i have got a super rich dad chapter

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 684

Fatty Zhou took a look at Ethan’s restless look, as well as promptly whispered in his heart: “Hey, I have a method to aid your good friend, do you want to pay attention?”

Hearing this, Ethan considered Fatty Zhou somewhat suddenly: “What can you do to help you supply medication throughout the day? Do not just tease me!”

Fatty Zhou checked out Ethan angrily: “I claimed you do not look down on me. I’m still fairly qualified in this Beifu. Do you believe it’s simple to supply medicine!”

After saying this, he coughed twice, and after that acted to see the information: “The Lin family will require a minimum of 3 billion to help them with the tornado. I have a means to aid you win 3 billion.”

As quickly as Fatty Zhou claimed this, Ethan knew what his strategy was, so he laughed out loud and stated, “Do you assume this prescription deserves three billion?”

” No, I assume it deserves more than 3 billion. If you take a look at the previous prescriptions of Baiyao, do you assume it is only worth 3 billion?”

Ethan couldn’t assist being silent after hearing this. Actually, he didn’t care much about this prescription.

There are lots of prescriptions on Shang Dian, and he doesn’t lack such a prescription, simply considering Fatty Zhou, he feels a little upset.

Yet this was the very first time Fatty Zhou spoke to him concerning this issue seriously, so Ethan was also silenced by what he said.

Seeing Ethan’s heartbeat, Zhou Fatzi hurriedly stated: “The pharmaceutical firm I benefit is a trans-international pharmaceutical firm. They can get a simple 3 billion yuan and they can also develop a cooperative connection with the Lin family members!”

Having claimed that, Fatty Zhou paused and proceeded: “I confess that I have been bluffing ghosts prior to, yet as long as you provide me the prescription, I will definitely help you to see the company chairman!”

Ethan hesitated and looked at the information, considering Fatty Zhou with some feeling in his heart.

” I can hand over the prescription, however can you assure that my prescription will deserve three billion?”

Fatty Zhou put himself very and stated anxiously: “More than that! If you truly don’t worry, I will experience the discharge rules today and after that present you to our chairman in Beifu!”

Seeing Fatty Zhou’s seriousness, Ethan took a deep breath and nodded as well as claimed, “Well, you can advise me. It’s better to get it done today.”

Fatty Zhou looked at Ethan as well as his eyes were transferred to rips. The hard work for so long was ultimately not fruitless!

The iron tree lastly bloomed, and also the rock of the Maokeng ultimately softened!

Fatty Zhou fast went through the discharge procedures without claiming a word, as well as then drew Ethan into a deluxe cars and truck that had been waiting for a lengthy time.

This was the very first time Ethan saw such a cars and truck in Beifu, so he checked out it extra all of a sudden.

Fatty Zhou appeared to be accustomed to this. After getting in the car, he lighted himself a cigarette leisurely, after that took a deep breath as well as cocked Erlang’s legs.

Seeing Ethan as if he had actually never seen the globe, Zhou Fatty stated a little funny: “Do not stress, sibling, as long as this is done, we will purchase him ten or 8!”

The chauffeur being in the taxi sneered when he heard this, and stated, “Fatty Zhou, do you recognize just how much this auto expenses, eight million!”

As quickly as the number appeared, Fatty Zhou shuddered, and also the pipe in his hand almost was up to the ground!

” No! Old black, you can’t talk nonsense, what kind of car is so pricey!”

The chauffeur Lao Hei appeared to be really familiar with Zhou Fatty. After grinning, he briefly presented the vehicle.

After talking, he glanced at Ethan in the rearview mirror. He appeared to believe Ethan didn’t look like an ordinary individual, so he asked oddly, “Who is this little bro?”

Fatty Zhou chuckled triumphantly upon hearing this, “This? This is my God of Riches! I will certainly present him to our manager today!”

The vehicle driver, Lao Hei, eyed Ethan unexpectedly and also waited, “You better make certain that he is worth postponing in charge’s time, or else you recognize!

After stating this, Lao Hei could not help but shiver, as if they were discussing something extraordinary!

And Fatty Zhou gritted his teeth and responded viciously, “Do not fret. It’s certainly worth the time for the one in charge! Also I assume it can inhabit in charge’s time for the next week!”

Ethan looked at the excitement on Zhou Fatty’s face, and asked with a little doubt: “That are you constantly always doing, males and females, so fashionable?”

Fatty Zhou and Lao Hei both glanced at Ethan, then chuckled gloomily.

Eventually, Fatty Zhou stated, “I claimed that we are a trans-international pharmaceutical firm. Our employer is normally the large manager!”

After saying this, Fatty Zhou took a look at Ethan and also said, “When it comes to males and females, you’ll recognize later, hehehehe.”

Ethan frowned a little when he watched Fatty Zhou’s misconception, but he really did not take this issue to his heart.

As long as he can spend 3 billion, he doesn’t trouble to care whether the other event is a male or a female.

As time passed slowly, the automobile quit when it was virtually leaving Beifu, and afterwards resorted to Tianzhu Hill, the greatest hill in Beifu.

Ethan saw the cars and truck drive an increasing number of from another location, his heart jumped a little and couldn’t help however claimed, “Fatty Zhou, why do I assume something is wrong with your route?”

Checking out the cars and truck outside the window for more than half an hour, it was all uphill, Ethan looked at Fatty Zhou suspiciously and also claimed, “You do not want to play some techniques?”

Just as Ethan stated this, a female voice suddenly sounded in the automobile: “What worth do you have that deserves our trick?”

Listening to words, Ethan quickly checked out in the cars and truck, looking for out who was speaking.

Fatty Zhou stated in a solemn expression at this time: “Chairman, I am Fatty Zhou. This time I intend to present the person I told you before.”

The women voice continued, “Are you sure he has that worth?”

Fatty Zhou transformed his head to take a look at Ethan as well as claimed, “I make certain! There is most definitely that value!”

There was silence in the cars and truck for some time, as if there was something studying there.

Eventually, the female voice claimed, “Old Hei, bring them to my office.”

After speaking, there was a voice like hanging up the phone, Ethan eyed Fatty Zhou in surprise.

And Fatty Zhou claimed any which way as if he had actually read Ethan: “There is a web phone in the automobile, and also it was our boss recently.”

” No, I suggest, why is it a female?”

Lao Hei snorted as well as stated, “What’s wrong with women, can not women have a job? You would certainly better put your existing perspective away as well as do not let our manager see it, or you will have good fruits!”

After saying this, Lao Hei’s expression was complete, and afterwards he drove to a stop in front of a heavily guarded villa.

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