The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2499 Skykissing wolf

Darryl thought about how he could comfort the distraught father and daughter when they heard a series of footsteps. In the blink of an eye, a dozen men rushed into the ruined temple. Each of them held a saber in their hands. The group of people exuded a terrifying aura, and they were unquestionably ruthless killers.

They were also rather powerful. Their strength was, at the very least, level three Martial Saint.

When they arrived and confronted Jeffrey and his daughter, the leader looked down at them with a menacing expression on his face.

“Still want to run? I doubt you’ll be able to do so. Oh, well, it’s about time you gave us what we want. Otherwise, you will both be slaughtered and dismembered right here.”

Then he laughed as he turned his salacious gaze on Clara.

“Your daughter is so gorgeous. We’ll have to enjoy her before she is taken away.”

Clara’s delicate face blanched when she heard the statement. Her agitated body twitched. “Shameless jerk.”

Jeffrey was upset as well; he yelled, “I bought these items with my money! Why should I give them to you?”

Jeffrey argued relentlessly, “And you people suddenly broke into my house to kill me. Even if I gave you these things, you would still kill me.”

Oh, my goodness!

The leader made a long face after he heard Jeffrey. Then, he grinned and said, “In that case, you can report yourself to hell now.”

Then, he led his followers and approached Jeffrey step by step.

Jeffrey was desperate. He said to Clara, “Go, quickly! I will hold them up, so you go quickly.”

“No!” Clara shook her head in despair as tears streamed down her cheeks incessantly.

Darryl carefully rose to his feet and stepped in front of the father and daughter. He said to the group of assassins, “You lawless people are committing murder and robbery!”


The assassins frowned at the sight of Darryl.

The next second, the leader said coldly, “Where are you from, Beggar? If you don’t want to die, get out of here quickly!”

‘F*ck! How dare a beggar dressed in animal hide be so nosy!

Jeffrey was grateful to Darryl. He said, “My friend, those people are not to be trifled with. Thank you for stepping in to help, but you should go quickly.”

Jeffrey thought that the person in front of him was sloppy, and his strength was not impressive at all, so he did not want Darryl to get hurt.

Darryl laughed and motioned to Jeffrey not to be anxious.

He looked at the dozen assassins in front of him and said, “Leave all your money here as compensation for the father and daughter. Then, each of you can break one of your arms before you get lost.”

‘What? ‘

‘What did the beggar say?’

The assassins looked at each other. They could not believe their ears.

‘How dare a beggar speak so arrogantly? Who gave him the confidence?’

The leader grew angry and yelled, “Are you crazy? What an arrogant jerk! Come on, brothers, let’s kill him.”

The leader was the first to charge at Darryl, and the other assassins followed quickly.

Darryl sighed helplessly. ‘Since you want to die, then you can’t blame me.’

Darryl steered his internal energy as he rushed forward.

“Be careful,” Clara exclaimed.

She shuddered, and she was struck in a stupor.

She saw Darryl discharged a powerful aura, and it shrouded the assassins.


Accompanied by loud screams, the assassins had no time to react before they fell to the ground!

Darryl shook his head indifferently. He did not need to use the Heavenly Halberd on those few incompetent assassins.

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