The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2498 Skykissing wolf


Zhang Jue slammed his palm into the tree next to him, breaking it into two cuts, as he watched Darryl escape. His face was extremely ugly.

Zhang Jue founded Yellow Sky Trading anonymously three years ago. He could not determine if Darryl was alive or not. He knew that as long as Darryl was alive, he could not dominate the Nine Continents.

That day, he had finally learned that Darryl was not dead, and he had such a good assassination opportunity, but he failed miserably.

“Wherever you flee, even to the ends of the earth, I will find you and kill you,” Zhang Jue muttered coldly. He steered his internal energy and pursued Darryl directly in the direction he had run.


Darryl sat atop Rocky as the two sped through the mountains at breakneck speed.

Darryl landed in a forest after he was sure that Zhang Jue could no longer catch up to him.

There was a small deserted temple in the forest. Darryl decided to keep Rocky with him as he sat in the ruined temple to meditate and rest.


Zhang Jue was a menace. Darryl’s heart veins were almost damaged as a result of the palm attack.

Half an hour passed by in a flash. Darryl had almost recovered from his injuries.

He decided to stop at the temple for the night because it was getting late.

Darryl found some hay and laid it on the floor. He was about to lay down on the makeshift bed; Darryl had become accustomed to the harsh environment after spending the last three years in the Valley of Death.


However, as soon as he laid down, he heard footsteps from the outside; he could guess two people.

Darryl sat up hurriedly; he raised his head and looked outside. Soon, he saw two figures run into the yard miserably.

They were a middle-aged man and a girl.

The middle-aged man was well-dressed in branded suits and leather shoes, but his face was pale. There was a stab wound on his shoulder and several other stab wounds on his back. Blood continued to gush from the injuries.

The girl was around 18 to 19 years old. She wore a purple dress, and she had exquisite features. Her face bore a resemblance to the middle-aged man. She had a slim and firm figure—the type that would attract guys.

The middle-aged man was Jeffrey Weiss, a wealthy businessman on the Yellow Sea Continent. The girl was his daughter, Clara Weiss. Two days ago, Jeffrey bought an ancient artifact for a hefty price. As a result, he was hunted down by a mysterious organization.

Jeffrey leaned on Clara for support as they staggered into the temple; her beautiful face looked angry and panicked.

Darryl noticed that both of them were cultivators, but their strength was not significant; the middle-aged man was a Martial Saint, and the girl had only recently broken through to be a Martial Marquis.


Both the father and daughter were stunned to see Darryl in the temple.

“Brother Beggar, please take my father away. I’ll give you a million dollars from the Nine Continents!” Clara said quickly, her eyes full of expectation.

The Nine Continent currency was a currency issued a year ago. Earlier, even though the lands were joined in the Nine Continents and they could travel across all continents conveniently, people still used their own currencies. The Nine Continents had become more united after they survived the battle with the Raksasa Tribe. The continents jointly launched the Nine Continents currency to develop each other better.

Darryl had sold two inner cores in Black Water Town for several million. He had received the Nine Continents currency for payment.

Clara turned to Jeffrey without waiting for Darryl’s response and said, “You should go, Father. I will stand back and prevent those jerks from going after you.”

“No!” Jeffrey shook his head firmly. “I’m already dying; you should keep going.”

Clara shook her head and wept.

Darryl was taken aback by the scene. The girl was extremely devoted to her father.

Clara was anxious when she did not get a response from Darryl. “Brother Beggar, please, take my father away quickly.”

Darryl sighed. He wanted to tell Clara that her father was dying, but he did not know how to say it. Darryl knew that Jeffrey’s heart had been pierced through, and he was able to survive purely by relying on his resilient perseverance.

However, the body was made of flesh and blood. No matter how strong one’s resolve, one would die when the time came.


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