i have got a super rich dad chapter

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 354

“Pay?” Jennifer heard Ethan’s words as if she had actually listened to some terrific joke. In addition to mock, there was even stronger ridicule.

” I’m!” Jennifer said, “Do you recognize what you are discussing? You pay it? How can you pay it? Do you understand the brand name of this skirt? Do you understand how much it costs? Do you recognize where you bought it? I think you recognize what a crap, however fortunately, it’s so revolting to be below.”

In Jennifer’s opinion, Ethan’s words were just for grandstanding, as well as he was still submersed in the imagine being an abundant 2nd generation, and also he didn’t wake up yet.

” Damn, get up!” Jennifer added contemptuously.

Unreasonable, Ethan frowned and also looked at each other.

He is not interested in scolding each various other. People will just believe that he is a lunatic and ultimately express himself.

Ethan really did not want such rumors to fly overhead in the future.

I claimed, I’ll pay you and I’ll be over. Ethan claimed impatiently, “Come on, how a lot, are you swearing at this kind of place?


Jennifer actually felt outrageous when she heard this.

My skirt was sprinkled with mud, so what took place to me cursing?

This gown of her is Prada’s brand-new style, however after a long period of time grinding his daddy, he consented to purchase this dress for himself.

Initially, Jennifer was still believing that she has to clothe halfway decent when she concerns such a high-end area as Haisheng Yipin.

I didn’t expect it, however in the end it came to be such a result.

He was already angry, Ethan even claimed this to himself.

Jennifer shouted angrily: “Purchase? Can you manage it? Let me tell you, this skirt costs twenty thousand 2 thousand, as well as it is a minimal quantity. You can pay it? Can you pay it? You! Fool, Obese!”

Ethan frowned. Originally, he believed the garments were expensive, it was just over 20,000.

Ethan drank his head helplessly: “Okay, greater than 20,000 yuan, I will pay you. Inform yourself, do you want cash or shed your skirt?”

Already, Ethan is still saying this, and also Jennifer is speechless.

Certainly she recognized that Ethan’s capacity, let alone 22,000, is tolerable for his bad spouse, who can spend 2,000 yuan.

Trusting him to pay, that amounts fantasy!

Jennifer sneered as well as stated: “Okay, pay it, I’ll pay it as you like, as long as you can manage it, however …”.

Jennifer’s eyes all of a sudden came to be threatening, as well as she claimed with a sullen face: “You can pay whatever you desire, supplied that you can pay! Yet …”.

Jennifer sneered: “But I don’t assume you can take it out. Repay me a few hundred yuan a month!

Jennifer grinned, she assumed, Ethan would absolutely choose this option, and as long as he selects this, then wait to see exactly how she embarrasses him.

Jennifer boosted a few songs and also continued: “But I didn’t offer you a discount rate for nothing, you have to pay a cost!”.

Ethan grinned when he listened to the words. He just needed to know what Jennifer’s estimations were, and also asked, “Okay, just tell me, what’s the rate.”.

When Jennifer heard this, she thought that Ethan was on the set, and she couldn’t help feeling proud.

” The price, it’s really easy, you kneel down for me now!” Jennifer grinned sinisterly, “I inform you the fact, today you just have two alternatives, either promptly pay me settlement, or kneel down. I can permit rice to compensate me in installations!”.

” I claimed, you only have these two options. My cousin understands a great deal of people in the world, and also I promise to let you pass away when the time comes.

Jennifer had plenty of aspiration, she believed to herself, Ethan has to have absolutely nothing to say, she has to kneel down for herself.

Later, I have to record this scene and show it to my friends. I will see if this stupid dare to go nuts with me in the future.

It’s simply that Jennifer seemed to be a little satisfied too early, after listening to her words, Ethan grinned.

And also what sort of cousin Jennifer was speaking about, just the little trick she wanted to embarrass herself, Ethan discovered it incredibly ridiculous.

Kneeling down, she assumed it out.

If it had not been for today, it was undoubtedly his own, Ethan would certainly not chat so much with Jennifer.

Ethan shook his head helplessly, and claimed with a wry smile: “Bring your phone, I’ll move the money to you.”.

Ethan unexpectedly was reluctant and also checked out Jennifer with a kidding smile: “Hey? By the way, let me ask you something. If I want you to kneel down for me? Just how much money do I have to move?”.

Ethan’s words made Jennifer anxious as well as irritated.

Something that is subduing is still acting to be forced, Jennifer sneered: “You have a 6 pretend to be forced, alright, if you can move me a million, I will kneel down for you!”.

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