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Presently, to Yin Jiu Claw, who had currently touched the threshold of the fourth-level martial musician, Hui’s presence already appeared so irrelevant.

The opponent is just the second-level top less than the third-level, even if you use some means to by force boost your cultivation base to the third-level martial musician, it is not just as good as on your own that has actually touched the fourth-level martial artist at this moment.

Thinking about this, Yin Jiuzhao, who had actually never shown mercy to the opponent, checked out the grey kneeling in front of him, but really felt a trace of pity.
” If you can exercise well, you might be able to reach my level in the future, however if you want to continue combating with me, after that this will certainly be your end point!”

On such an evening, the whole Hedong was in a crazy moment., The birth of a fourth-level warrior and also the life and death of a puppet determine the future fate of Qinghehui.

Hui gritted his teeth and stared at the man before him snugly. If he can not take him back to life, then the very best result is that he will certainly die in his hands.
This way, the person who was concerned by the other side as a bad old man might utilize this as a justification to reveal all the forces in Hedong a mindset that was already distinct from his very own boy.
Thinking of this, Hui Qing coughed out a mouthful of blood as well as grinned depressing: “Perhaps you can’t be left by me today, however I can not go back.” As quickly as the voice fell, he held the blade in his hand and turned in the direction of Yin once again.

9 claws hurried up, and the swing of this sword was entirely in the mindset of whether she or he, me or me!

Looking at Yin Jiu Claw who hurried in the direction of him and also turned the blade, the expression on his face was unfortunate and unhappy.

Because immediate, he suddenly knocked Hui collapsed, as well as struck the back of his neck with a hand blade, triggering him to be up to the ground without knowing his life-and-death.

Taking a look at the man at his feet, Yin Jiuzhao drank his head helplessly and also sighed: “Sure enough, it is a tool that has been trained. I will not also think of my future. If you place it by doing this, it’s a cannon fodder.”

After claiming this, Yin Jiuzhao progression and embraced Hui, after that transformed as well as strolled right into Yu Shaobai’s house weakly with the scars on his body.

Just unlocked however located that Yu Shaobai, that was expected to be appreciating his deal with the roofing system, was remaining on the sofa in the entrance hall, quietly viewing him open the door.

In between the four eyes dealing with each other, the two eyes altered as if they were acting in a play.
After the two were silent for some time, Yin Jiuzhao looked at the gray he was keeping in an awkward manner, and after that checked out Yu Shaobai and also claimed, “Well, can I put him down?”
Yu Shaobai had plenty of dreams.

If it was Yin Jiuzhao who opened this door this time, what would certainly he say as well as what expression would certainly he look like.

Dudu never assumed that the various other celebration would certainly bring the individual who eliminated him back without saying it, and also asked with embarrassment whether he can put him down.

Thinking of this, Yu Shaobai chuckled somewhat and after that claimed: “Of course, this is your prize. I do not assume it has anything to do with me.”
Yin Jiuzhao was a little weary after hearing this.

Ash went down on the couch, then picked up the mug on the tabletop and also took 2 sips of water.
The fighting time in between the two might not also be ten mins, yet no person understands the amount of lives and deaths they have experienced in that brief amount of time.

Simply one step out of the house, Yin Jiuzhao was almost wiped his throat with a blade.
Currently, he unexpectedly loosened up, Yin Jiuzhao gasped for two times and after that broke down on the sofa as well as stated: “Youthful Master, have you been sitting right here waiting for me?”

While staring at the unconscious Hui, Yu, Shaobai placed on a string of Buddhist grains while playing with him.
After hearing what Yin Jiuzhao said, he shrugged and said, “Certainly, after all, you are just one of my generals. After having been with me for as long, even if I can not help, at least I ought to understand what my staffs are. Life and death?”

When he stated this, although there was no expression on Yu Shaobai’s face, currently when Yin Jiuzhao simply unlocked, the pleasure that blinked in his eyes did not trick any individual.

Yin might not stand up to opening up after nine after claws resting on the couch as well as grinned when he heard surrendered, considered the elaborate ceiling lengleleng Shinto: “I simply might have touched the threshold of 4 of the Warrior.”

Yu Shaobai knew from a very young age that the man who had actually been with him at all times was probably a third-level warrior.
It wasn’t until he reached the third-level martial artist under the instruction of the challenger that he unexpectedly uncovered that although the opponent was a third-level martial artist, it was most likely that he was currently approaching the fourth degree!

This discovery just lasted a short time prior to being toppled by him, since he discovered that Yin Jiuzhao’s body had gradually started to descend, gradually resembling an old man.

Today, he uncovered that it transformed out that it was the consequence that Yin Jiuzhao could do. The other celebration utilized this approach to hide all his capacity, and afterwards burst out to strike the level at the right time!

Seeing that Yin Jiuzhao is now obtaining what he should have, Yu Shaobai laughed twice as well as started to face Yin Jiuzhao from the back of the teacup: “Congratulations, I will have another support in the future.”

Taking A Look At Yu Shao Baijing considered his teacup, Yin Jiuzhao couldn’t help feeling a little helpless after he laughed two times.
” What regarding this kid, you are now my young master regardless of what, so normally my spoils should be handled by you, just how do you prepare to utilize him?”

Yu Shaobai took a sip of tea and looked unconscious. Hui’s Hui trembled his head: “I don’t know. This person appears to be someone sent out by my bad old man. It needs to have taken a lot of effort to train him.”

Hearing this, Yin Jiuzhao stayed up. He grinned as well as stated, “Naturally, if I didn’t expect it, the cost of training him is most likely more than it would be invested in me.”
Yu checked out a little much less white ash after smiled:. “If so, it might not be casually throw away it, it took him to do some genuine functional things kids, now we just compare the lack of individuals,”

saying to the Below, the two males looked at each other and both recognized what was in each other’s mind.
Yin Jiuzhao moaned for a moment and also said, “I will certainly prepare for somebody to send out some presents to the master now.

Nevertheless, I can’t take other individuals’s things for absolutely nothing. It appears that this present can’t be also light.”
Yu Shaobai responded, his face held true. The matter stated in a deep voice: “Don’t forget, there is additionally the matter of your promotion to the 4th level.

I assume you need to thank the bad old man in my household, or you will certainly be a white-eyed wolf.”
Hearing this, Yin Jiuzhao I could not assist laughing, yet it was various from the laughter that appeared half a hr earlier. Right now, his giggling contained pride and also satisfaction, as well as there was a tip of incredible!

The return present prepared by Yin Jiuzhao was certainly heavy, as well as it was so heavy that Yu Qinghe could not help but hand over his table!
Considering the thank-you letter in his hand, and also some unpleasant and pointless gizmos, Yu Qinghe made an angry sound in the office!

The ashes that I have grown so hard have actually been caught by others, and the black has actually not been removed yet!
Forget it, not just that, but he also touched the limit of the fourth-level martial musician, and it seems that the opponent will quickly be promoted to the fourth-level martial musician!

He has actually never ever been under the rank of a fourth-level martial artist, and he has his own son! As well as I grew it myself!
This makes Yu Qinghe’s heart not just uncomfortable, but also envious of his boy. Yes, he is very jealous of his son currently!

Fourth-level warrior, that is a fourth-level warrior!
What does the four-level martial musician represent, the pillar of one event’s power, the top battle power in the world!

Regularly, flying sand as well as rock, infuriating power is also comparable to swords, as well as their bodies will become more powerful and also tougher, and also time will appear extra tolerant to them!

As long as there is one such character, Qinghe Club will certainly have the ability to have a century of glory, and also there is no need to fret about success or failure!

Currently, Yu Qinghe looked at the thank you letter torn to pieces by himself, soothed down a little after his rage, and after that started to ponder exactly how Yin Jiuzhao would impact this issue.
He combated with the Shen family in Hedong for virtually 30 years, as well as whatever that should be clear is clear, as well as both sides recognize precisely what power they should have.

Regarding he recognized, also the Shen household in Hedong did not have a fourth-level martial musician, unless it was the old never-ceasing of the Shen household who had been promoted unconsciously these years.
Or Else, Yin Jiuzhao is Hedong’s leading battle power currently, not one of them!

With him, despite the number of individuals come from the Shen family members, they can just go house!
If it were changed to the present situation, then this moment my son started the occasion, perhaps it could truly shake the influence of the Shen household in Hedong!

Subconsciously thinking of this place, Yu Qinghe suddenly really felt a little regret for the selection he had made, so he quickly got the phone as well as called his son.

Right now, remaining on the sofa silently enjoying the record gone by, Yu Shaobai was smoking a cigarette while chatting with Yin Jiuzhao.

Unexpectedly when he heard the phone rang, he picked up the phone as well as took a look at it as well as could not aid however giggled: “Look, that poor old man in my house called, presume what he is mosting likely to claim to me?”

Yin Jiuzhao shrugged. He got up from the couch, then relocated his body to raise the still unconscious Hui as well as claimed: “No matter what, I will most likely to consume something first, let me talk about something when I return.”

Yu Shaobai stated I am also very satisfied to be able to have a fourth-level martial artist under him. He grinned and responded when he took a look at the other individual presently: “Okay, you go and also rest for some time. I will certainly talk with the old man and also see what he wants to say to me.”

As soon as the voice dropped, Yu Shaobai didn’t also look at the vanishing Yin Jiuzhao. After Yu Qinghe heard his child’s voice, he was silent.
After claiming this, Yu Qinghe adjusted his state, and then said in a deep voice: “Can you pay back the ash? Give it to me, he is extremely essential to me.”

Upon hearing this, Yu Shaobai was startled for a moment, and afterwards could not help laughing.
I’ve only seen him consume meat before Yu Shaobai, when did I ever before see him spit out the meat that was in his mouth?

Idea of this, he sneered somewhat holler opening: “?. Gray may my heart a little tough right-hand man, as well as now he has life and death is unknown yet, or I see if I can cure him discuss it.”
With that said after a small white Yu smiled continue opening: “obviously, after cure him I probably still have to take a lot to thank him, to keep him right here with me live for time, it is approximated momentarily come back.”

Although long their very own Presumed the response, yet after hearing what his kid claimed, Yu Qinghe could not help really feeling a little temper.

Two after that took a deep breath and trembled his head open: “? Well, this point regardless of the moment being, since you are such a lack of people, then, ought to I support you a little hand right here.”

Upon hearing this, I had some Yu Shaobai, who was humiliated by the absence of manpower, chuckled two times, yet unwinded.
” No, I think this is excellent now. You see, even if it lacks workforce, don’t I still make points go extremely efficiently currently?”

After claiming this, he took a look at the display displayed on the computer system and also all of a sudden wrinkled He frowned as well as claimed: “Although there are still a little computer mouse, I will quickly have the ability to squash them down.” After taking two deep breaths, Yu Qinghe could not assist really feeling a little amusing presently.

When did he end up being People who are rushing to give advantages to others?
Even if this person is his very own boy, does it seem a little bit as well uncomfortable for him to do this?

Yet after that I assumed that Yin Jiuzhao was currently near to degree 4, so he meditated for some time and stated: “Don’t be endure with me. If I was right, the Shen family members should have brought a person in?”

Pay attention At this moment, Yu Shaobai frowned, his very own bad old man stated really good, and the Shen Family members Sanjie had currently rushed over with someone quickly.
At present, there are three whole echelons that he sees.

They remain in the shape of a personality. It seems that they wish to intercept his staffs into three stages, and then strangle them individually.

Considering the effects of continuing such as this, Yu Shaobai practiced meditation for a moment and afterwards claimed: “Okay, given that you wish to offer me manpower, after that tell me just how much you can provide me.”
” Twenty thousand people, I don’t want to give you all of them.

I will certainly give you my full assistance for the next point, and also I will certainly provide you whatever you desire!”
It seems that some people can’t believe his dad’s words, as well as Yu Shaobai can’t assist but say, “What did you simply claim, I It’s not extremely clear, can you claim it again?”

There was a chuckle on the phone, and then Yu Qinghe claimed in a deep voice: “I said, I will certainly give you my complete assistance following, do not bother with manpower, I will Straight sustain your 20,000 individuals!”

Possibly it was due to the stimulation of his very own child. Considering that he can save every little thing to emulate the Shen family, what can he not birth for the individual he regards as a negative old man.

If he actually stops working, even if he is 20,000 individuals holding his hands, he will possibly not last a couple of years in Hedong.
That holding true, it is far better to let go as well as gamble to remain in history!

Yu Qinghe’s rushing assistance is specifically crucial for Yu Shaobai, that seems a little difficult to obtain underneath at this moment!
Unexpectedly he could not aid however remember the moment when he was in determined need of help but no person aided him.

During that time, his father, Yu Qinghe, stood close to him and also stated to him that it was to inform him that only himself can be trusted in this globe.
If you can not do it well by yourself, someone will step on yourself later, and after that an additional individual will certainly do it.

If anybody can succeed, in this Hedong, that is the genuine solid, nobody will certainly care what indicates he made use of to be successful, and no person will certainly ask him exactly how dark history he has.

An area like Hedong is a filthy location, and also no one is better than any individual, as well as just the Shen family here will certainly look a little tidy.
To the first people in Hedong, their appearance may look like an angel representing justice and peace.

As time got longer, the Shen family also comprehended the guidelines of the game here, as well as every little thing progressively transformed a little bit.

They all of a sudden found that the Shen family who had initially wished to transform Hedong suddenly seemed to have changed, and after that they fell silent and did not move.

Permitting Yu Qinghe to separate the whole Hedong right into two, which made individuals from the north of the city have to plunge into the welcome of Qinghehui.
Nobody cares about exactly how dark an effective individual is. Yu Qinghe recognizes this extremely well, so he showed this to his kid as well as did it in front of him with a vivid lesson.

The initial cleaning was for Yu Qinghe to clear the eye liners that the significant pressures had placed in the north of the city, and also the secondly was an advising to those pressures.

After Qinghehui was handed over to his kid, gradually, Yu Shaobai appeared to begin to like this technique.
However previously, Yu Qinghe hadn’t believed that his boy would utilize such a technique to threaten the Shen household to eliminate him to death!

Not just Yu Qinghe didn’t anticipate it, yet all the significant forces in Hedong really did not anticipate things to become this!

As time passed gradually, the 20,000 people whom Yu Qinghe had been holding snugly in his hands were quickly moved to his boy when it was simply the next day, and then they were tossed into the wonderful cleanup.

Right away later on were all kinds of tools and tools, which were moved by Yu Qinghe from his warehouse and straight supported to his kid.
For the first time, the papa and also kid reached an indirect understanding on the exact same thing, which made many people in Hedong quiet regarding it.

The old man of the Shen household is already old and can no longer route these points, as well as the new generation of Shen Feng may not have actually experienced the initial mayhem of Hedong.
So when managing points, I still appeared a little softhearted, that made many people a little optimistic about Qinghe Club.

Currently, many individuals in the eastern of the city also threw an olive branch to Qinghehui, hoping to be successful in front of others.

Eggs will not be put in the exact same basket. Even an individual with a little brain understands the fact, as well as the Shen family members will normally be no exemption.

Enjoying these individuals that call them siblings in front of them on weekdays turn their heads as well as call them brothers to enemies who are still fighting versus them, this kind of adjustment is not something average individuals can afford.

In the smoke, Shen Feng, who had not rested all night, looked at the map on the desktop. The edges of his mouth were cracked because of the lengthy roar, as well as bloodstains were arising from the injury.

He considered the map and meditated for a while and suddenly yelled: “Zhiqiu, come here for a moment, now!”
Shen Zhiqiu, that was resting on a motorcycle and also drowsy, hurried over after listening to these words. At that time, Shen Zhiqiu had no suggestion the amount of strong fights he had experienced.

It was due to the fact that this moment, he instantly recognized that maybe his senior brother and also his 2nd brother were not as relaxed as they generally saw.
As long as something happens in Chengdong, their Shen family members will work as a fire-fighting group and support it everywhere.

However besides this is done, perhaps you won’t get any benefit.
This made Shen Zhiqiu a lot more resentful of the Shen household that brought them to Hedong, and the only family of the fabulous Shen family!

Panic ran in front of his big brother, Shen Zhiqiu voice hoarse opening: “exactly how, brother?”
” Zhiqiu, currently only you guys of manpower is no task, you aid sibling a support, take your hands workforce Retreat back, and after that bring even more reinforcements to the eldest brother.”

After stating this, Shen Feng took a look at the map as well as smiled bitterly: “I made a mistake before. It was a huge mistake. I didn’t anticipate that from Yu Qinghe. I’m afraid that the dead ghost will certainly give Yu Shaobai his last toughness.

“When Shen Feng, that checked out the map and smiled bitterly, claimed this, his eyes suddenly really felt damp for one reason or another.

As a result of such a blunder, more than two hundred individuals vanished in the north of the city, and also they couldn’t also locate their bro’s body!

Shen Zhiqiu considered his senior sibling’s uneasy look, as well as gritted his teeth, his eyes were red and stated: “No! I can’t go, if I leave, for how long can you hang on with your hands!”
He was caught by Shen Feng as quickly as he was completed.

An add his face, it appeared that he couldn’t believe it, Shen Zhiqiu checked out his elder sibling in a daze, and never ever recuperated.

” I’ll allow you go, let you discover supports, are you deaf! Do you understand exactly how harmful this is?!”.
Shen Feng, who was aiming at the map, claimed without knowing when blood and also rips moved from his eyes: “A total of virtually four. Thousands of individuals start road combating in this north component of the city.

Shen Zhiqiu reduced his head and also checked out the ground, wisps of red with dirty sewage flow. Off the soles of his shoes.
” Possibly I was wrong, but I understand that if I leave, you will definitely not have the ability to manage the adjustments.”.

Gradually increasing his head, Shen Zhiqiu looked at Shen Fengshen that was holding his collar and crying bitterly. Said: “Let me remain and also confront with you, so we could still have an opportunity!”.

Nobody believed that this moment the matter would be so significant, all the forces in the east of the city are still waiting as well as viewing.
Shen Feng, who had actually only can be found in to save people, never ever anticipated that he would certainly be caught in this dilemma!

Taking a look at the solid look Zhiqiu face Shen, Shen Feng, a little slow-moving breath after drinking his head as well as said: “You do not recognize the existing scenario, then we are most likely to encounter not discriminatory attack.”.

Complete Then, he took Shen Zhiqiu to the table and said: “Take a look at the map, next we will more than likely face a lateral assault!”.
The circumstance facing Shen Feng at this moment is the same as that dealt with by Yu Shaobai before.

The circumstance is almost the very same, they are all the same trouble, that is manpower!
Although the general high quality of the manpower they brought is much more powerful than those of Yu Shaobai’s subordinates, in an atmosphere like Chengbei, street fighting is most certainly the cruelest!

Few people like street fighting, due to the fact that here, the step you take is most likely to be a choice in between life and death.
Every action you do may establish the reason your team can endure, that makes your hands appear specifically vital!

The workforce that Shen Feng brought this time around was really not much, most of them were turned over to Shen Sihai, and also let him be accountable for intercepting those that may concern support Yu Shaobai.

As well as a lot more notably, if they can not withdraw from the north of the city quickly, then what will certainly occur next can be anticipated, every one of them will be caught and also pass away in this ghost area!
Looking at the map in his hand, when Shen Feng slowly said these words, Shen Zhiqiu’s eyes appeared.

He has had sufficient of these points. If it weren’t for his household, maybe he would definitely select to hurry to Yu Shaobai’s estate presently.
However taking into consideration the various points behind, Shen Zhiqiu took two deep breaths and cooled down and checked out his older sibling.
” If, I suggest, if I can mobilize some people you need quickly, do we have a chance of winning this time around?”.

Shen Feng took a look at his more youthful brother with some alleviation after hearing this, the youngest After experiencing this trial of blood as well as fire, the younger bro appears to have certainly come to be a little bit more mature and also stable.
There is no more the initial premature search his face, and also the search in his eyes has actually come to be a little deeper, and all the unruly things that utilized to be gone.

Taking A Look At Shen Zhiqiu such as this, Shen Feng grinned and responded to the concern that was not asked: “I’m extremely pleased that you have actually finally grown up currently. Allow’s entrust to someone. The household still needs you, do not allow the old man look lonesome.”.
Shen Zhiqiu heard this.

After speaking, I don’t know why, there always seems to be something about to befall in my eyes.
After taking a deep breath, he suppressed this feeling, then comfortably looked at Shen Feng as well as said: “Big brother, I’m not kidding, if I can set in motion the workforce you require quickly, do we have a possibility of winning!”.

” Workforce? Just how much can you mobilize? Do you know that the entire Hedong is now isolated by Yu Shaobai utilizing the Qinghehui’s workforce?”.
After saying this, Shen Feng could not assist laughing twice. He didn’t think of it from outside. Activate some people you require.

Yet thinking that there are still 20,000 people in the Qinghe Club blockade on the border, Shen Feng felt frustrations. It is completely difficult to surpass them.
If you don’t get past them, when the individuals they have actually set in motion get here, the dirt may have worked out below, and the only point they can do when they come here is to collect the bodies for themselves.
Thinking about this, Shen Feng couldn’t assist sensation uneasy. After so much initiative, it became a failing due to absence of workforce.
If I fail this time around, I hesitate all the initiatives will certainly be lost!
Much more importantly, the track record of the Shen household in Hedong will collapse with this occurrence.

Thinking of this, a trace of desolation rose in Shen Feng’s heart. He never believed that day he would experience such a thing!
Just when he appeared defenseless, numerous gunshots unexpectedly sounded distant, and then a group of heavily armed teams appeared on the street nearby, and also they took place to fulfill Jiang Hao as well as others!

Jiang Hao looked at the group of individuals that could not be away, meticulously eyed it, and shouted: “Hey! That are you from in front of you!”.
Shen Zhiqiu was in a bad state of mind due to the fact that of his eldest brother. I assumed that he called out, as well as the various other party may leave, but he really did not anticipate Jiang Hao and also Ning Kun to look at each various other.

Many people believed that the challenger was going to assault them, and quickly relocated into the defensive placement, waiting for Jiang Hao greater than a lots people!
Although Jiang Hao has only a dozen people, these individuals in the Shen family can view a strong force from them.

After Ning Kun sensitively discovered the other party’s mindset, he fast stopped, and then checked out Shen Feng as well as others nearby and also shouted: “We are the ones who concerned quit the Qinghe Meeting. Can you allow us come?”.

Hearing this, Shen Zhiqiu and Shen Feng glanced at each other. Originally, they were still bothering with the manpower trouble, yet I didn’t anticipate a person to take the initiative to send it to the door!
Don’t do not do not don’t don’t don’t give me away! Thinking of this, Shen Zhiqiu fast considered Ning Kun with a smile of delight as well as claimed, “That’s it, you people, come right here rapidly!”.

Hearing this, Jiang Hao as well as Ning Kun considered each other and also nodded., And then ran towards Shen Feng and others.
As soon as they fulfilled, Jiang Hao advance as well as took the initiative to hold Shen Feng’s hand and claimed: “Hello, the name of the Shen family members in the eastern of the river has been cherished for a very long time.

I saw it today and also it really deserves its reputation!”.
Shen Feng coughed a little embarrassingly, although the words were That stated, but at this time, there was blood as well as gunpowder around his face, where’s the personality.

After a wry smile, he considered Jiang Hao, asking yourself why the individual in front of him offered him a familiar sensation.
He smiled and stated: “All right, I don’t know that you are?”.
After claiming this, Shen Feng looked up and down individuals behind Ning Kun with some confusion.

The Shen family members still understands that is basically in Hedong. When did Hedong have such an elite group, he really did not know in all?
Ning Jiang Hao-kun told after as the one, grinned and also stepped forward to hand and claimed:. “Hello there, I was thirteen division authorities in Hedong department, instead you call me Kun enough”.

to hear the other celebration is Individuals with 13 topics, this also explains why there is such an elite group hiding under his nose.

When Shen Zhiqiu stood by as well as heard the Thirteen Sections, his eyes suddenly brightened, and after that took a look at Ning Kun hurriedly, “The amount of your people remain in Hedong, can you all come?”.

Take a look at this Shen Zhiqiu’s Evidently, after hearing the definition in his words, Ning Kun talked in a bit embarrassed manner: “If there are manpower, the action group will just have regarding a hundred people. There is still a garrison in the north of the city, however it was damaged when we showed up. “.

Where are the people in the garrison, have you located it?”.
Jiang Hao transformed his head a little self-conscious as well as glanced at Shen Zhiqiu when he heard this, shook his head as well as said, “Life and death are unknown. We are additionally looking for it.”.

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