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I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 779

“Mr. Chen, why did the Norman Household all of a sudden declare war on the Xincheng Team? Hasn’t Xincheng already handed it over to me?”

Ning Kun had actually currently planned to leave, the play that needs to be performed had to be completed, and also there had to be a start and also an end to do things without arousing uncertainty.

What Ning Kun had actually anticipated was that Chen Jingdao did say sorry to Ning Kun in this issue.

After listening to Ning Kun’s words, Chen Jingdao reversed and also took a look at Ning Kun, with a trace of fatigue in his expression.

” Ning Kun, you are a great kid. I can feel confident that Xincheng will hand it over to you, yet this time the Norman Family members declared war on Xincheng not for you, however, for me.”

Ning Kun checked out Chen Jingdao with a plain expression, nodded at what he said, however really did not comment too much. Besides, everyone knew the ending.

Indeed, Chen Jingdao waved his hand as well as quickly a person walked in outside the door.

Chen Jingdao considered the site visitor and responded as well as claimed, “This is my master’s kid. He will certainly take your place. This moment I will certainly treat you as a poor old man and also be sorry for you.”

After saying this, Chen Jingdao checked out the young man standing beside him as well as said, “Ran Normang, allowed’s get to know Ning Kun. He has dealt with Xincheng extremely well during this duration. You need to discover more from him.”.

Ran Normang is the child of Chen Jingdao’s early master. He has actually been a supervisor of Xincheng Financial investment Division prior to.

Concerning Chen Jingdao, that elevated himself and his mom because he was a kid, Ran Normang would certainly not think twice even to need him, not to mention fight with the Norman Family members.

After listening to Chen Jingdao’s words, he responded somewhat as well as walked ahead to Ning Kun and extended his hand and stated in a deep voice, “I understand that you have additionally ironed out several of the contradictions within Xincheng during this duration.”.

Ning Kun took a look at Ran Normang and also responded somewhat. In most cases, just a handshake can tell what sort of capacities the various other celebration has as well as whether they are great.

In just a minute, Climbing Normang also gave Ning Kun a minor sense of danger!

This triggered Ning Kun to lose sight of Chen Jingdao for some time, and while keeping him by his side, he likewise took down such a powerful figure in the company.

Chen Jingdao checked out Ning Kun and also nodded, after that stated: “Okay, Ran Normang, decrease and also prepare first, I’ll search for you later on.”.

Ran Normang transformed his head as well as responded to Chen Jingdao before leaving, leaving only Chen Jingdao as well as Ning Kun in the president’s office.

Seeing Ning Kun’s tranquil expression, Chen Jingdao’s eyes blinked with affection, and afterwards he rested on the sofa and watched him open his mouth as well as stated, “I have constantly appreciated you. One of the most vital point is your calmness and calm personality.

Ning Kun grinned helplessly at Chen Jingdao: “Currently I am rejected? After that I do not need to keep back anything before you.”.

After a ruptured of laughter, Chen Jingdao nodded to Ning Kun and also claimed, “In fact, you do not require to be reserved in front of me from the get go. I such as capable people.”.

” Since you are so clever, you should not go to war with the Norman Family. You know that this is not the most effective time, particularly now that the Xue family is still linked to the Norman Household.”.

Obviously, currently is not the most effective time. If Ning Kun’s concept is to wait at least an additional three months, after that it will be much better to eliminate!

Chen Jingdao wasn’t a fool either, as well as Shang Hai had been backwards and forwards for nearly 50 years, so he didn’t understand.

However he has no time, some points only she recognizes, such as his physical problem.

Some are born worthy, some are birthed bad and modest, yet something has actually not transformed, that is a mockery of destiny.

It seems to be so fair to every person, despite distinctions in status, fate will constantly fall on people.

Thinking about this, Chen Jingdao reluctantly shook his head and considered Ning Kun with a wry smile. Cancer cells is always hard to tell.

” In fact, I don’t wish to act upon the Norman Household now, yet I have lacked time, and the cancer cells is terminal. You most likely don’t know. I began chemotherapy a month earlier.”.

There was silence in the room for a very long time, Ning Kun checked out Chen Jingdao’s eyes with shock!

He never ever assumed that such a powerful character would be beat by a cancer cells!

” Well, when did this matter, why do I not know at all?”.

Truthfully talking, although Ning Kun is a pawn scattered by the headquarters beside Chen Jingdao, he has actually already developed a mysterious support for Chen Jingdao after so many years of lurking.

This type of feeling amounts being a teacher and also a friend. He is extremely good, he is still perplexed when encountering some points.

At such times, Chen Jingdao would stand like a master, and after that gradually get up Ning Kun with his very own experience.

When Chen Ming just died, he looked at Chen Jingdao’s sad expression.

If it weren’t for a strong mindset, he could not have the ability to help yet tell him the truth regarding Chen Mingang.

Chen Jingdao took a look at the shock in Ning Kun’s eyes and grinned slightly, as if he really did not take this issue to heart.

” I am over 70 years of ages this year. Even if I do not have this condition, I don’t have much life left.”.

After saying this, Chen Jingdao trembled his head slightly, after that got a card from his body and also placed it on the table.

” There are more than 80 million in the card. It’s not that I do not want to provide it, but the business also needs to shrink funds throughout this duration. It’s a little payment for you.

Can greater than 80 million get the position of president of Xincheng Team? Obviously it is impossible! This is nearly like a joke!

But Ning Kun considered the bank card on the desktop, as if he was checking out an old man’s last request.

” I think one of the most crucial thing for you now is to visit the healthcare facility, not to combat the Norman Family members!”.

After saying this, Ning Kun sought out at Chen Jingdao and proceeded, “If you are really worried, I will certainly aid you with this matter!”.

Chen Jingdao drank his head a little when he listened to words. He had actually known long ago that Ning Kun and himself were not the same.

This is why he will certainly remain in the business to assist his boy and also bring Ning Kun with him.

Since points have reached this factor as well as he has actually declined, if Ning Kun is permitted to stay, this Xincheng will actually change hands to others.

” Take it, as my payment to you, there are some things we do not need to state also plainly, do they?”.

Ning Kun fell silent when he heard this. Some things appeared to be hidden. He likewise understood that Chen Jingdao had already seen his identity.

After shaking his head with a wry smile, Ning Kun could not assist but ask, “When did you translucent?”.

He did not choose to respond to Ning Kun’s concern, however shut his eyes slightly, as if there was no one in front of him.

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