The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2491 Skykissing wolf

Adenoid had a smile on his face when he saw Rita. He was looking at Rita’s charming figure up and down. He complimented her with a smile, “You’ve become even more beautiful in just a few days, Manager Rita. I must say, you took my breath away.”

He turned his head and glanced at Darryl while making a scornful remark, “Just how low has your trading center stooped to allow anyone to come in here?”

Rita landed her eyes on Darryl, and she frowned.

When she noticed the strange atmosphere, Lillian quickly explained, “Manager, this is my friend. He’s with me.”

Lillian pulled Darryl a bit closer and whispered, “Why don’t you go first? I’ll handle this myself.”

“He has made up his mind to make you drink with him. How are you going to deal with it?” Darryl smiled.

Darryl looked Adenoid in the eyes and asked, “How much does Ms. Willlis owe you? I’ll help her pay for it.”

Lillian had a strong sense of self-worth, and she might have been a little complacent at times. Darryl never intended to be nosy, but he had developed a good impression of Lillian in the past few days, and he knew that she was a kind soul. Darryl saw her as a younger sister. Therefore, he would not let her fall into Adenoid’s clutches.

Adenoid was stunned, and he made a disparaging remark. “Did you say you wanted to help her pay? Can you even afford it? Are you trying to pay with that stinky animal skin coat that you have on?”

Adenoid burst out in laughter.

The people around him also broke into fits of laughter.

“How is that hillbilly so confident?”

“That’s right! Look at him! I’m afraid he hasn’t seen money before.”

“Where is that retard from?”

Amidst the roar of laughter, Adenoid approached Darryl slowly with a jealous look. “Hey, kid, my patience is running thin, and I don’t want to lose my cool in front of Ms. Willis. Why don’t you get lost now since I’m still in a good mood?”

Darryl smiled faintly as he retrieved the inner core from the enchanted beast pouch, and he said casually, “Is this inner core enough?”

A faint brilliance illuminated the room when he took out the inner core. It was the inner core of a Martial Emperor beast. Darryl noticed that the staff on duty gave Lillian a lot of money for the Black Sand Python inner core a while ago.

The Black Sand Python was only a Martial Saint beast. So, Darry was confident that the Martial Emperor beast’s inner core would be worth several times more.


Adenoid and all the people around him were utterly stunned. In shock, they stared blankly at the inner core of Darryl’s hand.

‘Is that the inner core of a Martial Emperor beast?’

‘I’m not seeing things, am I?’

Many cultivators have organized trips and explored the Wild Deserted Secret Region to hunt for inner cores in the past few years. Most of them found inner cores of the Martial Marquis beasts and some Martial Saint ones, but there were none at the Martial Emperor level.

As soon as Darryl took out the inner core, everyone was surprised that the seemingly barbaric guy in front of them could produce an inner core at the Martial Emperor’s level.

Lillian was also equally stunned. She stared speechlessly at Darryl, and she quivered.

‘He has an inner core of the Martial Emperor level? ‘Who exactly is he?’


Finally, Adenoid reacted and glanced at the inner core in Darryl’s hand. He said coldly, “Kid, do you know how much Lillian owes me? Do you think you can cover five million with an inner core? Do you even know how much five million is?”

Adenoid said to the staff next to him. “Tell him, how much does that inner core worth?”

The staff said softly, “That is the inner core of a Martial Emperor giant yellow enchanted bear. According to the price of our trading center, that is worth three million.”

‘Three million?’

Darryl furrowed his eyebrows as he took out another one and asked, “Is this enough?”

The inner core was lustrous, and it gleamed just like the one before it. It was also a Martial Emperor beast’s inner core.


Suddenly, the trading center fell silent, and everyone was in a daze.

‘Another one?’

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