The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2485 Skykissing wolf

Otis had always been in love with Lillian. When he saw her in such an embarrassing state, his previous disagreement with Darryl had led him to the conclusion that Darryl was the culprit who had caused it. Instantly, the rage within him exploded. The other members seemed to have come to the same realization and started to make their way toward Darryl, as well.

Darryl remained composed and instead turned to look at Lillian with a crooked smile. “It seems like there’s some unfair prejudice against me among your teammates, my adorable little sister. Care to explain?”

‘What the! This scum dared to call our leader his adorable little sister?’ Pushed further into his blinding rage, Otis picked up his pace.

“Stop!” Otis’s sword was about to cut into Darryl when Lillian interfered and rebuked him, “That’s enough, okay?”

When he realized that Lillian was upset, Otis and the others stopped instantly, not daring to provoke her further. Otis could not seem to let it slip and asked, “Leader, what happened?” The two of them were taken by Earle and his gang, yet only two of them returned in the same type of outfit made from animal skin.

Irritated, Lillian replied impatiently, “Mind your own business.”

Otis’s face froze at the remark, and instead of retorting, he turned to glare at Darryl.

‘F*ck! This has to be this scum’s fault,’ he concluded inwardly.

Their previous adventure had Lillian feeling far too exhausted and frustrated to continue on their journey, and hence, she ordered the others to find somewhere safe to set up camp for the night.

At night, Darryl laid on the grass and pondered. He planned on making another attempt at convincing Lillian and her men to leave the area first thing the next day, and if they insisted on moving forward, he simply had to let them go. Suddenly, he heard Otis and a few other men whispered to one another. Darryl sat up hurriedly and sobered as he tried to listen to what they were saying.

“F*ck! That scum, Darren, must have done something to upset our leader.”

“I just want to punch him in the face every time I see him. Vice Leader, what do you say we do?”

“Let’s put poison into his meal tomorrow morning. That ought to help us get rid of him once and for all.”

Otis and the others kept their voices at the bare minimum as they discussed it, but Darryl, in his rank of power, was simply far too sensitive to his surroundings and had no trouble catching every single word they said.

‘Who knew that Otis could be vicious to the extent of plotting to poison me. Fine then, if it’s a game you want, then it’s a game you will get,’ Darryl thought as a sneer emerged on his face. Then he went back to sleep until before dawn when Otis and the others were all sound asleep. He strolled toward them and began to inspect their bags thoroughly. Finally, he managed to find a small flask for Otis. A mysterious smile appeared on Darryl’s lips as he looked at the flask.

The next morning, Otis and the others sneered once they woke up to find Darryl still sound asleep. Two members threw a black pill into Darryl’s water bottle under Otis’s instruction, and once that was done, they strolled off, pretending that nothing had happened. They began to start a fire to roast the animal meat they had hunted along the way. Soon, their camp was filled with the mouth-watering aroma of barbequed meat. Otis and the others were visibly excited and started to drink the liquor they had brought with them. It was not until they were halfway down the bottle when Otis seemed to have realized something and frowned thoughtfully.

‘Something is off. I was fine earlier, but why am I starting to feel weak all of a sudden? Besides, isn’t this similar to the symptoms of taking the Bone Dissolving Pill I brought with me?’ he thought in a panic. Simultaneously, the other members of the group paled and sweated in pain. Lillian was still sulking from a distance and had failed to notice the abnormality.

Darryl sat up from his position and cast a mischievous glance at Otis and the others as he said, “How does it feel to get a taste of your own medicine?”

He asked, “Are you starting to feel weak and cold, and yet can’t seem to stop sweating? Not a bad pill you got there.” Darryl approached the bonfire, ripped a piece of the meat that was still roasting, and stuffed it into his mouth. “The meat doesn’t taste so good, though,” he said as he pouted.

Otis and the others were stupefied by shock and rage as they watched Darryl’s every move. How did he find out about their plan? When did he swipe the pill without anyone noticing?

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