and asked, “How are you doing?”

Lillian could see that the animal skin Darryl wore seemed to remain intact without caving under the influence of the poisonous fog. What she did not know, however, was that it had to do with Darryl’s immunity to poison, combined with his powerful inner energy and possession of the White Lily Cold Flame. The poisonous fog could not harm him in any way.

“Oh!” Darryl smirked and explained, “The animal skin I am wearing is immune to the poisonous fog, or have you forgotten that all the beasts that reside in this area are naturally built to sustain in the fog? It’s just common sense.”

“You’ve got your animal skin, but then what about me? You—” Lillian bit her lips in a panic. The fog that surrounded her continued to corrode her body. Even with the protection of her inner energy, she was beginning to flinch in pain as she slowly began to lose her strength.

Darryl smiled as he saw her struggle and offered, “Why don’t you come into my arms, and we will share the animal’s skin together. You won’t have to worry about walking around naked. Once we are out of the poisonous fog, I will make you some clothing from animal skin, as well.” He continued with resignation, “To be honest, I only meant to protect you when I asked you to come into my arms earlier. Who would have thought you would be so ungrateful?”

What? Lillian turned crimson at the idea of sharing the animal’s skin with Darryl. ‘Doesn’t that mean our skin will touch? This Darren, he is obviously doing this on purpose despite looking sincere,’ she thought.

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