i have got a super rich dad chapter

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 764

Before leaving, Ethan first called Xue Chongli by phone. When he arrived at Xue Estate, he saw Xue Chongli was already waiting at the door, but when Ethan saw Xue Chongli, he really felt that the various other event’s expression was a little incorrect, as if taking a look at his own eyes. They are all dodging, as well as they seem to be worried.

” What’s wrong with you …?”.

Ethan could not help asking strangely enough.

Xue Chongli was stunned by Ethan’s call, and immediately increased his head as well as claimed, “Nothing, what’s the issue?”.

He stated so, Ethan could tell that he was existing.

Ethan frowned, as well as out of politeness, claimed: “Mr. Xue, if you actually run into something, you can let me understand. I am weak, if I can do my ideal, I will naturally not shirk it. “.

Xue Chongli sighed, just drank his head, and also stated, “No, it’s really great.”.

Quickly he said again: “Oh, yes, you came below suddenly today, is there glitch?”.

Ethan responded, “Naturally, I located one more way, which might have a result on Miss Xue’s condition. But I have to validate it initially, so I hurried here in a hurry. Wouldn’t it be also troubling?”.

Xue Chongli simply trembled his head as well as let Ethan follow him in.

Both of them strolled right to Linda’s room, but Ethan saw that Linda’s door was closed securely and the drapes were attracted securely.

Yet in the space currently, Linda was pushing the bed, like a resting elegance, breathing slightly. Ethan couldn’t aid frowning, “Why, at this time, Miss Xue is still resting?”.

Ethan turned his head and also glanced at Xue Chongli, yet saw that the other party subconsciously gritted his teeth, with a trace of temper as well as distress in his eyes unnaturally.

Of training course Ethan understood that Xue Chongli’s sensations for Linda showed a trace of distress in his expression? Before Xue Chongli might answer, he hurried to Linda’s side.

Naturally Ethan didn’t desire everything he envisioned to find real, however the extra he considered it, the much more excited he came to be. When he was about to check on Linda, Ethan instantly observed the bruises and also marks on Linda’s bare arm.

Seeing these traces, Ethan’s eyes diminished instantly and also his breathing quit.

Obviously Ethan could tell at a glance that Linda’s injuries had been beaten, and the entire arm was wounded, undoubtedly under her blanket, not to mention the amount of injuries there were.

” Mr. Xue, what is taking place?” Ethan asked when he rose, and he appeared to comprehend why Xue Chongli was so abnormal just now.

Linda was beaten, just how could he face it naturally?

Upon hearing this, Xue Chongli sighed heavily, and also instantly claimed with a major face: “You only need to inspect Linda’s condition. As for various other points, you don’t care regarding it! This matter … I can’t look after this matter., Let alone you?”.

Undoubtedly, Xue Chongli really did not assume Ethan had the ability to look after this issue, in addition to that this issue was also the Xue family’s family members event nevertheless, and also it was also related to the partnership between the Xue household as well as the Norman Family, so Carl normally did not desire points to make trouble in the city.

” Did the Xue household do it?” Ethan asked Xue Chongli nearly in an examining tone.

What he got, except Xue Chongli’s heavy sigh, there was absolutely nothing left.

Ethan can likewise see that Xue Chongli seems to be offensive, and this case will absolutely not be done by the Xue household. That can beat Linda so bruised and wounded?

Ethan couldn’t aid falling into a moment of thought, yet quickly, a person slowly became clear in Ethan’s mind …

” Norman Qingshu, right?” Ethan asked coldly.

When Ethan said the name Norman Qingshu, Xue Chongli actually shook all over subconsciously, which further verified Ethan’s guess.

” Ho, it actually is him.”.

At this time, Ethan’s heart was already loaded with rage.

Ethan considered the bed, Linda, who was breathing weakly, blamed himself considerably.

I criticize myself, due to the fact that I really did not shield Linda well. If I had not been myself at the start, Linda wouldn’t have today!

Ethan’s eyes were unexpectedly strong, as well as he looked at Xue Chongli keenly, and stated coldly, “Why did he do anything to Linda? When did this occur?”.

” This …” Xue Chongli thought twice for a while, before lastly stating, “This matter is in fact connected to you!”.

” It has something to do with me?” Ethan couldn’t aid being a little stunned when he heard this. He thought for a while prior to he understood what Xue Chongli indicated.

” It’s since I satisfied Miss Xue the other day, right?” Ethan asked.

Xue Chongli really did not say a word, but he didn’t refute it either. After a minute of extravagance, he shook his head and also stated, “I will certainly take care of this matter. You must cure Linda’s illness immediately!

Xue Chongli appeared a little bored with Ethan’s chasing after, as well as immediately proceeded: “As well as this is my Xue household’s organization. Linda is Norman Qingshu’s girlfriend once more. We will certainly look after it. You still do not wish to Nosy!”.

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