i have got a super rich dad chapter

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 680

Currently in the meeting room, numerous reporters looked at the task manager as well as asked questions, while Lin Yan was sitting in a tiny edge below, with a boring expression.

She did not anticipate that such a thing would take place on her first day in workplace!

When she got here, the trouble had actually already started. Several workers were waving steel bars in their hands, saying that the job department had no cash and could not pay salaries!

If it weren’t for the timely dodge, and also the many security guards to safeguard her life, Lin Yan even stressed that she would certainly be torn to items by the workers!

It has subsided later on, the effect of this incident has only just started, and the Xishanju project need to be stopped soon.

Lin Yan’s thoughts can not assist getting puzzled when thinking about this, yet a complete 2 billion has actually been spent below!

Seeing that it was about to be completed, something similar to this taken place. As soon as the task was stopped, I really did not recognize when to wait up until it began once again!

Thinking of this, the expression on Lin Yan’s face was distressed.

Since Lin Yan has actually simply taken over the setting of President of the Lin Group, it is unclear that the attractive girl wearing sunglasses in front of me is President Lin.

Ethan stood outside the door of the conference room and also hesitated for some time, then opened the door and also strolled in. At a glance, he saw Lin Yan sitting in the edge.

He immediately walked up no matter the many gazes that took a look at him, and also when he took Lin Yan, he wanted to go outside, as well as the guard did not dare to quit Lin Yan along the way.

After leaving the meeting room, Lin Yan looked at Ethan in surprise and claimed, “Why are you here?”

Ethan checked out Lin Yan meticulously, and he couldn’t aid however take a breath a sigh of alleviation when she saw that there were no indicators of injury on her body, and then claimed: “I was not scared by the online broadcast, I seem to see you in the electronic camera.

When Lin Yan heard this, her heavy heart ended up being a little satisfied for some time, but she rapidly thought about these points before her, so she frowned.

Ethan reversed and also took a look at individuals around him and afterwards spoke to Lin Yan: “Allow’s head out and also talk, it seems a little bothersome here.”

Lin Yan waited after hearing this, then responded and also stated, “Well, it’s the cafe on Xincheng Roadway.”

After stating this, Lin Yan obtained her auto trick, as well as she regretted it as quickly as she took it out.

After a wry smile, Lin Yan transformed and also considered Ethan helplessly: “It looks like we are going to take a taxi. My auto seems to be dragged away after being shattered.”

Ethan took a look at Lin Yan with defenseless emotions on his face when he claimed this, so that he was a little distressed, and then he claimed, “It’s alright, it coincides as taking a taxi.”

After claiming this, Ethan led Lin Yan out of the project department, after that quickly mixed right into the group and left, yet he really did not recognize that all of this was being enjoyed in secret.

On the top of the building opposite Xichunju, Norman Qingshu checked out the astronomical telescope as well as grunted and sputtered: “Lin Yan, yes, I will make you be sorry for weeping and asking me, you wait, this is a beginning.”

After saying this, Norman Qingshu took his men and left.

After bringing Lin Yandao coffee shop on the other side, Ethan casually bought a few desserts that Lin Yan liked last time.

Then he looked at Lin Yan as well as said, “This is the first time I know that this is your family members’s residential property. I remember I saw this place when I first pertained to Beifu.”

After taking a sip of coffee, Lin Yan smiled bitterly and drank her head: “I really did not recognize this quite possibly prior to. My grandfather was constantly dealing with it. I didn’t learn about it until I took over the Lin Group.”

Ethan had done similar things before in Buckeye, so he understood what type of trouble Lin Yan was encountering now.

So he frowned and also stated with some fear, “What are you going to make with something such as this?”

” I don’t recognize, I’m telling the truth, I’m so confused now, I’m still in a daze and also do not know just how I came out.”

After stating this, Lin Yan looked down at the coffee in front of her and said, “A lot of things have actually happened in my family members throughout this period. I am still bothered with this project today, yet I really did not anticipate such a thing to take place.”

While she was chatting, Lin Yan’s eyes were a little red.

Despite how solid she is, she is still a woman.

Ethan checked out Lin Yan a little distressed and also stretched out his hand and patted her shoulder, “Do not fret, this matter will absolutely emerge. One of the most important thing currently is to dig up as well as attempt not to quit working.”

Lin Yan drank her head and stated, “Impossible. With such a serious accident, it is difficult to state that job is not quit.”

” Then we need to additionally strive to start work as soon as possible, or else these artificial gadgets will certainly set you back a great deal of cash a day, as well as the 30-odd seriously hurt patients are likewise an amount of money.

After claiming this, Ethan stopped watching Lin Yan’s red eyes, after that sighed and claimed, “It’s all right. Let’s consider a method with each other, and also we will pass.”

Lin Yan raised her head as well as took a look at Ethan after hearing this, really feeling moved and guilty for some time.

For her, regardless of exactly how capable Ethan is, what would take place to her, but even if she can’t do anything regarding it, this can not be fixed with a little money!

” Forget it, it seems that there is truly nothing I can do this time around, let me tell you the reality.”

Lin Yan looked at Ethan with a sorrowful smile and also said, “I was still asking the board of supervisors to take money for this job this morning, but they do not require to take the cash, and the returns have to be paid!”

” After that your capital chain is not very tight?”

When Ethan heard this, he looked at Lin Yan in shock, “Just how was the financial investment project of 50 million last time? Is there any type of revenue?”

Lin Yan assumed for some time and also trembled her head slightly: “Even if the job adjustments hands, it can only sell for greater than 60 million yuan, which is simply a spit in the sea for now.”

Thinking of this, Lin Yan couldn’t assist holding her head in pain: “Why did things end up being similar to this? I’m about to collapse, why?”

Ethan looked at Lin Yan’s unpleasant appearance, and felt awkward.

Currently, the phone on Lin Yan’s body instantly called.

She froze for a moment and then obtained her smart phone and checked out the contact number, with a difficult expression on her face, and after that she was connected.

” Miss Lin, are you satisfied with today’s present?”

When Lin Yan heard this, she felt like she was surprised, as well as she sobbed and also stated madly: “You did it? You did it!”

Norman Qingshu poked fun at the phone, feeling incredibly pleased in his heart!

No person has ever deceived the Norman Household at will, not even the Lin family members!

In this North Home, their Norman Household is the genuine overlord!

” Miss Lin, you can eat and talk nonsense, I don’t understand anything, I simply phoned today to greet to you.”

After stating this, Norman Qingshu finished the call.

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