The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2496 Skykissing wolf

It was late and dark.

A few minutes later, Darryl walked out of Black Water Town to the forest’s edge a few kilometers away. He was contemplating if he should release Rocky.

Darryl had no idea what had happened to the continent after being absent for three years, but Rocky had wings and could fly very rapidly, so he did not have to use up all of his internal energy to fly.


Suddenly, a loud cry came from behind him, and a dozen people appeared around Darryl and surrounded him.

The leader was dressed opulently. He appeared vicious, and his rage was seen in his eyes. It was Adenoid!

A dozen men behind him were his followers.

Darryl’s bravado in front of Lillian at Yellow Sky Trading had enraged Adenoid. Adenoid adored Lillian, and he could not stand for another man to be better than himself in front of her.

Adenoid left the trading center, and he sent his guys to stand guard by the trading center’s door; they kept an eye out for Darryl’s whereabouts. Adenoid had his men with him and had been following Darryl since he left the trading center.

Adenoid smirked as he looked at Darryl contemptuously.

“Hillbilly, how dare you be disrespectful to me at the trading center? I warned you that I would not let you off the hook easily. Go to hell!”

Soon after he said that, Adenoid’s followers held their long sabers tightly as they dashed toward Darryl.

Adenoid laughed.

More than a dozen long sabers were brandished that night.

They flashed under the cold night light as they shrouded around Darryl.

Darryl chuckled, unfazed by the situation.

He moved swiftly to the side; in an instant, all of the long sabers missed their target, and they hit the air. They did not even touch Darryl’s clothes.


Adenoid was in a rage. He could not believe that all his followers would miss Darryl. What a shame!

“Adenoid! I really don’t know if you are too complacent or if you simply have no brain. I’ve already shown you mercy at the trading center. Why do you still come here looking for death?”

Darryl sneered at Adenoid and remarked coldly.

Adenoid’s most powerful disciple was nothing more than a Martial Emperor.

Adenoid’s face flushed a deep red when he heard the remark. “Attack him together, destroy him,” he said violently as he pointed at Darryl.

Upon the order, a dozen men clasped their long sabers tightly and rushed forward once again.

Bang! Bang!

Darryl stood in place. He did not seem like he would run at all. He moved his body around to loosen his limbs as he knocked a dozen men down to the ground easily with just a few kicks and punches. Those people were writhing and wailing on the ground in misery.

“What a bully! Damn it!”

Darryl spoke plainly and, with a swift move, he quickly arrived in front of Adenoid.

Darryl slapped Adenoid without warning!

Adenoid was caught off guard. The smack sent him flying about a dozen feet away, where he fell to the ground.

Darryl clapped his hands and took a step closer to Adenoid. “Your name is Adenoid, right?” he asked coldly. “Do not rub me the wrong way if you want to live. Otherwise, I am not going to be merciful next time!”

Darry had been merciful, indeed. Otherwise, Adenoid and his followers would have died.

Darryl had always been cruel to people like Adenoid, but he did not want to upset Lillian, who was very involved in Black Water Town.

Therefore, he did not take any action against the despicable Adenoid.


“Alright, don’t be a stuck-up jerk,” Adenoid replied between gritted teeth, covering half of his face as he stared at Darryl.

“Let’s wait and see…” He made a ruthless remark, but he was extremely flustered on the inside.

‘Oh, f*ck! I’m a Martial Emperor, but I can’t even avoid his slap. How irritating!’

Adenoid quickly got up and walked away. He covered his face in annoyance.

‘What a fool!’

Darryl sneered.

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