i have got a super rich dad chapter

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 685

Two men in black matches walked over and checked their identifications, then nodded at Lao Hei, and then the door gradually opened up.

What is a lot more exaggerated is that there are a lot more individuals in black patrolling around in the vacation home!

Ethan has actually seen a lot of individuals playing scenes, but he has never ever seen such a game. It’s like a fortress.

After the car stopped, Fatty Zhou’s expression became major. After getting out of the vehicle, he looked at Ethan and also responded, “Leave the automobile, below we are.”

Ethan got out of the automobile in a daze. The scene before him placed some stress on his heart, however the expression on his face was level and also nodded.

After leaving the cars and truck, Lao Hei checked out Ethan as well as smiled and claimed, “This seems to be the first time someone sees here, he can still hold his face, right?

Ethan could not assist taking a look at Lao Hei, so he asked, “How come there is such a place right here, that are you?”

Lao Hei checked out Ethan with a strange smile and after that stated, “You need to maintain these inquiries. You will have much more questions soon. I will certainly answer them slowly when the moment comes.”

While claiming this, he led Ethan to the exaggerated rental property, as well as several individuals in black came forward to admire Lao Hei and then stepped back.

Ethan ingested as he considered the vacation home, and also said quietly, “This location is like a castle!”

Fatty Zhou transformed his head and also looked at Ethan in shock, after that he smiled as well as stated, “Or else, why do you assume I am so confident that you can obtain so much cash?”

Fatty Zhou was also very excited at this moment. This is the second time he has actually stepped into this location!

The first time he actioned in when he got in the work, I bear in mind that when he was still really young, a 15-year-old girl was sitting in a chair that really did not match her physique and also introduced that he had actually gotten in the task.

Clearly Fatty Zhou is simply a boss of delivering medicines, however as a matter of fact, he is in charge of various clinical r & d in Beifu.

The reason that he would send the medication was simply to examine the certain use the medicine created by his firm.

I didn’t expect to meet Ethan by mishap!


He has already seen it, Ethan not only possesses this prescription!


The attitude he revealed was simply that he tired himself a little, instead of valuing such a prescription!

As a result of this, Fatty Zhou tried his finest to introduce him to his manager, due to the fact that he assumes Ethan has this value!

Ethan looked at the excessively long hallway and also walked right into an office after walking around three or 4 times.

It is an office, it is like a conference area, nearly two to 3 hundred square meters, and also a workdesk about 6 meters long!

At this time, a wonderfully clothed lady was sitting on a chair with her hands crossed as well as her chin considering herself.

” Norman Yan?”

The woman talked, Ethan considered the various other event and also nodded, slightly really feeling dry.

She is clothed well, how should I state, serious!

However wearing a specialist fit on her body simply used a preference that puzzles sentient beings, possibly because she is born with such a temperament!

” In the 3 months you have been in Beifu, you have actually become famous from an unknown medical professional, as well as you have actually transformed the Chinese Medication Hospital right into the No. 1 Chinese Medication Health center in the city center.

The lady expressionlessly picked up a piece of information on the desktop computer and continued to check out: “Just after taking workplace, she utilized the life-renewing needle that had been lost for virtually a hundred years, and afterwards she used the fire needle method that was shed for virtually 3 hundred years.”.

When she said this, she looked up at Ethan suddenly.

She didn’t understand that Ethan couldn’t assist feeling a little angry when she read these data areas!

” If you are telling me that you know me well, after that I do not believe there is any type of requirement to discuss it this moment and also bid farewell.”.

After stating this, Ethan wished to reverse and leave. Both Lao Hei and also Fatty Zhou looked at Ethan in surprise.

The lady also looked at it a little unexpectedly, yet she turned her mouth up in derision as well as stated, “I have actually never seen any individual that can defeat cash. Are you willing to put down a lot of money?”.

Hearing this, Ethan stopped somewhat.

A touch of pride showed up in the lady’s heart, and also certainly, deep down in anyone’s heart, he obeyed the regulation of money initially.

What Ethan stated quickly made her really feel a little extraordinary, also unpleasant!

” If you actually intend to count money, talk to me when you have more cash than Norman Tianyang!”.

Although the Norman’s clan is gone, Ethan, as the only beneficiary, is certified to say this!


When the Norman Family members was there, Norman Tianyang was just a slave at his feet!

The woman considered Ethan’s eyes instantly when she heard this, after that she shut her eyes and also took a deep breath before checking out Ethan and also intended to leave without recalling.

So he fast stated, “Well, I say sorry.”.

Hearing this, Zhou Fatty as well as Lao Hei checked out the little girl in shock. They really did not appear to anticipate that she would say sorry!

Ethan was also fairly surprised. Because he can be found in, every little thing he saw informed him that this was not a regular place.

As the only controller below, he assumed it was a girl, as well as this made Ethan quiet. He normally recognized that he was not facing an average person this moment.

After taking a deep breath, Ethan stopped, after that resorted to look at the woman and stated, “I accept your apology, now it’s up to you to inform me your name.”.

” Sally, my full name is a bit much longer, so I won’t say anything. You can just call me Sally.”.

After the woman claimed this, she winked at Lao Hei, so he took Fatty Zhou and also pulled away, leaving only Ethan and also the girl Sally in the area.

Ethan responded a little, after that turned and also strolled in front of Sally as well as frowned, “It seems that there is no chair that belongs to me in front of you. This is very negative. It implies I can just stand in front of you.”.

Sally considered Ethan deeply as well as stated, “Many individuals can only stand in front of me. I do not believe there is anything wrong with this.”.

” That’s since they are not qualified to sit down in front of you, as well as I have enough certifications and also confidence.”.

Sally needed to admit that Ethan was undoubtedly various from ordinary people.

He didn’t mess up his mind because of every little thing below, nor did he try his best to brace himself like a peacock.

He just stood in front of him clearly, and his right to be neither humble nor simple came from him.

Taking a look at Ethan, Sally’s eyes unconsciously revealed a glimmer of appreciation, so she opened her mouth and claimed, “I think we can rest as well as talk on the balcony. There are two chairs.”.

Ethan considered Sally and also nodded somewhat, then said, “Obviously.”.

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