The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2490 Skykissing wolf

Adenoid did not accept it but instead pushed it back toward her. With a smile, he said, “Ms. Willis, you know that I’m not a man that makes it all about money. Be my woman, and you will be relieved of your debt once and for all. If you’re with me, you can live in luxury without having to worry about anything.

His words had visibly irritated Lillian, but she managed to remain composed before she smiled back at him and said, “No, thank you.”

Adenoid’s expression darkened at the rejection. “Lillian, I am serious. We’ve known each other for such a long time already. Do you not know how I feel about you?” He scowled and continued to speak in a sincere tone, “Look at you, a pretty young thing risking your life by going all the way into dangerous places like the Wild Deserted Secret Region. What happens if you encounter danger when you are out there? I am truly saying this for your sake; I could not bear to see you struggle any longer.”

“Thank you for your generosity.” Lillian bit her lower lip and rejected his offer again. “I have no plan of marrying so soon, and I don’t think we are compatible.” She had known the man for years and was well-familiarized with what kind of a man he was: just another rich playboy who indulged in everything he wanted, which made him the last man a woman should consider marrying.

Adenoid’s tone instantly turned cold at the repeated rejections. “How unappreciative.” Then he turned around and commanded bodyguards behind him. “Take her; I want her to accompany me to the hotel for a few drinks.”

The two bodyguards immediately started to approach Lilian when they got their order. Lillian’s face changed from humiliation to frustration; she never imagined Adenoid would be so lawless as to assault her in the trading center in full view of everyone. She desperately wanted to resist, but she also knew that Adenoid was a cultivator himself, ranking at the same level as she was, which was level two Martial King. Plus, he had two bodyguards with him, who seemed rather formidable. She would not win in a fight with them.

“Hang on!” Suddenly, a voice emerged from between them. Indeed, it was Darryl. “It is broad daylight. Be nice to the lady,” Darryl said as he looked directly into Adenoid’s eyes. His voice was low but somehow authoritative.


Adenoid scanned Darryl from head to toe and was caught by surprise for a brief moment before he barked in disdain, “Where did this beggar come from? F*ck off!” The man who stood before him was dressed in an animal’s skin and was filthier than any beggar he had ever seen. The crowd around them began to look over at them as they started to whisper to one another.

“Has that brat gone mad? How dare he challenge Young Master Collins?”

“He is just a bumpkin. What makes him think he has what it takes to be a hero here?”

“Yes, how arrogant!”

Lillian pulled Darryl aside hastily and said, “Darren, this is my business. Don’t try to butt in.” Adenoid was a powerful man, and Darren was only a man; how could he possibly compete with him?

Darryl gave her a gentle smile and motioned for her not to worry.

When he realized that Darryl had no intention of moving out of the way, Adenoid’s patience ran out, and he gave the ultimatum. “Brat, are you still going to stand there? That is your last chance; leave on the count of three.” How dare a mere bumpkin like him pry into his affairs? The man must have a death wish. Simultaneously, the bodyguards had their eyes locked onto Darryl and were ready to attack at any second. That was when a slim figure stepped into the hall and said, “Oh my, what is it that got Young Master Collins all riled up?”

Everyone in the hall snapped their heads around and turned their attention to the source of the voice. The woman looked to be about 30 years old and was dressed in a white dress with the hem opened all the way up her long slim legs, emphasizing her alluring curves. Her elegant features were outlined by makeup that oozed seduction. She was the Yellow Sky Trading’s branch manager in Black Water Town, Rita Wells.

Most of the men could not take their eyes off her from the moment she stepped into the room. Even Darryl could not refrain from looking at her. What a pleasant surprise to find such beauty in a small town like Black Water Town! The woman lacked innocence compared to Lillian, but she made up for that with maturity and an enchanting charm that any man would fall on his knees for her.

“Madam Wells!”

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