The Ultimate Husband Chapter 4 Skykissing wolf

‘Damn you, I just washed this set of clothes yesterday, and now you’re saying it’s dirty?’ Darryl thought to himself. He was about to voice his opinion but before he could do so, he was dragged away by Alex Armstrong.

The two were close friends back in high school. They had fought together and even ditched classes together. Alex might be the only one tonight that was not disgusted with Darryl.

Dragging Darryl to a corner, Alex shook his head and said, “Bro, I’m telling you, a girl like Giselle isn’t the type for us to get hung up on. Aren’t you asking to be ridiculed for simply sitting beside her?”

Darryl said nothing and merely chuckled. They wined and dined the whole night through, and the evening passed by quickly.

Giselle was a little tipsy, and under the crowd’s pressure, she picked up the microphone and sang while gently swaying her body. Her appearance was sensual and seductive, striking awe at the men around. Giselle was truly a beauty!

It was only at night when they decided to call it a day. The class teacher could not make it as she had something on at the last moment, so they agreed to have another gathering next Monday.

As they left, all the men were vying to send Giselle back. However, when they arrived at the entrance, she got on her own Porsche and left the scene, leaving them stupefied.

“Such a beauty,” mumbled Alex at the side. “Darryl, no wonder you wanted to sit next to her. I wouldn’t mind having my life shortened by ten years if it means I could spend only a night with her.”

Darryl let out a cold laugh. ‘So Giselle intends to go to Platinum Corporation tomorrow to have her contract signed? Excellent,’ thought Darryl, as he too had planned to go there to claim his title of President. His thoughts were cut short by the sudden ringing of his cellphone.

The crowd laughed upon hearing his ring tone. What era was it for somebody to still be using an old Nokia phone?

Darryl hastily answered the call upon seeing the number displayed. Before he could speak, the voice of his mother-in-law, Samantha, came from the other side. “Darryl, do you know that tonight is our clan’s annual gathering? Do you want our entire family to wait for you? Get your ass back here immediately.”

Darryl let out a wail, he had completely forgotten about the gathering!

He quickly got on his scooter in front of his classmates and sped away. Even though he was quite a considerable distance away, he could still hear the voices of his female classmates laughing at him.

A Land Rover was parked at the gate of a high-end residential community in Beihai City. A beautiful woman was standing in front of the car, looking at her phone impatiently.

“I’m back,” said Darryl, struggling to catch his breath. He stopped his scooter and ran toward Lily. He could see that she was wearing the Worship of Crystal on her delicate feet. It seemed that she really liked the gift as she put it on so fast.

However, Lily merely gave Darryl a cold glance. “I’m warning you, today is the Lyndon clan’s annual gathering, you best keep your mouth shut and not embarrass me.”

“Oh,” acknowledged Darryl.

Darryl had barely gotten in the car when he heard another complaint.

“Darryl, don’t you have a suit? Do you know how embarrassing it is to wear such bargained goods?” asked Samantha coldly.

Samantha was wearing a short dress that accentuated her beauty. A touch of maturity combined with seductiveness, she was truly an elegant sight to behold.

Darryl shrugged his shoulders without saying anything.

Samantha flew into a rage upon seeing Darryl’s indifferent behavior. “Are you deaf or dumb? Look at how worthless you are, having you marry my daughter has cursed our family for eight generations.”

“Mom, don’t be mad,” said Lily gently while driving.

“How can I not be mad?!” said Samantha as she pointed at Darryl. “I’m ordering you, after tonight’s gathering, immediately go to the marriage registry and settle your divorce. Stop hanging around my house, do you understand me?”

Darryl sat there speechless.

At that moment, over a hundred cars were parked outside the Lyndon clan’s villa, and without exception, all of them were luxurious cars.

When Lily and her family arrived, the hall was already filled with people. Several people went up to greet Lily upon her arrival.

During such occasions, Darryl was treated as if he was invisible, no one cared to acknowledge him. However, he did not mind that, for he was only here to join in the fun. Once the food arrived, he was ready to dig in as much as he could.

However, some people enjoy causing trouble when there is none, such as William Lyndon. He appeared to have something against Darryl, every time they meet, he would hurl a couple of insults at Darryl.

“Yoohoo, aren’t you Lyndon clan’s good little son-in-law, Darryl?” asked William as he walked from afar, purposely speaking in a loud tone. “Darryl, I might have seen the clothes you’re wearing at the bargain bin. What are they, ten bucks each?”

William’s words made Darryl the focus of the entire hall. They gawked at him as if he was a monkey.

“Mind your words, this cost me 19 bucks,” mumbled Darryl.

The crowd let out a burst of roaring laughter. A few ladies who tried to maintain their composure ultimately caved in and laughed.

“Just shut your mouth,” said Lily in a hushed tone. She could feel her pride besmirched by Darryl yet again. If not for the clan rule that every single member of the family must attend the gathering, she would not have even allowed him to come!

“Oh Lily, it’s not that I look down on your family. I don’t even care that your husband is wearing something that is only 19 bucks. The dress you’re wearing, however, can’t cost more than 1,800?” William laughed. “Wouldn’t you feel embarrassed wearing such a low-end dress? Do you see this suit I’m wearing? It’s a tailor-made Ermenegildo Zegna. Do you know how much it costs?”

William stuck a few fingers out and shook them in front of Darryl and Lily. “700,000.”


William’s words triggered the crowd to cast an admiring stare. The ladies were awestruck, and the men were envious of him as well.

Lily bit her lip tightly, indeed her dress had only cost her 1,200 bucks. She would not even dare to dream of having clothing that would cost 700,000.

Lily felt as if the whole crowd was laughing at her like a joke, her beautiful face showed a hint of blush.

Out of a sudden, Darryl walked toward William and gave his suit a light touch.

“Are you mad?!” William exclaimed as he flew into a rage. “You have no right touching this suit!”

Darryl merely smiled and said, “I think the suit you’re wearing isn’t appropriate for the occasion. This suit was designed by a famous Italian fashion designer named Francesco Martin. There’s only one in existence, and it’s currently housed in the Italian Fashion Museum. Hence the one you’re wearing is a replica and not just that, it’s a crude imitation. There’s an uncut thread on your right pocket, you may take off that thread now. If my calculations are correct, this suit is only worth 200 bucks. Even my wife’s 1,200 bucks dress has better quality than your suit.”

“Another thing, this suit’s inspiration was derived from his father, Petrarch, who had depression after his bankruptcy. He felt that the world was distorted. Therefore the stripes on this suit are crooked to represent his perspective of distorted reality,” he continued.

“The fact that you’re wearing this suit today, are you hoping for the Lyndon clan to go bankrupt as well?!” said Darryl as he smiled. His voice was not loud, yet his words echoed throughout the hall!

Silence! Total silence!

The crowd was shocked by his words, they found it hard to believe that those words came out of Darryl’s mouth!

“Oh right, another thing I forgot to mention. My wife isn’t too demanding with her clothes, but her standard for shoes is immense,” his words came one after another. “The heels on her feet is The Worship of Crystal. If you’ve never heard of it, you can read it up online.”


“The Worship of Crystal? It truly is the real thing! How magnificent…”

The crowd was chattering with excitement! The women here were all of high-standing, how would they have not heard of The Worship of Crystal? One glance was enough to determine that the heels on Lily’s feet were genuine!

That was The Worship of Crystal that cost 30 million! Try asking and see which woman would not love it?! Lily instantly became the focus of attention, and she was showered by praises and admirations.

Lily could not help but look at Darryl. After three years of marriage, this was the first time she felt that this piece of trash resembled a real man. But, how did Darryl know all this information? The Italian designer’s name and inspiration, surely only a handful of people would know?

After some thinking, Lily deduced that Darryl must have secretly looked it up online beforehand!

“You’re talking nonsense!” said William, pointing at Darryl angrily with embarrassment.


Out of nowhere, Samantha slapped Darryl!

It was a hard slap, and in an instant, the whole crowd stood there in silence from the shock.

“Darryl, what are you babbling about? Apologize to William right now!” Samatha demanded coldly.

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