The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2492 Skykissing wolf

Lillian was dumbfounded. She stared at Darryl blankly; she felt weak in the knees and was at a loss for words. Lillian thought she had begun to know Darryl after she spent a day with him, but in that instance, she realized that the man in front of her was as unpredictable as the vast ocean.

That was a Martial Emperor beast’s inner core.

People might think Darryl was lucky to get one of them, but when he brought out the second one, he managed to hold the people around him enthralled.

Rita, who was not far away, narrowed her eyes at Darryl. She had a strange luster in her eyes as she bore her gaze deep into Darryl.

‘How could that barbaric man possibly own the inner core of a Martial Emperor beast? Look at the pouch around his waist; it appears to be an enchanted beast pouch.’

Black Water Town had an unexpected mysterious guest.

Rita was a businesswoman with solid business acumen. She immediately saw the business opportunities and values brought by Darryl because the inner cores of Martial Emperor beasts were scarce in the market.

Darryl ignored the intent gazes around him. He looked at Adenoid with a strange smile. “I guess it’s enough for now, and you can keep the extras for interest. Of course, on one condition, you will not harass Ms. Willis again in the future.”

Unlike the others, Darryl did not see those inner cores as something valuable. He had spent three years in the Valley of Death where he had killed many beasts; more than half of them were Martial Emperors. Those two inner cores were just a drop in the bucket.


Adenoid’s face flushed when he heard Darryl. He wore a hideous look.

The next second, Adenoid’s gaze changed, and he said, “Kid, are you trying to show off in front of me? Do you think you are great with only a few inner cores? Why don’t you go find out the consequences of being a hero and saving a lady in front of me in Black Water Town?”

As a privileged young Master Collins, Adenoid was used to being handled with dignity.

It did not sit well with him that he was humiliated in front of a savage man.

“Oh?” Darryl did not flinch; instead, he rubbed his head indifferently. “What are the consequences?”


Adenoid’s eyes flashed fiercely. He pointed at Darryl and roared, “Kill him!”

The two bodyguards summoned their internal energy and ran toward Darryl as soon as the command was made.

Lillian became agitated at the sight of the dangerous scene and yanked Darryl quickly. “Run, run, run!” Adenoid is far too evil. Lillian could not believe Adenoid would order Darren’s death after Darren volunteered to settle her debt.

Darryl, on the other hand, maintained a neutral expression.

He patted Lillian’s hand and motioned for her not to worry.


When the two bodyguards were about to arrive in front of Darryl, a soft reprimanding voice interrupted them. Rita walked across the room in her high heels.

The two bodyguards stopped in their tracks immediately.

Adenoid frowned and smiled strangely. “What do you mean, Manager Rita? Are you going to put up with that hillbilly?”

“Don’t be angry, Young Master Collins.” Rita smiled and said in a charming tone, “This is a trading center, and everyone is here for business. Peace is the most important thing. Would Young Master Collins give us a face and let the matter slide?”

Rita took a deep look at Darryl and continued, “Furthermore, he has also helped Ms. Willis to pay you back. You have to be forgiving, right?”

Rita’s voice was soft and charming, but her tone was unquestionable.


Adenoid took a deep breath and looked at Darryl coldly, and said, “Very well. I’ll let you off today because of Manager Rita. We’d better not meet again in the future.”

After that, Adenoid took the two inner cores and left with his bodyguards.

The crowd of onlookers quickly dispersed after the argument was resolved.

At the same time, Lillian was relieved.

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