The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2497 Skykissing wolf

Darryl patted the dust off his clothes, and he was ready to continue his journey.


Suddenly, a wave of a terrifying aura came from Darryl’s back, and then a dangerous aura enveloped him. The surrounding air seemed to be stagnant!

Darryl was startled, and even more so when he looked around him.

A man in a black robe fully discharged his internal energy, and he was aiming a palm attack at Darryl’s back, where his heart was, at an astonishing speed. The power was horrifying.

Darryl was shocked and angry when he saw his opponent’s face.

‘F*ck! Zhang Jue?’

Darryl was taken aback by Zhang Jue’s lightning-fast strike. He did not have time to avoid it, so he had to summon his inner strength and meet the palm assault with his palm!

Darryl did not expect to meet Zhang Jue there. What infuriated him even more, was that, despite having sworn devotion to Darryl, Zhang Jue had planned the surprise attack.

Darryl still had no idea that Zhang Jue had rebelled three years ago.


The two palm attacks collided. Darryl felt an onslaught of energy rush at him as he reacted defensively in haste. He groaned and took a dozen steps backward. Blood swished around in his body, but he succeeded in resisting the attack nonetheless.

‘Oh, f*ck!’

Zhang Jue’s strength had increased dramatically in just three years. Darryl could barely parry the palm attack despite exerting all of his internal energy!

When Zhang Jue noticed the scarlet flush on Darryl’s cheeks, he flung his head backward and laughed gleefully because he knew he had injured Darryl. “I really like you, Darryl.”

At the same time, he was deeply shocked that Darryl managed to avoid his palm in the attack. Darryl deserved to be crowned the hero of the Nine Mainlands. Zhang Jue knew that Darryl was fine on the surface, but he was actually shaken on the inside.

“Darryl, I have been waiting for this moment for three years,” Zhang Jue said coldly as he gave Darryl an up and down.


After he made the statement, Zhang Jue produced a long blade with a cold gleam in his palm.

That was a Purple Category weapon that seemingly contained an extremely chilly aura. The moment Zhang Jue pulled it out of the sheath, the surrounding temperature dropped dramatically!

Darryl frowned; he was a little panicked.

‘F*ck! Zhang Jue’s palm attack has caught me off guard, and my energy field has suffered some damage. Now that he’s shown his weapon, I’m afraid I’ll have a harder time resisting his attack.’

“Go to hell, Darryl.”

Zhang Jue did not waste any time. He roared and thrust his sword into the sky; heaven and earth’s spirits merged. Then Zhang Jue swung his sword around ferociously, releasing a flash of sword light that tore into the world and shot at Darryl.

“Yin Yang Sword!”

Darryl could feel that the surrounding air turned stagnant when Zhang Jue roared. He summoned his internal energy swiftly and placed the Heavenly Halberd horizontally in front of him before he could think about it!


Darryl let out a muffled grunt as the sword light smashed against the Heavenly Halberd, sending him flying several dozens of meters away before collapsing heavily to the ground with a loud thud.

Darryl had already suffered a great shock from resisting Zhang Jue’s palm attack. He could not fight Zhang Jue’s peerless sword technique when he was already injured.


Darryl no longer hesitated. He released Rocky, and, with a roar, Rocky appeared in the sky. He immediately leaped onto Rocky’s back.

At the same time, Darryl held the Heavenly Halberd tightly as fierce internal energy exploded from him; it forced Zhang Jue to retreat.


Darryl took advantage of the moment and gained control of Rocky; they zoomed into the distance and disappeared into the darkness in the blink of an eye.

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