The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2494 Skykissing wolf

Darryl resisted the urge to be impulsive and said plainly, “What on earth are you trying to say?”

Darryl would have given up ten years ago if he had seen such a mature and attractive lovely lady.

However, Darryl was well aware that the woman in front of him was conceited.

She was there for another reason.

“Oh, gosh.”

Rita glared at him. “Do you have to spoil the mood? Okay, I’ll just say it then.”

“I want to know if you got those two Martial Emperor inner cores by yourself,” Rita stated slowly as she sat on the sofa next to Darryl and crossed her legs.


Rita was intrigued. “But you are not all that powerful.”

Darryl laughed. “That is my little secret.”

How could Darryl be frank about him hiding his real strength?

“Well, I will not ask for anything else that I should not be asking for,” Rita remarked as she sipped her wine and smiled.

“I would like to work with you. Sell the inner cores that you have in the future. Rest assured that I will give you a much higher market price.”

Rita’s beautiful face turned solemn. “But on one condition. You can’t tell other people or sell the inner cores to anyone else. That is an exclusive deal between us. What do you think?”

Rita’s attention was fixated on Darryl as though she was concerned.

Rita did that to stock up the inner cores so that she could exercise control over the price. She also wanted to get to know Darryl more. She was curious about how someone who appeared to be frail could get his hands on the Martial Emperor’s inner core. That was amazing.


Darryl nodded and flashed a tiny smile. “I will think about it.”

Rita was delighted to hear the reply, and she said with a big grin, “Since you have agreed to it, let’s just take a rest here tonight. You look like you’ve just returned from the Wild Deserted Secret Region. Here we have—”

Darryl interrupted before she could finish her thought.

“No, my friend is still waiting outside,” Darryl replied curtly.

An ordinary man would not refuse such an eager, sensual beauty, but Darryl knew Rita was no ordinary woman. He felt more cautious of her the more she expressed her enthusiasm.

Darryl was not afraid of Rita’s tactics because of his power, but he did not want to waste his time there.

“Alright!” Rita was very disappointed, but she took out a special VIP card. “This is a Yellow Sky Trading VIP card. With it, you can come to me at any time, and no one will stop you.”

Darryl nodded, placed the card into his pocket, and exited the room.

Rita’s delicate face became solemn as she watched Darryl leave the room. Then, she summoned two cronies and ordered, “Keep an eye on that person.”


Suddenly, someone spoke in a low voice, “Rita, why are you so serious?”

Rita’s delicate body trembled, and she quickly looked around before she saw a man in a black robe walk toward her slowly. He looked about sixty years old. He possessed a tremendous aura and a sad face.

His strength appeared to be incredible and inexplicable.

If Darryl were there, he would have been surprised to learn that the person was Zhang Jue.

Zhang Jue had founded Yellow Sky Trading. After he left the Nine Continents’ camp, Zhang Jue hid in an uninhabited valley and tried every antidote he stole from Darryl’s camp. Though he did not manage to find the answer, his extremely high level of comprehensive skill enabled him to finally refine the Heavenly Cult Elixir after only half a year.

Over the next year or so, Zhang Jue set up Yellow Sky Trading while he devoted his time to cultivation. The Yellow Sky Trading spread throughout the Nine Mainlands until it became the most powerful and mysterious organization there.

“My Lord,” Rita addressed him respectfully.

Zhang Jue nodded and asked about the situation at the Yellow Sky Trading branch in Black Water Town. Then, he recalled something and asked, “I just saw you sent your subordinates to monitor someone. Who is that person?”

Rita immediately explained the situation.


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