Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 704

Chapter 704 Disqualified and Expelled From the Association

Andy couldn’t help but scoff at that. “He dissociates himself rather quickly, doesn’t he?”

However, Lorenzo was perplexed by something. “How did you obtain the S-Class badge?”

“I picked it up from the roadside,” Tiana answered grudgingly, her head lowered.

“Even at this point of time, you still refuse to admit your wrongdoings,” Elise responded resentfully while shaking her head.

Elise had given Tiana a chance to repent. Since the latter did not cherish such a chance, Elise was not going to relent either.

As soon as Elise finished speaking, she turned and looked around the audience, trying to find Julius. She then gave him a light nod, indicating that he could begin his work.

With that, he took his phone and sent a message out.

The screen dimmed in seconds and then lit up again after a flash.

However, it did not show the live broadcast of the contest as it should have. Instead, a video was playing.

The male and female leads in the video were none other than Tiana and Sebastian.

At the same time, the audio was broadcasted through the speakers.

“I brought the badge that you asked for,” Sebastian exclaimed as he handed the badge to Tiana.

“Thank you, Sebastian. I will return it to you after I’ve used it,” Tiana replied in a sincere manner.

“That’s not urgent. Take your time,” Sebastian responded shyly as he ruffled his hair.

Then, the scene changed to Tiana’s hostel.

Outside the hostel, Sebastian was blocking Tiana’s path. “Give me back the badge.”

Tiana, on the other hand, simply replied, “You want me to return the gift that you’ve given me? Don’t you feel embarrassed?”

Hence, Sebastian had no choice but to return empty-handed.

The video stopped here.

The truth had now been revealed. Tiana borrowed the badge but refused to return it.

“Wow, I never expected Mayweather Polytechnic’s campus belle, as well as one of its elite, to do something like this!”

“Isn’t she just making use of him? I would never have guessed she was such a materialistic person based on her innocent appearance!”

“It’s so rude of her to not return something she borrowed! I suppose she had made up her mind to impersonate QH.”

Even with her head bowed, Tiana could feel the disdainful stares directed at her from her surroundings.

She tried to breathe normally to calm herself down.

But in the end, the gossip around her was too much for her to bear and she ran down the stage in a mess.

All of the reporters in the center swarmed her, forcing her to flee outside. However, outside the venue was already crowded with reporters who had heard about her wrongdoings and were waiting for her. In short, her path was blocked by all of them.

“Miss Hill, are you really not QH’s apprentice? So all of the calligraphy works you posted online were copied?”

“Could you tell us about your relationship with the man in the video, Miss Hill?”

“Copying is a big taboo in the Calligraphy Association. What prompted you to take such a risk? Please explain, Miss Hill!”

Tiana was surrounded by reporters and had nowhere to escape at all. Being forced to the corner, she squatted down with her arms wrapped around her head and yelled angrily, “I don’t know! Stop bothering me!”

Lorenzo shook his head upon seeing that. Then, he took the microphone and announced, “On behalf of the Calligraphy Association, I now disqualify Tiana Hill from this contest and expel her from the association. The association will never accept her again!”

Elise then took her place as one of the judges, thereafter rating the remaining contestants.

The end result was that contestant number 12, Abby Mellor, rated the highest.

And she happened to be the lady Elise met in the washroom.

After the results were announced, Elise personally handed Abby the champion trophy and said, “Congratulations. You have a lot of talent. Your skills will undoubtedly improve with regular practice.”

“Thank you, QH.” Abby was utterly excited. Before the reporters began taking pictures, she grabbed Elise’s arm and said, “I’ve always admired you, QH. Can I learn from you?”

Hearing that, Elise spent a few moments hesitating.

Abby had never learned under a master before. She had no formal training and as a result, her writing had a distinct style that set her apart from the other contestants.

Elise was sure that Abby knew this too.

Most likely, Abby was now publicly requesting to be Elise’s apprentice so that she could tell her stepmother, who was difficult to deal with.

In the end, Elise decided to help Abby on this.

Furthermore, her writing would reflect how a person was. Abby’s writing was polished and full of her distinguished personality, so her personality wouldn’t be too far off either.

“Okay. I’ll take you in,” Elise agreed.

Abby then bowed to Elise in front of all the reporters, officially becoming Elise’s apprentice.

After the contest ended, Elise was dragged to the corner by Andy and Lorenzo.

“Don’t even think about sneaking away! Whatever happens, you must remain in the association for at least two weeks in order for us to catch up!” Lorenzo clutched her sleeve as he spoke, as if he was afraid she would flee.

“That’s right! Young girl—sorry, Miss Sinclair, the S-Class Archive was prepared specifically for you, and there are currently only a few art pieces inside. How inappropriate is that? You must produce at least seven or eight more works so that it does not appear so empty!” Andy supported Lorenzo.

“What nonsense is this?” Though Elise was at a loss for words, she found them amusing and joked, “You’d best let go of me, Lorenzo, or I’m going to call the cops now!”

“Then do it,” Lorenzo said calmly. “Even if they are here, nobody will leave until I have your promise.”

“Sir, it isn’t very appropriate for you to talk in such a manner to Miss Sinclair, no?” Cody appeared out of nowhere and interrupted them.

That ruined their happy atmosphere. All three of them simultaneously rolled their eyes at Cody’s words.

Andy then looked at the other man. He suddenly thought of something and he asked, “Cody, I vividly recall asking someone to deliver Miss Sinclair’s works to the Archive. Why did you stop it? Are my instructions as vice president now being ignored by you?”

“Tiana had me under her spell at the time! Besides, I had no idea it was Miss Sinclair’s work as I had not opened it!” Cody explained with a frown on his face.

“You rejected Andy’s recommended art pieces before even looking at them. This clearly demonstrates that you are unable to appreciate excellent works of art. You are not welcome at the headquarters. Please relocate to the nearest branch of the association after today,” Lorenzo said unequivocally.

Cody’s mouth widened and he wished for mercy when he heard that. However, when he saw Lorenzo’s expression, which appeared to be about to devour him, Cody quickly said, “Thank you very much, sir. I will definitely follow your instructions. I’ll go back and pack my belongings now.”

Lorenzo grunted indifferently and did not even spare Cody a glance.

After Cody left, Abby plucked up her courage to approach Elise and thank her. “Thank you for not turning me down earlier, Miss Sinclair.”

Abby, as Elise had predicted, had her own reasons for making the request.

“Don’t do that again. I don’t like being made use of.” Elise made her stand clearly.

“There won’t be a second time. I believe I will be able to stay in the house after this,” Abby responded confidently.

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