Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1280

Needless to say, both Helen and Jason also tagged along with them. Both of them had made a bet among themselves as well, other than collecting the Patek Philippe watch.

“I’m sure Fabian has made the right guess this round!”

Jason was really confident with Fabian as Fabian had been his idol since young. In his eyes, Fabian was as mighty as the creator of mankind, and there was not even once whereby he was defeated. Hence, Jason truly believed that it would not be an exception for him this round as well.

Nevertheless, Helen really doubted Jason’s great confidence. For her, it was impossible for Fabian to have a right guess for the mystery item in the box unless he possessed the ability to see through things.

Shaking her head, she trailed behind them. She only believed in science, and fairy tale was just fiction for her. Therefore, she opted to be in the same stance as Hannah.

After a while, the auctioneer approached Fabian with the bill. “Mr. Norton, this is your bill. Three million for Mr. Luther and thirty million for you making up the grand total of thirty-three million. Please place your signature here as acknowledgment.”

“You don’t need Fabian to pay for you?”

Helen was stunned. Fabian is even footing the bill for Luther. I don’t understand why he’s not paying for Jason.

“Do you think that I’m as stingy as a certain someone?”

Jason asked mockingly and threw a glance at Luther who was just next to him.

“Cough! Cough! I’m not stingy! I’m just spending wisely. Do you get what I mean?” Luther refuted in embarrassment.

“Pfft! My instinct is right. You’re really a typical freeloader who takes advantage of others!” Helen said disdainfully. She could not hold back her words any longer upon seeing Luther acting pretty thick skin.

Coincidentally, someone brought in a delicate black box containing the item bid by Fabian a while ago.

Jason leaned closer and said excitedly, “Helen, do you see that? Such a big box! What kind of jewelry needs to be packed in such a big box other than a necklace?”

“Pfft! How do you know it’s really a necklace? There are so many other possibilities, such as diamond, ring, and other types of jewelry.”

At the sight of the rectangular box, Helen still did not think that the mysterious item would be a necklace.

“This is for you. Bear in mind that you owe me a promise,” Fabian turned to look at Hannah and reminded her after signing his name on the bill. The next moment, he strode out without sparing a glance at the box.

Hannah was dumbfounded and could barely squeeze any words out of her mouth.

Jason gulped as Fabian strode away and his figure vanished from his view. He’s really confident and cool!

He thought of telling Helen the same thing, then strode off at once like Fabian. However, he was curious to know what was inside the black box. He was confident that the item was a necklace as he believed in Fabian.

Taking over the black box from the staff, a wave of anxiety surged within Hannah. Is it really a necklace? Why is Fabian so sure about it?

“Hannah, just open the box!”

Luther huddled up excitedly with the others, holding his box of artisan teapot in his hands.

Taking a deep breath, Hannah pried open the cover of the box carefully.

Jason, Helen, and Luther also craned their necks to witness the important moment.

“Ah! This is really incredible!” Helen yelled out first.

“Haha! I knew it! Fabian is always right. He’ll forever be my mighty idol who is undefeatable by anyone!” Jason was overjoyed and laughed heartily, ignoring how the other audience turned to gape at him.

“As expected of Fabian Norton,” holding his own delicate box, Luther mumbled admiringly.

As for Hannah, she was holding the black box and could not utter any words. At the same time, all types of questions were floating in her mind. Does Fabian really have the ability to see through something?

“Very impressive!” After inspecting the black box from different perspectives, Luther smacked his lips and commented.

“Huh?” Hannah was baffled. He’s actually referring to Fabian or the necklace?

If he is referring to Fabian, his ability is really beyond description. He can be a fortune teller with his X-ray eyes! Or he could be referring to the necklace, which cost an arm or a leg.

Sigh! I’m in regrets having make a bet with him. Thirty million! I’m debt-ridden now!

“This thirty million is really worth it!”

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